Why isn't this a thing?

Why isn't this a thing?

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Could probably be pulled off with just a couple Ethernet cables

You can run a lot of that shit over some CAT5e/6 cables.

>21 pin HDMI + 5 pin USB + Ethernet all on internet
Say goodbye to signal integrity.

The whole idea is ONE cable, so that carpenters don't have to look at wiring diagrams, the cable can be placed somewhere dedicated and nothing would ever have to be pulled out of the wall.

video/audio can be streamed over ethernet
input can be sent/shared over ethernet
usb can also be attached over ethernet
(an rpi specifically isn't really the best solution, due to its low ethernet speed)

You'd still have to run a conduit for a non-shit solution, and then what does it matter if there's one or five cables in it.

Not everyone has the time in their day to feed 6 ethernet cables through a conduit net, then through the walls, then wire each side, and then repeat that for every room in their house, it just isn't practical. This needs to be a commercial all-in-one job.

you could use these things to use existing mains power lines

then do the rest as regular ethernet traffic

there, no new cables required

USB3.1 + Ehternet

I'm not trying to DIY here, I'm asking why someone hasn't made good use of fiber optic for this yet.

Why don't you run it through the walls? Having a panel on the wall is much cleaner than your single cable junction box converter bullshit

Okay, I'm not trying to make some rinky dinky thing, I want a power strip, an ethernet hub, an audio mixer, a video switcher, and a usb hub all in one.

How is having everything feed into a box on your TV cario case bad? If anything, it makes cable management a real ease. The cable goes from one parent box to all of the daughter boxes. Through the walls, I didn't say the cable wasn't modular.

>power over fiber optic cable
What did he mean by this?

What I think you're trying to do is being done in this video

It has its own wiki article, from the sound of it, it's much safer than copper.

high quality hdmi cables are only good for about 15 meters, usb's only designed for 5 meters
VGA can be done over longer distances, albeit with potential quality loss, and VGA is starting to lose support
optical or analog audio is probably fine for long runs

It's a thing in Europe since like 20 years ago. They call it powerline or superwire or I don't remember what.

Then maybe we can mod/demod the hdmi and usb signals with active gain?

signal amplifiers exist for both, but that obviously adds more cost to the system

better off just transferring them as data over ethernet

You do realize that it's basically the same as if you used a flashlight over a solar panel and called it wireless electricity right? Because that's how it works.

>What is a rectenna

>A meme that doesn't even double the efficiency of solar.

>Why don't we run one pipe for gas, water, and sewage?

sewage contains both gas and water, so you're right, separate gas and water are not required

Thunderbolt 3

I too enjoy my daily glass of flaming diarrhea straight form the tap.