Just ordered a Steel Series QcK Mini mousepad, how fucked am I?

Just ordered a Steel Series QcK Mini mousepad, how fucked am I?

>not getting a $1 mousepad with a picture of your waifu

This. The only real choice is going to aliexpress and buying a custom made giant mousepad with your waifu on it. Much cheaper too.

I mean I got one at Walmart a while back for $10, because the only alternative was one of those shitty plastic covered mousepads that for some reason cost $12 and they were completely out of the plain $3 black and blue pads.

It's alright. I have no real complaints, but I also have my mouse set to around 1800 dpi so I barely have to move my mouse to do anything.

It's bad for gaming, ok for office work.

If you need validation from Cred Forums on a fucking mousepad purchase you need to stop being so insecure.
Qck is breedy gud though.

i can't read taco

I did this. Steelseries. Very comfortable with no regrets. Don't see why people get smaller ones. Unless your desk is tiny or something get a full sized XXL mat.

They're tiny. If you play at low sense it's not gonna work out.

I got one, my cat likes to just sit in it though, so i constantly have to brush cat hair off of it.

You're increase fucked. You probably have less than 4 days left to live because of it

theyre good
whats the big deal

It's way too small.

Should have gotten a bigger one. It's a good series though -mine's still looks pretty new after 3 years

Just ordered a Zowie G-SR mousepad, how alpha am I?

Where can I buy a $1 mousepad?

>barely have to move my mouse to do anything
I'm gonna try that
got an 40" TV as monitor

I bought one about two years ago. The top is still on it and have not pealed off. Works quite well. Think I ordered it on amazon or something....quite stoned at the moment so can't really recall. Never had problems.

God I love this site when high

I can hear the mousewheel rattling from here

Good mousepads tho

Steelseries QCK series are shit. I never eat or put any shit on my mouse mat but they get spots with more grip from moisture over time. Every 2-3 months you have to scrub the fuck out of it.

There's a info image about it that gets posted occasianally, it works and I'd post it. But every time I do I get a temp ban for advertising.

Go to arts_cow and go order a mousepad and for it to be like a dollar got to retail_me_not for the discount.

Look for the mousepad discount of the site on Retail_me_not