What if he had asked Cred Forums?

What if he had asked Cred Forums?

The system would've been found with Gentoo and a non-functional X server. Actual deletion of the emails has not happened since the man was too busy ricing the installation.

>goes on Reddit for advice
no wonder she got hacked but some Russians with a nokia

He would have been called a faggot, some discussion on the topic would have been had, and nobody would know it was him.

I'm sure he asked here and he was called a faggot.

70% likelihood


for a supposed "computer specialist", he sure is shit at covering his ass

Wow, what a dumbass.


>for a supposed "computer specialist"
"google specialist"

Is this real?

Never mind it, Googled it.


Man, what is the limit of stupidity of the average reddit user?
>inb4 there is one

If he didn't delete anything or modified anything, was any harm done in asking his question?

Really makes you ponder

He'd still be stuck on the logo

Unfortunately it won't change a thing. Fuck man, I wish Hillary and Trump could just die. This election cycle is fucking cancer. How did the American people let these two criminals get this kind of power...

Protip: Gary Johnson's the only sane option.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda

Do the last command like 10 or 20 times.

>throwing your vote away on a candidate guaranteed to lose
>sane option

wew lad

>Tale of Two Cities

What a worthless saltine cracker waste of paper. How can you make the French Revolution boring and pointless? Dickens fucking knew better too, shame on him.

It was one of his best works. It was one of his worst works.

>muh self-fulfilling prophecy

Maybe if retards actually stopped thinking that way, we might finally bring an end to the two-party system.

Perhaps there is a lesson here. You have a vote. You can vote for the person who you feel best represents you. Or you can vote for some one who does not represent you, but has a chance to win.


Only book in high school I literally couldn't bring myself to read. Was in honors lit. We read Grapes of Wrath after that and that book kicked ass.

Iunno maybe one of these days I'll try reading it again but fuck it was a bunch of gutless filler with clueless idiots fucking around for about ten chapters. Even the fucking crazy bitch and the grindstone were boring as shit because they were written about so fucking uninterestingly. I know fucking Dickens can do better because his descriptive prose in Great Expectations painted a fucking canvas in my head, while everything I remember about Cities is just a bunch of grey, newspaper pulpy vomit.

Your strategy as a voter should be to make the decision that has the highest likelihood to produce a favourable outcome.

Given the voting system in place in America, this amounts to never voting for the "little guy".

Is this a self fulfilling prophecy? No. When I say I won't vote for X because they won't win, I'm saying it on the basis of known figures. Not predictions about the future.

A candidate with very low voter recognition and fringe ideas has no chance of winning an election. If that doesn't change over the course of the campaign, then you should not bother voting for the candidate.

If a candidate presents a strong case that a vote for them is the choice most likely to produce a favourable outcome, then I will vote for them.

It might feel bad to "pick the lesser of two evils" but you should make your decisions on the basis of well founded reasoning, not neat sounding idioms.

Cred Forums hates skids

It was written over a hundred years ago. Those were different days, when people actually had the time to spend on books. Reading a book at the rate of 2-3 hours per day, for a whole month, was normal.

Today is the age of Faecesbook and Tweeter, when you get your info in two sentences or less.

It is a truly excellent book, but definitely not written for the modern "I have the attention span of a goldfish" reader.

>I know Dickens can do better because his descriptive prose in Great Expectations painted a canvas in my head, while everything I remember about Cities is just a bunch of grey, newspaper pulpy vomit.
You should try pic related. Will destroy your appetite for Dickens.

Just because it's old doesn't make an excuse for it to be boring. Twain was contemporary and he wasn't boring. Shakespeare was earlier and he was anything but. Little Richard rocks harder than most "rock" bands do nowadays, and certainly harder than a lot of the limp dicked dadrock artists like Bob Seger. It was just a boring book desu.

What's Aleppo?

“What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?”

>Wurthering Heights
/lit/ a shit

With the exception of a handful of books on that list, most of those are crap.

He would have installed gentoo while fapping to traps

He would have rm rf * the whole server

...which would probably have saved Hillary's ass

>this will be breaking news
no it won't

Computer Specialist Who Installed Gentoo May Have Asked Cred Forums for Tips

Reminder that this guy got a high paying job being a shit Microsoft user and none of you Cred Forumsmen with superior gentoomen skills have a job


I've listened to half of those titles on Audible.

No it's simply what would happen.