This is a picture of a CS class at UC Berkeley

This is a picture of a CS class at UC Berkeley

What do you notice, Cred Forums?

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muh superior iq white race

75% of the class are Asians.

Wtf where da white womyn at

can anyone spot the thinkpad(s)?

Well yeah, Anyone smart enough to attend UCB will want to run a UNIX OS.

That I took a class in that room.

filthy shitstained walls

Fat asian resting a macbook on his leg because he can't get that table over his gut

you do at berkeley

i wonder how their math classes look like

i doubt there are many blonde blue eyed white guys there

Probably CS 101 or "programming appreciation" elective for gened majors.

Herd mentality


A lot of retards that will drop out in a year

>implying its iq
most of those asian kids were probably beaten if they got anything less than an A-

must be nice being rich

>lots of grills

Must be CS 101.

Was about to post this fuck you

asians have higher iq than whites

Asian qts

All have black hair shit colored eyes. So much diversity.

Found the white guy. He's a neckbeard, probably browsing Cred Forums

Like finding Waldo, but for Cred Forums.

>$4 billion endowment
>can't be assed to clean the walls
what did they mean by this?

>Macbooks to do some simple note taking and browsing youtube

What the fuck is up with college kids and macbook memes?
Do they seriously need these 2000 dollar overpriced meme garbage?


Is it okay to racemix with them? Or should I ask Cred Forums about such matters?

Why would you want to racemix with slanty eyed gooks? They arent cute.

I've tagged guaranteed successes in green, guaranteed failures in red, guaranteed homosexuals in pink, and Jews in blue. There's probably more of each, but these are just the ones I noticed.

bet that room stinks of onion bhajis

it's not okay
we need to perserve pure aryan looking cuties so black guys can fuck them

>CS class
>students don't have dedicated workstations
I thought UCB was supposed to be top tier?

Brown and yellow people with their Fagbooks.

>only 4 white men
Don't believe it.


Have you never been to college? there's a difference between the lab and lecture hall.

>sausage fest
>affirmative action
>almost no whites

>homosexual failure

wow, harsh asian dad.

But that's what he gets bringing a tablet and stylus to a CS class.

Goodbye paleskins. It was nice knowing you. :^)

Every time someone argues asians are white, they post anime. They won't even post real asians like they can't find any non hideous asians, they post anime instead.

College kids who will forever be in debt because loan money = free money
> I'll take the newest Macbook Pro, the newest iPhone, an Apple Watch and a pair of Beats Studio please

>They arent cute

7 rows up middle section brown color sweater. White male might I add

pic kinda related.

Most "top tier" colleges are no better than your average public university. Its all politics and fellating of education boards in order to be deemed superior than another school so they can secure more revenue and grants. Besides, college is for building connections and looking good on your resume. The actual education quality in the US (regardless of which level) is terribly lacking. I learned more from teaching myself concepts than I ever did from useless professors who just parrot the awful book that their colleagues wrote.

I bet it smells of sweat and curry in there afterwards.

I spot that this is a 1st year university class and 50% of them will be weeded out by second year.

>argues asians are white
Never did that, senpai.
>can't find any non hideous asians

>Most "top tier" colleges are no better than your average public university.
you are either delusional to make yourself feel better for going to a shitty university or you dont know that the smartest people go the best colleges

>mfw my gf dropped CS after the first year

is she retarded? do I have to get a new one?



>The actual education quality in the US (regardless of which level) is terribly lacking. I learned more from teaching myself concepts than I ever did from useless professors who just parrot the awful book that their colleagues wrote.

College in the US has always been guided self-study.

>I bet it smells of sweat and curry in there afterwards.
and that folks is the reason why white people dont make it into top universities as much as their % of population would suggest they should

shitty anti-intellectual culture

I see a few pcs

unless you mean top tier public universities then this is actually true.

Keep telling yourself Pajeet

99.99℅ certainty

take the poo to the loo

>tfw you never could get into those private universities because your daddy worked at a gas station

Future unemployed and dropouts



Classroom full of Debt and minimum wage job seekers

>stupid poorfags finance that shit and end up paying $199 a month for the rest of their life

>public universities
come back when you get into MIT

When you are $100k in debt does an extra $3000 matter?

exactly the response the herd always manifests when presented with people smarter than them

>they'll fail
>they suck
>they're ugly
>they smell

Society has always feared, hated and envied smart people, it's an instinct to distrust those who are smarter.

There is so much bile and hatred in this thread, it's sad.

It proves my theory that the smartest person is also often on the top-hated list, at least in daily life.

ugh, i know this all too well

that Macbooks are much easier to see because of the logo

Take your poo to the loo pajeet


these kids aint going to stanford or anything special. I really don't think Cred Forums envies macfags who are one step above community college at their shitty state university.

poo poo in the loo loo

You've a point
Dumb people never admit to being dumber than someone else

I'm glad I never went to college. It looks like high school but bigger and somehow even more retarded.

California is less than 40% white so this isn't terribly surprising. I just hope we can seceded and get away from the old white supremacists before they come and fuck this up for us. We have world meritocracy here and it's all brown.

Suck it crackers.

Well what did you expect?

nice shill post pol-fag but people from all over the country apply to ucb, not just california

besides your facts are wrong, california isn't majority asian anyway

Yeah we're not the majority we're just the smartest, hence we dominate colleges here.

>but muh demographic breakdown
Nobody cares except dumb niggers and hillbilly crackers. Fuck off Bobby Sue. This is an Asian country now.

>this is what a class in a renowned US university looks like
>they pay tens of thousands of $ for this

i should've went to school in california

jk too poor and too stupid

find me in that pic

you can kill yourself now

doing gender studies, that or healthcare

All the Asian Girls who don't want to talk to me.

>pol-shills won't even admit they are white anymore


ITT white failures desperate to rationalize why one of their best universities has nothing but Asians in it.

>muh poo in loo
>muh azn benis
How does it feel to know we are better than you?

>UCL 17th

is this some sort of joke list?

No one is attractive.

The entire Berkeley population is only 24% white

>everyone who disagrees with me is a Cred Forumslack nazi
Good try Cletus.

you are the one with the fagbook aren't you

Hahahaha, white people are getting absolutely BTFO! Who knew that the people who put a man on the moon would degenerate so quickly into good for nothing NEET retards who can't into their own university systems. lmao

myself holyshit

Majority all asians with whites and ((((((whites))))) the rest of it. class must be super relaxing because of no problems from other races.

Pol btfo

There's a white guy in the front row

asians and pajeets. jokes on you my CS program is full of whiteys

There are less than a dozen whites in that room. Whites can't into modern STEM degrees. I bet all of them will fail out. Hahaha!

>he's taking credit for the moon landing

part of the reason whites are falling behind, half of them prefer to piggy back off achievements of other people, than to achieve themselves

Here's a more recent pic of our intro cs class. Nearly 1800 students in one auditorium

>my CS program is full of whiteys
Yeah but nobody cares about degrees from Bubba Gump University, Billy Bob. Keep working hard though and one day you can be a code janitor for us.

>my feet hurt
>all these idiots in here using crapple
>where is the loo?

and what college do you attend
is it on this list

>shanghai ranking

it's okay. pretty happy with my free anti-spree shooting neetbux

everyone is an asian macfag lol

You're right, paleskins used Asian help to achieve that too. Guess they've always been worthless. Good catch!

they are in denial right now

the little asian qt's are too distracting. Tyler and Chad can't resist breeding them with their BWC.

White people were always BTFO

If you're "white" and don't have a drop of jewish blood, you're pretty much fucked intellectualy. Look at any white country, and those who are above the laborer class are at least a little jewish or asian. Whties think this is a conspiracy, but it's the same reality they insist applies to blacks.

Rankings don't matter to students. They are for people who do research.


In my STEM program, all the indians cheated to get through and got jobs working for the gov't, and most of the chinese/korean/etc-asians that made it can't into desirable jobs because of social awkwardness and end up working cs/eng jobs where they get treated like ish. The whiteys get any jobs they want or go to startups cause they can present themselves well.

>caring about college education in the internet age
there's a reason why you rarely see upcoming or successful people from universities these days

Only 2 or 3 people will go on to be actually successful.

Best Stem school on Earth demo stats here.
Whites lead. Take your yellow pride shit somewhere else.

> mfw graduated the top engineering school in the US
> mfw graduated the top business school in the world
> mfw shitposting in the middle of a bunch of NEETs
> mfw I'm the nazi frog

How do you even evaluate them all properly?

explain Scotland.

fokin' pakis everywhere m8

no its not there because i literally gave no shits in high school. i go to west chester university of pennsylvania.

>be white
>modernize all asian countries
>literally Korea and Japan would not exist without America
>asians get uppity
>tell people we wuz engineers and shit

>academy rankings
Biggest blunder ever. As legitimate as rating agencies. Like, Harvard Law being the best Law School in the world yet its student consistently lose at international moot courts to people whos first language isnt even English.

Get lots of grad and undergrad student slaves

Looks like superior thug dominant black dick is breeding out the disgusting white race.

My inferior boiclitty stiffens at the thought and strains against its cage.

LOL so true. Every dumbass white guy on Cred Forums whines about Jewish networking like they can't do the same. Fucking truth is that they're just stupid. I have honestly never met a smart non-jewish white person, ever. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they bullshit the IQ numbers and are actually the stupidest race on the planet.

>bringing up arbitrary rankings (the shanghai rankings of all things) like they mean anything
Rather than referring to useless university politics, why don't you examine the actual endowment, enrollment, and facilities of the college? UCB is overcrowded like any other state university and the endowment pales compared to a private one worth its salt. It cannot compete with a private university where the professors are extremely well funded and can actually give proper attention to their students.

Poo in the Liu.

>Whites lead.
Oh now Jews are white huh? When did that happen Cred Forums? LOL

Face it your people are mentally deficient. Globalism isn't going to be kind to you. It's no wonder you're trying to turn back time with a fascist leader. Good thing the actual ruling class in this society won't let that happen.


except asians nowadays innovate in technology related fields compared to westerners. how many semiconductor companies can you list that arent from some part of asia?

You can't. Its a reason why the education quality from a public university is worthless.

No black people :/

Manufacturing and engineering are two completely different concepts,son.

surprising amount of pens and paper being used

>muh cheating
>muh social skills
Yeah that's a good one Gomer. Unfortunately for you it won't matter what your excuses are when you can't get the degree and have any job at all.