Home screen thread

Home screen thread.
Post yours!

What's the clock widget?
If you removed the page indicator and status bar and found a pixel icon for the app drawer this would be perfect.


hello here is my cell phone desktop

I have pixel icons for the drawer but cyanogenmod theme manager wont let me apply it. The clock witget is pixel art clock


I wasn't going to post mine since my wallpaper is kinda shit right now, but then I saw what other people were posting.


sorry but I kinda hate your icons, and that folder ruins the otherwise clean look


HTC default icons are shit

Your smartphone is tiny. I bet you're a faggot.


Very nice user. Is that whicons?

yeah, app drawer is flat white

Care to elaborate on that conclusion?

chinese cartoon/10
0/10, but i bet it looks nice if you have an AMOLED screen



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at least post what you used senpai

How do I remove touchwiz from my life, thanks

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Now with less stock shit

The font on the clock looks a little off.

Yeah I know its not that great
any recommendations for a different clock widget?

KLWP and/or Zooper Pro

Pixbit for icons and wallpapers and pĂ­xel art clock

Those are just banners right?


You must be older than 18 to post in this board. Fucking kids an their minecraft

Here homes


Kek im 19 and hate Minecraft. Just got obsessed with pixel art a few days ago

Pls no bully.

Fairly stock

dude what is this fucking trash
ugly as fuck

cluttered as fuck




Mexico/10. Why is it not in espanol?

I wish to god that I was able to put cyanogenmod onto this. If I could, I would never want a new phone.

I really just don't give a shit anymore.

basically you just changed the default background.
its not your fault user you literally cant customise an iphone in any other way without jailbreak

What the fuck



I know it's cluttered, but it works

You could put Nova Launcher to ease the pain a bit. What phone my man?

Not material, but I still really dig your icon pack.

Im american senpai.



Here's mine.
With nova launcher pro and gravity box.

>swipe for weather

I dont think you should be rating others with the way yours looks

the ironing


oh yeah
>Nova Launcher Pro
>Glyphy Icon Pack

I didn't rate anyone's retard

ricing is hard


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I still can't get KLWP to install


Those statusbar icons/Absolutely disgusting

................then find a better icon pack?

here is mine, pls dont hurt me


Very bad

Any advice is appreciated


I love the screen on the S7 Edge. Anybody got any ideas on how to make this better? I've had this setup since the S6 edge first came out.
What's the name of a nice clock widget for the lockscreen I need something better than what I've got, I'll show it in a sec.


The retarded statue ruins everything

Add a clock or something to fill that empty space

I'm sorry, what do you mean?
Here's my lockscreen. This screenshot looks like shit to me, it looks a lot better in person.

Very bad ass

Get nova launcher and start from there
that's not what I said

This is Nova, bro. What specifically do I need to change it to?


Icon pack and klwp for starters

Alright good shit, thanks.


Fucka u dolphin

Current phone home screen

It's still extremely bad

Fuck you i like it


-> /wg/

>bad font
>low res wallpaper
>no colour



>low rez

Its literally the same resolution as the phone

>only one you
Feels bad

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KWGT + Nova + Min

The wp is smooth in reality btw. Compression made it look weird.

This made me realize how fat my phone looks, does anyone else have a Note 4 here?

Remove the google thing and hide notification bar

And charge your fokken battery

I usually let my battery get down to like % before charging it most times by accident


What will you do when they have wireless power and all you do to charge your phone is go home?


One would think there would be some way to chose if you want it charged or wireless power will be everywhere and you would not need to charge devices.

Maybe but if they ever got it working that well they would get rid of the usb/lightening port in a heartbeat

Posting in thread while in class.

What about data transfer? Bluetooth is slow and WiFi is unreliable.

It would likely go through the same tech as the power

That still brings up problems with interference. Not to mention radiation.


Enjoying my xiaomeme .

What's gucci my ni/g/gas
>broke my one m8 now waiting for lg v20 to come out meanwhile using a 5 years old iphone 4s

Where do you guys get your wallpapers?

R8 me senpai



Stock. Because simple.
Did rice before, but i'm too lazy to do it short before getting custom Nougat.

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Background pic please user.

Try image search next time.

What's that calendar widget?
Muzei's great if you don't feel like looking yourself. I have a Reddit extension that refreshes pics from r/earthporn and r/botanicalporn and some other shit.

> implant anyone in slash g slash is smart enough to know that

Blackberry passport

>Nyan cat

>temperature is in the clock

Just made a new KLWP.

I tried to make a non weeb version of
With a music player slide out.

Any ideas for improvement?

Took a few hours yesterday to come up with this. Still experimenting on the wallpaper and clock widget. The dock looks good as it is, I'll probably keep it.

Reminds me of my first few homescreens

Bretty gud



The yellow seems a bit off, why not the red/orange? I think it'd look nicer

here, didn't realize there were people who weren't rated.
And I also forgot to ask what you guise think I should change.

>google search bar
Really? Also, 5/10

>posting in thread while in class
Edgy. 7.5/10

As for the homescreen, not bad. 8/10



Tbqh I just took the colour scheme off of a default KLWP skin. Red doesn't really go well with blue, and yellow was too bright so I went with orange.

I can Change it easy though, I setup variables for everything.


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Reddit's actually pretty ok. It's got some great content.

If you know where to look, yeah. But it's 90% sjw/pc garbage.

Tfw late to the party

>awkward wallpaper

What's wrong with snapchat? Not autistic enough for you?

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Could you please share that background picture user?

Having aset of icons like that must be crazy combined with using acid and such

user please!


Event Flow Calendar Widget

>only one you
First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft

I use phone with left hand

Used to rice a shitton but I got lazy and kept shit simple now.

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8/10 i like it
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