"Sorry to bother you...

>"Sorry to bother you, but we're having trouble accessing your computer for a security examination because you have encryption enabled. Will you come with us and help us decrypt the hard drive so you can be on your way?"

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Oh shit.. What would you do OP?


No thanks, you can keep my encrypted hard drive and do as you please with it.

The x-ray must have erased the data. You'll be hearing from my lawyer you data destroying monsters!

Give em the password to my unhidden partition

this is why i never use proprietary airports


and this is the reason you don't want to travel with drives in your notebook.
>less weight
>they can't put cp into your computer when there is no place for it
>usb dongle is all you need. in case of autism panic attack, just swallow it :-D

they'll put a software and hardware keylogger on your laptop

.t work at an airport

I encrypted my hard drive to protect my natural Fourth Amendment rights from people like you.

Any evidence to back this up?

>"Sorry to bother you, Cred Forums but we're having trouble coming up with anything original because I'm a superfag who just creates threads like these because muh culture. Will you come with us and help us decrypt the primordial soup of dna so we can pinpoint where this mental retardation occurs as far down the gene pool as possible?"

Politely tell the officers I would if I had encrypted drives but I don't as that's only for pedophiles and I don't have any password to give them.

>implying any of you fags leave your neckbeard nests, let alone fly

Provide me with the documentation that requires me to do so or face prison sentences.


that's not enforced at borders

if you never leave america then congrats

if you do cross borders then nobody will find the microSD card under your foreskin. this is why jews remove the foreskin from goyim, so they can't hide data

they won't, but they will make you miss your flight

Do customs really check?

I never even got asked in my life. Honestly, they are more worried about narcotics than your porn collection

Not white, so I would probably feel like I should comply.

use your dickhole

Tell them the drive was encrypted by a cryptovirus and I don't know the password.

That's fine. They'll reimburse me for it.

It would be good if Haiku had this much software actually.

Can't post

Decrypt the hard drive and be on my mary way because I have nothing to hide unlike you autists.

I was about to ask the same, I've only ever crossed the US/Mexico border with my laptop but never have I been asked to relinquish it for inspection.

It's impossible, my laptop doesn't have a hard drive in order to save weight. I'll buy a new one at my destination.

>so you can be on your way
They'd need a week and team of tech niggas to examine that shit cuz most people have a shit load of shit on their komputahs.

They won't. I spend a while trying to find certain video for you but I couldn't, you'll have to take my word or find it yourself.

Jews don't remove foreskin from non-Jews. Circumcision is a representation of the contract with God, and so reserved for the chosen people and occasional converts.

It's Jew-like Christian denominations who want to circumcise everyone, as it's a representation of the new, all-inclusive covenant presented via Jesus' sacrifice.

Underrated post

People on Cred Forums sure do care about dicks a lot. I pretty much just use mine to piss and have no problems with it so I get along with it just fine.

Never checked for me.

OP is too autistic to think weapons/drugs are less important than what you got in your laptop/phone. Probably he doesn't travel a lot and thinks customs go through everyone's phones/laptops and tablets.

Bottomline: OP is a poorfag that doesn't come out of his basement

I've crossed international borders dozens of times (US/Canada, US/Mexico, Japan, India, UK) with my encrypted laptop and never had it "inspected".

i don't see the problem here. decrypt it, it will boot into clean windows, meanwhile you have a hidden small m2 ssd with a hidden also encrypted linux partition on it which activates with a push of the cd-rom button which has been rewired. they look at the windows which is almost empty, go 'hmm' and let you go. meanwhile you go a happy man carrying yoor 2 terabytes of high-speed CP

If only there were a way to transfer information safely and quickly to almost any part of the planet.

you people realize that if you want to move illegal data across a border you can use the internet.

you don't need to physically fly it there.

why the fuck are you carrying something illegal on a plane? is this autism?

>>not storing cup on google drive

>using the grin smiley with the dash nose

"Sorry, my computer was recently affected by a crypto locker virus. I actually don't know the password."

>you people realize that if you want to move illegal data across a border you can use the internet.

Yeah, but our government is run by technophobic boomers who can't tell a bit from a byte.


"Encryption? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm bringing this computer along in hopes my tech savvy brother can get me back on win 10."

>he can't even link properly

You don't have to decrypt laptops at the airport.

If they did I would just scream AM I BEING DETAINED

When I cross into the US I only ever bring my tablet and it's always clean.

I always pull my laptop out and put it on top of my bags. Nothing ever happens.

>2 terabytes of high-speed CP

>I cannot recall my password at the moment.

>could you please spell out your password to us?

This thread isn't about intentional lawbreakers. It's about normal guys who could potentially get fucked over:
>I believe this cartoon of Sonic and Pikachu fucking is considered bestiality, come with me sir

>enn eye gee gee
>actually do you mind if I just type it?

what are we gonna do on the couch?

It was Seventh Day Adventists like John Harvey Kellogg in the mid to late 1800s in the US. They thought that it would stop kids from masturbating, it was originally used as punishment if they were caught, but it turned into a preventative measure.


The New Testament is actually very opposed to circumcision. Galatians 5 says that if you circumcise yourself it is like saying that Jesus' sacrifice was useless, and that you might as well be a Jew.

And I frequently travel out of the country.

Even when I had 3 Laptops, 2 Tablets, and 2 Smartphones, they gave precisely zero shits. The TSA agent was more personally interested in why I had so many, than professionally. Long story short, theres a TSA agent in New York that bought a 2nd Gen Chromebook because I told him how much I liked mine the first time we met, and he likes it.

>get caught masturbating
>fucking circumcised
When did we turn into such pussied

When we at the same time figured out that predicting the weather wasn't a form of witchcraft.

not the guy you are responding to, but this thread is where children can make up fucking stories about bullshit.

if you fly in the usa you never have to show what is on your drive unless you are literally already marked for an investigation. the ONLY thing that might happen is you will have to prove the machine can actually power up, thats it.

even flying from the usa out to another country that still applies

There was some Canadian school that got sued by a student that had a botched circumcision performed on him when another student told the administration that he was masturbating. They actually had a Jewish mohel perform the circumcisions.

I wonder how the boy that reported him felt after that.

>he doesn't boot off his hidden mSATA partition that he has in his desktop that only accessible when a physical switch is flicked on

Galatians 5 says that it is not necessary for a man to become a Jew in order to become a Christian. Circumcision is the physical manifestation of being a Jew. Galatians 5 isn't about anti-circumcision, the idea is that the Galatian church required the members to uphold the laws of Moses i.e. members were required to be Jews.

>he doesn't boot from his 320GB brain-drive

Maybe it's because I'm not a native english speaker but I couldn't understand what you were trying to say at all

>he doesn't have a raspberry pi with ganoo loonix hidden in a 5.25 bay, connected to a wireless keyboard and mouse, that connects to the extra video connector on his monitor.


git good faggots

It is about both. It specifically says:
"Behold I, Paul, say to you that if you receive circumcision, Christ will be of no benefit to you. And I testify again to every man who receives circumcision, that he is under obligation to keep the whole Law"

It refers to physical circumcision and following Jewish law as two seperate but related things.

If you look at the Greek words in context, he also tells the people pushing Jewishness and circumcision to castrate themselves:

" But I, brethren, if I still preach circumcision, why am I still persecuted? Then the stumbling block of the cross has been abolished. 12 I wish that those who are troubling you would even [f]mutilate themselves."

>Do you have a last name Just Johnny?

I'm gonna need some sauce on this. This sounds like a story I really want to read.

when does Cred Forums finally get a /rel/ or /chr/ board?

i want to be able to talk to like minded people about christianity, since everyone irl is a normalfag

Fine...I hate pedo

Im white so this doesnt happen to me.

Browns shouldnt be allowed to have encrypted passwords or devices in America

ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

/his/ used top have christianity threads before it wend off the deep end

Just go to /his/ and ruin the board with the rest of the deus vult autists

>Browns shouldnt be allowed in America

ok, if i md5 a single unique file on the internet, or within the scope of our corporate contagiousness our lawyer will be so far down your throat only the supreme court will grant you oxygen

You brought them there you will deal with them

fucking american'ts

Here is an interview I found with a DDG search:

>The U.S.


Isn't this thread about pretending? Surely airport security doesn't actually check shit on your laptop in the US, right?

I'm not american

Ahh, but the TSA is an American agency operating on US soil. Even the "pre-check" points at Euro airports are technically US Soil. So, dirty plebs who aren't American Citizens can be strip searched, held without cause, and beaten, but US Citizens retain their 4th amendment rights in all dealings with TSA. Or they should. They ask because most people will cave rather than deal with this and potentially end up in court.

>So, dirty plebs who aren't American Citizens can be strip searched, held without cause, and beaten
Thats the way it should be.

God speed President Trump. Together with President Putin, the world will be made great again.


>Together with Dictator Putin

yea ok bud


>any leader I don't like is a dictator

either you were butthurt or verysmart

either way it's not a good look this year

>What would you do
from left to right: kill marry fuck

get rekt weak faggot


so many saggy tits

more than i can count

and i can count to a lot


I fly roughly 2 times a month every month for my job and I have never had my laptop searched ever. Ive probably been on a plane about 15 or 20 times in the last year, and maybe 100 times in the last 5.

All you do is give them your bags when they go to weigh them, sometimes they'll put them through the xray machine, give them your carry-on (which is my laptop bag), say "this is my carry on", sometimes they'll open it up and rummage around a bit, but usually they'll just weight it and hand it right back with the little carry-on tag they put on bags.

Ive never once heard of anyone ever having their computer searched at TSA

>not having a spare travel hard drive containing only the data you actually need for the travel

Your stupidity amazes me sometimes..

idk fuck marry kill is looking better

>either you were butthurt or verysmart
>either way it's not a good look this year

not understanding the



what if there's a storm and you end up stranded in your hotel for a whole week without your cp collection
what then

Why am I even watching this, I'm supposed to be working

>either way it's not a good look this year
>either way

You could watch it when you get home. You probably shouldn't be on Cred Forums at work.

>Watching Border Security
>Old guy has a harddrive
>"Sir, what's the password?"
>"I forget"
>"We're going to send it to forensics in Ottawa and they'll find whats on it anyways."
>Guy admits to underage porn

Take my encrypted drive and do your forensics, call me when you get nothing

Also a solid choice. It was kind of a toss up for me to be honest.

Holy shit Cred Forums was educational today. Am I in a mirror universe?

Get off the Internet, Hillary. We both know you don't know how it works.

>you want MY encryption password?


Dont know why they would go after anyone but sandniggers these days, but I guess thats just how stupid these high school drop outs in airport security are.

Doesnt matter anyways, I dont even take any personal files with me when I travel. Just encrypt them and upload them to a secure server then download when I get there, then add any files I need to the container and re upload before I leave. Its not paranoia these days its just common sense to protect your data.

still lasts longer than TLC flash

Besides exercising your right to privacy, what content are you trying to hide that requires you to encrypt your hard drive?

I like to masterbate and fuck couch cushions and I masturbate to those recordings after.

Q-class cleared data. Problem?


also no one loves the motherland anymore. I came from dirt, i waste to dirt. my bad for living in such a homo-hippocratic homoism

It would be racist to target whites

Which is why I get my bag checked every time I enter the nearby mall despite the fact that for the past years there hasn't been a single terror attack by a white man in my country

how-board niggers havta quantify

>it would be racist to target nonwhites

That's for me to know and you to find out.

>mfw when they waste god knows how much money and manpower just to find a folder labeled illegal shit that is actually just hundreds of pictures of smug anime girls

Racial profiling works fine, they have been doing it in places in the middle east and europe for ages. They require less physical security and end up catching more terrorists.

Of course it works, but you can't let the general public (aka SJW) know you're doing it

>Racial profiling works fine

This. I think people that are against this are just part of the problem and should be taken care of, permanently.


I'd beat the crap out of them

yea well in all seriousness wouldn't targeting people more likely to commit crimes make fucking sense? Its the same idiots who are againts that that call policing high crime black neighborhoods racist.

m-me too user

>ea well in all seriousness wouldn't targeting people more likely to commit crimes make fucking sense?

Yes. That's exactly what I imply. The regressive left that are against it should be shot.

>US of A
not even once

TSA can't and won't ask you to do that.

Customs can, but for domestic travel TSA won't.

helden' his samsung pad

'splain now samurai/jew cucks

who would fly in their own country anyways? just take a train or drive.

"it's not encrypted, it's my laptop where i store all my entropy"

You know I've always kinda wondered what would happen if you are a penetration tester and this happens.

>Invented bland cereal to decrease sexual activity
>Now they are selling it with chocolate and raspberries

I hope this lunatic is spinning in his grave

Obviously not American

Good luck, comrade, lol.


Sounds like you guys sure live in a shithole. I love driving for hours or taking a train ride to see the countryside. Anyone who would take being processed like cattle to squeeze into a metal tube with stale air over that is a fucking tard.

>Even the "pre-check" points at Euro airports are technically US Soil
Kek no they arent. Nobody gives a fuck about your 4th amendment outside your little safe space.

In case I ever die. Don't want my loved ones to know me this well.

Absolutely. I haven't done anything illegal or bad. Let me just delete everything from the e-mail server first.

>Oh don't worry, just hold down the windows key when you turn it on, it'll boot up fine. That password thing's just a way to stop people from peeking at my stuff.

That's nice, but in actual countries it takes days to drive from one side to the other. Clearly you wouldn't understand that.

take a train then

Again, I don't want to take literal days to cross the country when I can fly in hours.

how slow are your fucking trains for it to take days?

Ok. You aren't coming into our country by the way.

What is the fourth amendment?

Sure, but those pre-check Europeans have the power to say you aren't going to Europe. You really don't have to consent to the search, but they also don't have to let you fly.

The profit that a doctor can make from performing a single circumcision is over $3000
The nazis would identify jewish men by checking for foreskin. If goys are also cut it makes it easier to blend in.

implying I would enter american airspace

The mark of the beast wasn't any number, it was having your dick mutilated. Synagogue of Satan.

There are 9000 kilometres between moscow and vladivostock
even at 600km/h it would take 15 hours to cross the country

jesus you took so long to reply, did you have to try hard to find that info, lol

As an American (who takes a train everyday) I will say I am envious of Europe's public transportation infrastructure.

It is simply impossible to cover the US with a rail system that is as comprehensive as yours. On top of that the cost of completely updating even our (currently) modest rail system would be astronomical.

As far as trains go they will be largely used by industry for far distances and by the public for shorter ones.

>Not getting your PPL and flying yourself

if only...

low latency but low bandwidth
>sending drives in the mail
high bandwidth but high latency

nah i was busy fapping to salma hayek and just saw your post
i'm not that other guy btw

>Even the "pre-check" points at Euro airports are technically US Soil.
not a bit

>The New Testament is actually very opposed to circumcision. Galatians 5 says that if you circumcise yourself it is like saying that Jesus' sacrifice was useless, and that you might as well be a Jew.
The only thing more hilarious than logic is christian logic

Mad circumcicuck detected

Why did you have so many?

Debaucherous foreskin eater detected.

I'm an uncircumcised German atheist.

Ask if they have a warrant. If not then I'll tell them I won't comply until they have one. I'm allowed to do this because I have private information on my hard drive that's work related.


I've never even been patted down in an airport. Most of my flights are domestic but I have travelled internationally. Nothing happened then either.

The data I carry isn't illegal but it is highly sensitive and under no circumstances can I upload any of it to the Internet. Invasion of privacy is a real concern for many people, and not just pedophiles.

Niggers shouldn't be allowed on the internet. They've totally ruined social media.

Pepes. Lots and lots of Pepes. They're super rare.

The US is huge. I wouldn't drive 1400 miles just to stay somewhere for a day or two.

Your new name is cheesemaker.

>15 minute talk with bank
>charge revoked

Trains in America are too slow. We're not Europe or Japan with high-speed trains unfortunately.

>"Sure thing"
>boot up computer and it has all my work/school shit
you just keep a microSD or whatever with all your _TOP_SECRET_ documents hidden somewhere, hidden in your shoes; sandwiched between the replaceable heel and the sole of the shoe.

Only a fucking mormon would have stuff in a file on his desktop or whatever.

Also my laptop has never gotten searched, and last time I brought it with me to Mexico I smoked sooo much before I got to LAX I knew I was reeking in a 20ft radius and they still didn't check my shit


Can I hide my HDD on my x220 if I have a MSATA drive?

I was exaggerating, but there are real things that have happened that are almost as stupid.

I haven't been to the airport since 2008, do they actually jew you like this?

doesn't the 5th protect people from doing this?

Can we please stop having this fucking thread? Cred Forums doesn't leave its basement let alone have any sort of need to go on a flight.

There's a thousand ways around this like just having the data encrypted on some cloud service that isn't on the laptop, or disabling a second drive in the bios, they'd never fucking figure it out. Your phone can also be a flash drive and most faggots won't know this.

oh lord

do you watch the amazing atheist too? hahaha

>german, well part german


Damn, not checked

You're not touching my computer you FUCKING NIGGERS

Was your foreskin harvested to make face cream for rich people?



Faggots would never know about encrypted Linux.
All they'd see when booting it would be botnetOS and there's absolutely nothing worth seeing, so...

*gets walkie talkie* we're gonna need back up on this one the suspect is panicking, *they pin you down and detain you from flying til you calm down and comply*

Borders are constitution free zones, thanks to the Patriot act.

>high speed CP
Fucking lost

I'm Canadian, the only thing I've ever been asked about my tech is to turn my laptop on, presumably to prove that it's actually a functioning laptop or some shit, and most of the time it's just ignored.

What the fuck are they supposedly even looking for? Are they just going to scan for plaintext with the words "muslim" and "bomb"? It just doesn't make any sense.

Or, as Stallman would say, the PAT-RIOT act, as it adds confusion to pronounce it as Patriot when it is anything but.

Terry no one will understand TempleOS anyways.

Just making sure you aren't Joanna Dark with a Laptop Gun.

Usually they already have strong suspicion of a crime if they ask someone to decrypt their devices. The guy on TV mentioned in probably had a passport showing visits to known child sex tourism countries and nowhere else. They don't ask unless they already have enough on you to detain you all day.

I can understand that. It's just the idea that a TSA agent is going to hook my computer up up through a fucking usb port and copy/past the c drive, or actually creep the whole drive sounds fucking retarded.



I'm not an arguably-non-white female, so I can't use this one :(

>well I can't do that since the laptop is encrypted to protect sensitive information related to my company. O work in the R&D team and info stored in my laptop is hotly confidential. If you want to access it my company's lawyer is x and his number is xyz

They never touch your fucking laptops let alone turn them on.

t. person who goes through International airport hubs.

>"Sorry to bother you, but we're having trouble accessing your computer for a secu

>It's treason, then.

I can't show you, it's a company computer and it's confidential client information.

What happens in this situation?

>keep the drive, thanks my valuable data weight les tha 500MB

*less than

>information related to my company
prove it

also is not that hard to know if you delete the partion that theres is "empty" space not of 0 only

They walk you into a back room and show you the prompt for password, and point to your labtop or hd... now what, faggot?

TSA would probably giggle at your job title in defence for not knowing what it is you do

but im honestly not sure if claiming your encrypted files are NDA protected client-sensitive vulnerabilites would get you any privacy.

if this happened when i was doing pentests - the first thing I would have done would be to get legal departments of my company, my clients, and probably the airport on the phone, and let them sort it out.

Traveled through customs recently with 6 HD's full of movies, mp3, games, appz, etc.

Because I was going deep into mountains with no wifi thats for sure.

They stopped me because they obviously showed up on the metal detector.

The guy looked at them and asked "Video games?" I said yes.. "ok then, have a nice flight."

Unless you look like some creepy kid fucker with pedo glasses, or just spurge some bullshit like " yes they are... Swear to God!"
"Encrypted, I didnt encrypt them?"
or some other sentence that implies you dont really know whats on those drives and wont be held accountable.

Then you wont be suspect.
However, there is always a random search..
even the CIA gave out a newsletter regarding this in regards to remaining undercover at borders with fake ID, etc.

I have no idea how a random search would go down.

In the future... SFTP to a cloud all the files you worry about.. wipe or install a new drive and just the OS and a few random "safe" apps and files.
get to destination get home.. download all your shit from the cloud.


I have everything on 7 microSD 256 gb cards which are placed in a fake metal lighter that I carry with me. not that hard.

>tfw if you refuse to give over encryption keys in the UK it is an automatic 5 year prison sentence

Of course that is the better option for paedophiles but scary nonetheless.


Thats why you download russian encryption software with shitty gui, so you can tell them it's infected with ransomware

Wow, you really thought this through you retard.. You haven't been allowed to bring a lighter on a plane since probably the 1970's. Cry as its tossed into the garbage can with all the other recyclable goodies confiscated.

russian encryption is still considered a munition of war... enjoy your anal probe in the backroom sir.

>Sorry to bother you, but we're having trouble accessing your computer for a security examination because you have encryption enabled.
So it passed then?


>not keeping your sekrit files on a bootable sd card with linux

Open up laptop and discreetly boot into a secondary OS without permission to access sensitive hard drive files and let them search it if they like. Bonus points if you set up and maintain a believable set up with up to date files and shit to make it look like it is in fact your main OS.


Are Greyhound buses still unjewed? I will probably use that over flying. I don't mind the adventure.

>using a notebook with bad things on it on a trip
Are you stupid? That's what owncloud is for.


"For now, a border agent has the legal authority to search your electronic devices at the border even if she has no reason to think that you’ve done anything wrong."


The EFF is so progressive. If only the rest of the world were as moral.

>Their are
stopped reading.
btw did you forget the main capitalist motto:
demand creates supply?

>demand creates supply?
Supply can create demand.

Name one instance of supply creating demand.

cocain addiction

Apple products in general

Or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU + TSA

most apple products (at first).

I work at the airport. No, TSA doesn't check your files. They just care whether or not there's a bomb in the laptop, or if you purposefully fucked with the battery to make it catch fire.

Hell, as anyone who has traveled within the last ten years should know, they make you take the battery out of the laptop before sending it through the X-Ray machine.

>228 posts and 33 image replies omitted.

congratulations you are all 12-year-old aspies

>they make you take the battery out of the laptop before sending it through the X-Ray machine.
No they dont, are you retarded?

>normal guys
>comic of pikachu and sonic fucking

they do in the uk too m8

so full of shit. HW keylogger would imply that they have for every custom main board the perfect fitting chip.

you are probably just a shitty loader, fuck off faggit

How can they prove there is encrypted data and not just garbage bits generated by something like DBAN?

>"Sorry to bother you, but we're having trouble accessing your computer for a security examination because you have encryption enabled. Will you come with us and help us decrypt the hard drive so you can be on your way?"

Absolutely. Here's the decryption keys. You just put them into truecrypts bootloader and it gives you full access to the operating system.

What's that? Hidden partition, no sir I'm afraid I don't know anything about that, do you have any evidence of said partition?

In which case I'll be on my way, thank you.

>some combinations of 0 and 1 are illegal

Top post


Then why is your drive encrypted in the first place?

They pull out a phone ask to talk to your company confirm

I didnt get checked, though tsa agent asked me what cities did i go, why did I go
felt like him telling fuck off, have you never wanted to go Italy and portugal?
this was yesterday btw

>encrypting your computer and using Linux makes government officials automatically assume that you're a child porn collector

They do at LAX, SAN, LGB, and PDX. I assume TSA doesn't have different regulations or SOPs on the west coast versus everywhere else in the country.

Ah, that's some weird thing, maybe a virus. I have no idea what the hell it is, but my friend has shown me how to bypass it.
> reboot
> grub
> select unencrypted WinVista

"There's nothing on the drive, I wiped it"



Get a dang warrant or move the heck outta my way. I have business.


"Flash drive" illiterate fuck

They wouldnt ask you that shit first of all.
You'd have a better chance of that fat chink sticking his hand up your ass than asking to see your computer's data

only one time in my entire life i had someone look at my notebook. told him its encrypted and id have to start it up for him.
he said thats fine.
i started it up logged in to sddm and plasma showed up.
the officer just glanced over stuff, didnt know what to do, gave me back my notebook and then apologized for any inconvenience and wished me a safe trip.
even during boot it stated decrypting hard drive and home partition.
i literally look like a steriotypical neckbeard.
no one ever really bats an eye.
i program in public sometimes and even at coffee shops if im bored and even if im in a full screen terminal in emacs no one ever does anything when glancing at my screen.
all these stories are way beyond overexagerated.

Why of course, I'd just ask that you take care to not leak my personal data to any third parties, especially but not limited to privately owned companies such as Google. My porn folder is /home/user/porn, by the way.

So if I was cut as a baby, and am a Christian now, does that mean I'm actually a Jew?

are you white?

I... I don't think this is t..that kind of thread user...

You got the wrong man dumbasses, i only carry an e-reader and my smartphone during trips.

Is this the extent of professionalism you people are capable of? You can't even identify who carries what?
How often then do you make false positive mistakes and waste the time, or even the money, of some people?
What are your names and surnames, show me your plates.
I'm gonna report to your manager that you need to be re-trained. An untrained dog is a danger to the surroundings.

Nope. Wifi. Netboot. No data on the computer at all.

Well, I'm clearly not in the USA, so I show them my diplomatic passport, explain that I didn't have to let them search me to begin with, collect my things, and board my flight.

>stand up confidently
>open mouth to put these dogs in their place
>wr-wrong guy
>I don't um have um computer
>sputter about professionalism
>tell them I like dogs
>apologize for wasting their time
>they wish me a pleasant trip
>y-you too

>western white male
Too bad i'm not one of you faggotborn westerners.

Sure, because I'm sure someone on Cred Forums can stand and deliver an edgy as shit speech like that.

We deliver it on a daily basis in Eastern Europe, not much choice.
You can save your feminized hilarity for someone else. kek

Oh, you're a Slav. My apologies, then. I actually do believe that your variety subhuman trash could say all that shit.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

terveisin work at airport makes no sense

A feminized sissy who fears confrontation and fears his women is telling someone they are subhuman trash.
You faggots can't even drink like men, and you don't even have the balls to take naked dips outside during winter.
Our little girls and boys who are still in elementary school take them, but you overgrown elks can't.
It's either being embarrassed of showing a little skin (or your small manhood), afraid of damaging your tender little western skin, or afraid of the cold.
God damn sissies.

Alcohol, drugs, porn/prostitution, gambling, food, clothes, other entertainment, repair/maintenance services, transportation service, assassination and bodyguard services, etc. etc. etc.

You must be mistaken my only computer is at home and my phone is on me i dont even have a laptop

Some countries consider this a crime.

Not him, but no human being has that little regard for other humans. This is why no one likes Slavs.

It's no wonder you faggots are falling down the drain in the west. You keep finding ways to excuse anything and everything with the great buzzterm "human regard" without any relativity.
You fear leaving a bad image to such a degree that it doesn't matter even if it's disastrous to yourself to act benign like a lamb, just so long as you feel good with yourself on a pedestal and are deluded into thinking that someone is nodding their head to your attitude when people have more pressing matters to think about in their life than to give attention to a well-behaved sissy faggot.
Even your homosexuals have more manliness these days than your average males.

Let me give tell you a little thing: You westerners are the only people on this planet currently who would rather kneel on the ground and let out whiny sounds when faced with danger and violence, instead of doing anything and everything to fight it even if it means death, albeit a dignified one.
You are too cuddled and spoiled. And that's why you keep being used like dirty rags to such a level, even by the tech industry.

Everybody knows the ariport doesn't go through your laptop what are you guys fucking autistic?

What is them going through your laptop going to prove? Nothing.

Netboot over wifi? Wouldn't you need a PC running pxe on the same network?

Yeah. And?

Galatians 5 also says:
For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything, but faith working through love.

So if you are already circumcised, you can still be a christian, just don't do it to your kids. If you didn't have a choice in the matter you can't be held accountable for it.

Paul seems to be speaking metaphorically when he says:

And I testify again to every man who receives circumcision, that he is under obligation to keep the whole Law.

I take it to mean "you might as well be a Jew if you are circumcised", not "you have to be a Jew if you are circumcised".

*u take a mallet to the face*
serves u right, dummy


I cannot as this contains classified data. I work for the US Government.

true in my case lel

>one day later
>these fucking tools are STILL bitching to each other about religion

>if im in a full screen terminal in emacs no one ever does anything when glancing at my screen.
thats because you dont use
>color 0a

everyone knows hackers use a bright green font with a black background

Nope, Individual liberties go above everything. Go back to North Korea.


The most that's happened to me at security was getting my swiss army cyber tool confiscated because I forgot I had it in my bag, and then got wand scanned.

Years later, I still miss that multitool. It was fucking nice to have.

Not when i flew a few months ago


I'm moving abroad and need a way to take my multiple hard drives with me. The best plan I've come up with to date is to put them in a box and have my sister mail it to me. Cost isn't an issue so this seems like the best plan. Any ideas?

Is there a way to create a million copies of pepe.jpg, encrypt it, and have them spend years trying to decrypt it only to find a million pepes for no fucking reason?

Assuming they confiscate the drive because I act suspicious on purpose, is there any way the can get back at me with legal fees because I intentionally led them astray?

What if the battery is glued/soldered like in Macbooks?

>be me
>fly only a few times every year
>nobody bothers to check through any of my stuff
>they dont even look at my passport for more than a second
security at airports is lacking imo

nextcloud and truecrypt

>security at airports is lacking imo
security at airports are trained to assess risk.

a skinny white dude with no tattoos or criminal record is not a risk.

>m2 ssd
>2 terabytes

I believe this, the TSA are practically the gov, they'll do anything to increase the sight of their prying eyes.

They let you mail stuff to yourself from the airport, you know. That's why I still have my Leatherman.

Good, the degenerate faggot.


I don't want pictures/videos of my cock jammed in my girlfriends mouth or a pictures/videos of my girlfriends strap on in my mouth backed up indefinitely (forever) on the big ol' NSA data pool.

The conspiracy revealed by the dubs of truth

I never understood this meem, I've flown international in and out of the states and all the times all I had to was take my tablet/computer out of the bag; TSA lines are too long for them to check each computer or even do randomized checks.

the password is: rm -rf /*

Why don't you just admit you have no idea what you are doing?

The reason you are having such a hard time accessing my laptops hard drive is it doesn't have one. I've been needing to get a new one, but everything runs fine so much faster with everything in RAM.

I use another computer to get it booted and then pull the very small amount of data from my home sever as this laptop is just a gloried typewitter with a custom duel Xeon setup. If you want I can show you how it works. I stripped everything down to 400 MB, with core booting at 60 MB. It runs mostly terminal Emacs, but I can apt-get anything else I need so long as it is less then 200 MB, as the rest of the 1 GB setup goes to my modified EX3.7+ file system.

I admit it is not standardized and a bit of a memory hog, but it off sets most to of the load to the CPUs. Which made sense at the time as the original hard drive failed and I figured it was easier to hardwire a new CPU I had laying around and create a new file structure than to drive across town and buy a new hard drive. Well it is not like I invent the whole thing, I just modified parts of some common Linux distros to make it do what I needed it to do. Which is why it only took a few days. The hardest part was getting the second CUP to synchronize with the first, as they are different generations of Xeon chips.

But I managed to solve that problem by ....


in the us if you don't comply to this and give them your files they will take you to prison and pin you for another crime. especially if they suspect you of child porn.

Go on.

>But I managed to solve that problem by ....
installing Gentoo.

That's not true at all though