Linuxfags WILL defend this

linuxfags WILL defend this

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I don't see what the problem is OP.

>implying your drivers are actually disabled under windows
>implying every update won't enable them again
That's cute.

GNU/Linux isn't for everyone. If you don't like it, don't use it...

I dropped Linux earlier today because Spotify wouldn't work because of dep hell. The only solution was to use Debian or Arch which although Debian isn't a bad distribution, I like opensuse better. Arch is self explanatory.


>paying to listen to the audio jew

you disgust me.

Not an argument.

It wasn't meant to be.

Well fuck off then retard. I'm not interested in your opinions unless they're in the form of an argument.

No. You disgusting sub-human.

Spotify is more convenient than piracy. Just like how buying software is sometimes more convenient than piracy.

You could just bind the last command to a hotkey of your window manager after figuring it out, or put it in a script in /usr/bin or do whatever else you want because there is absolute freedom as long as you know how to do what you want or have enough time.

Piracy is a misnomer.

If you want to support the artists, go listen to them live. Don't contribute to feeding the record industry mafia.

Words of wisdom

Apparently people like Linux because it gives them something to do. Literally. Windows users have more time to enjoy life.

Daily reminder

>Apparently people like Linux because it gives them something to do.
pretty much. they're mostly NEETs or sysadmins who waste their life away copy/pasting commands out of some Wiki... and it makes them think they're superior to others who just have to click on a checkbox.

>If you want to support the artists, go listen to them live. Don't contribute to feeding the record industry mafia.

So instead of having my money siphoned off by the record industry, I should have it siphoned off by TicketMaster?

How exactly is this better?

almost everything about OSX is wrong. person who made this is either a troll or just retarded. (I'm leaning towards retarded).

>So instead of having my money siphoned off by the record industry, I should have it siphoned off by TicketMaster?
>How exactly is this better?

More of a share of your money goes towards the artist. When you buy an album or subscription, they get next to absolutely nothing. Taylor Swift rebelling against streaming services for example.

>ease of use
go kill yourself you autistic linux trashbag
it's used in science on the level that an F1 car has a suspension and your moms minivan has a suspension you worthless faggot

Nice bait ya got there sonny

Spotify pays the artists. It's a pittance, but it's something. I won't ever go to live shows because I hate loud noises, so a more convenient way to consume music AND pay the artists a little is better than piracy in my mind.

>Just werks
No. It's not super difficult to get it working, but it certainly does not "just werk."

I understand your need.

For more reading, check out RMS's take on the topic:

>The record companies bully musicians at the start of their careers into exploitative contracts that bind them for 5 or 7 albums.
>It is almost unheard of for a record published under the scope of these contracts to sell enough copies that the musicians get a cent from sales.


Spotify releases statements showing how much goes to artists vs. publishers though.

Works fine on my machine brah



Well my anecdote invalidates yours.
Get bent kid.



Can't you just use ubuntu?

I don't want to use Ubuntu or arch. I considered trying Debian later tonight but I have a feeling getting my broadcom drivers to work on debian is going to be more of a pain in the ass than sudo /usr/sbin/install_b43xx_firmware/


>Taylor Swift and Radiohead are upset they're only making hundreds of thousands instead of millions from Spotify
Wow how horrible.

But Ubuntu IS debian tho

It is an argument tho.

It's also a botnet and I don't trust anything that puts Amazon botnets into their products. If I wanted botnet then I'd use Windows.

Still doesn't invalidate the point. They are even big artists, they can make shit loads of money, it's just that the record labels are missing out on so much they would rather pull the catalog and offer it elsewhere at higher premium. Supply and demand.

Honestly I don't really care if the artists are supported. If I can use something more convenient than pirating that also makes the artists a little money then I'll happily use it.

This is what you really need to do in Windows btw.

copy con webcamdisable.cmd
@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "Devcon disable '{0}{1}' -f '@',(Get-CimInstance Win32_PnPEntity | where caption -match 'integrated camera').pnpDeviceID

Windows doesn't actually have a text editor when you ssh in so you have to use copy.

Really makes you think.

>Just werks


Linux is becoming more and more of a work/nerd who wants to tinker platform exclusively. I think it was genuinely usable for media and every day uses in the past, but has been on a decline in relative usability as the way we use computers has changed.

Being unable to freely swap devices related to the computer is just obnoxious.

I still have 4 linux machines and one Windows machine, but my Windows machine is the one I use for anything that might be considered fun. It is genuinely easier and more productive to use Windows for anything that doesn't require Linux. My job requires Linux, so I use it.

Autistics unironically use poorly supported operating systems for the leet factor. You did this to yourself.

And this is why the Linux ux will always be garbage

Aside from no Spotify I enjoyed Linux more than Windows :^)

I was talking about opensuse

Just use Pandora instead, there are plenty of open source apps that work with it.

Pandora sucks.
OpenSUSE isn't poorly supported lel

Apparently it is

Music Genome project shits all over spotify.

>using spotify

enjoy your shit quality retard

>Single proprietary application doesn't work
>Poorly supported
Okay kid.
No it doesn't.
Fuck off idiot. I stream it in 320kbps.

Why wouldn't you just use the web player? Native Spotify binary does some weird shit with the ports it randomly opens. Seems to be peer to peer traffic

>Web player
Because it wouldn't recognize Firefox having flash installed even in safemode and it requires flash. Tried chromium but it gave me errors on every page.

Define it however you want. The official Spotify program if specifically for debian and it's derivatives. A simple 4 step install.

Chromium requires pepperflash, which depends on you distro if they'll server it in packaged form.

Gentoo has lovely USE flags to enable pepperflash

I tried using alien to convert the debian package to rpm for suse and it failed because it's dependent on which won't install.

you just need rolling release. dep hell is the result of outdated software.

>Pepper flash
I saw that in the repos but didn't know it was necessary for chromium to work. I'll try again later tonight. Thanks.

You're doing it to yourself. You could have installed by now if you used the most popular distribution.

I like suse though.

So build the version of libgcrypt you need from source and toss it into /usr/lib

Didn't work. Tried that.

except for the things the pic doesn't mention...
you have to open the file explorer, open the control panel, look for the device manager, wait for it to load, look for the device that you want to disable, and right click on it

please explain botnets in Ubuntu?

>not disabling them in BIOS.

Why is flat design a category here?
You can do whatever you want with Linux

what about ror startups? they used mac

Why is device manager still so shitty?

In particular, the way it shows USB devices is idiotic. Open "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and the information is pretty much uselessly vague, with no hierarchy.

I've done some work with the MS SetupAPI, which is what you have to go through to get device information. It's a goddamn trainwreck of an API. Soooo I guess I just answered my own question: Microsoft made an API so goddamned shitty that they never went beyond the most basic, hideous representation of system devices.


Its not that complicated. I forgot now how I done but I think you simply disable the driver. One line in some config file
(I have my web cam covered with tape just in case anyway)

Actually it's more like pressing the windows key to bring up the start menu and typing in 'dev'. About the same number of steps it'd take to bring up the terminal on linux.

The driver manager in Ubuntu should really included the all the drivers you're using, not just the ones with propriety drivers. It's mostly just the gpu manager and occasional sound card manager.

>mtw Wintards say Linux doesn't just werk
Have fun installing drivers which work out of the box on Loonix

just as windows fags will defend this
>crosspost pic related

rmmod v4l2, and/or blacklist it

well the games point is bullshit.
os x has more major titles.

Because it's not for everyone? Windows isn't, either.

I believe there is an opensource spotify web wrapper omgubuntu showcased it a while ago

lol who cares about all that you gay-ass nerd
this is all that matters

>playing modern games
Fuck off, manchild.

>playing retro trash
Fuck off, hipster manchild.

You dropped your whole OS because you had trouble getting a trendy music service to work easily. Let that sink in. You would give up your steering wheel after failing to easily parallel park.



>dropped Linux
So you ditched free software because some non-free software didn't work?

>implying every update won't enable them again

You forgot to mention that every update will add static, unable to remove add on your wallpaper and your PC will set itself to explore until you will stand in middle of room and shout "GLORY TO MICROSOFT".

This is what Linux fanatics actually believe, I guess.

Go back to sucking Stallman's cock

install gentoo

shizune@bubbles ~ $ equery u spotify
[ Legend : U - final flag setting for installation]
[ : I - package is installed with flag ]
[ Colors : set, unset ]
* Found these USE flags for media-sound/spotify-1.0.37:
- - gnome : Add GNOME support
- - pax_kernel : Triggers a paxmarking of the main Spotify binary
+ + pulseaudio : Add support for PulseAudio sound server

>seems to be

>"Just werks"

stopped reading

>"just werks"

If this were true people wouldn't chronically be pissed off about how they can't get it working. Linux "just werks" after six years of practice an when you really know what you're doing.

It's my preferred OS, but even I'll admit it's not consumer-ready

>WINE is green
>implying Microsoft Office is "productive proprietary software"
>Implying it won't run like shit in WINE

>Architectures supported, only two for Windows
>Implying Windows RT / CE aren't a thing

>Package manger
>Forgetting about OneGet

>Win Update is red for updates
>Wut? It's still free and automatic

>Flat design is a positive

>Implying Windows can't secure superuser access

Linux isn't perfect but...

MicroTards will defend Micro$hit for taking data off of your system, keylogging, changing system settings WITHOUT your permission, software that won't work, selling your data to third parties AND they actually pay money for it.

Still better than fucking thing not working is it not?

Windows 7 does not have this problem.

>Arch is self explanatory.
The explanation is you believed a troll image on Cred Forums?

Waste of time

> Not really playing
Fuck off kiddo

u anti streaming retards/lonix autists are fucking retarded

Stop using "piracy" to describe copyright infringement.
As the other user said, it's a misnomer.

do you expect centralized administrationtools? really? they tried, called it systemd, people hate it because stupid

Nothing you said is true.

If you are not able to use your mechanical memeboard for something else than gayming, install a GUI like every Cred Forumsinbabby.

>and it makes them think they're superior to others who just have to click on a checkbox.

And shitposting and shilling made anyone superior to any NEET? Windows shills thinks Linux users are 24/7 in a basement ricing their desktop and try to reconfigure their X after a failed pacman -Syyu or compiling the latest RC kernel. In fact Linux enough stable to get the job done or have fun with pc and irl. Deal with it.

>Stop using "piracy" to describe copyright infringement.
They both mean you're a thief.

Maybe abandonware due to bully, but still better than randomly shitposting.

I'm a fan of Linux but OP is right... the problem with the terminal is that it's just not as easy to know what you're looking for.

Do I need a capital P for that switch? Damn, I forgot what -s does... got to go back and read the manual now... if only the GUI had the explanation next to the option...

Ok, you have a point. Now tell us how:
>Change your system font on windows.
>Change your icon theme on windows.
>Change your widget theme on windows.
>Opt-out from the microsoft abusive TOS on windows.
>Keep all your system and all programs updated on windows.
>Organize your menu in categories on windows.
>Have tab in the file explorer on windows.
>Keep a thight control of each dependency to avoid the installation of the OS to grow unnecessarily on windows.


In the real world where people have family, friends, jobs and hobbies a computer is used for entertainment and work. Windows and OSX are more than good enough to suit 95% of users to get on with their shit which is why they don't have 50 DE's, a few hundred icon themes and thousands of shitty toolkit themes.
Leave the house more often, get a life.

I never tried to sell the lack of a feature as a feature and calling names will not help you to convince anyone that the lack of those features is something good. So I have a point too?

Arguments against a shill... Just write kys and call it a day. :^)

So basically if you want to
>Change your system font
>Change your icon theme
>Change your widget theme
>Opt-out from the microsoft abusive TOS
>Keep all your system and all programs updated
>Organize your menu in categories
>Have tab in the file explorer
>Keep a thight control of each dependency to avoid the installation of the OS to grow unnecessarily

Stay away from Windows

Publishers often refer to copying they don't approve of as “piracy.” In this way, they imply that it is ethically equivalent to attacking ships on the high seas, kidnapping and murdering the people on them. Based on such propaganda, they have procured laws in most of the world to forbid copying in most (or sometimes all) circumstances. (They are still pressuring to make these prohibitions more complete.)

If you don't believe that copying not approved by the publisher is just like kidnapping and murder, you might prefer not to use the word “piracy” to describe it. Neutral terms such as “unauthorized copying” (or “prohibited copying” for the situation where it is illegal) are available for use instead. Some of us might even prefer to use a positive term such as “sharing information with your neighbor.”