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game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?gid=3598&graphics=Radeon RX 470 4GB
amazon.com/UbiGear-Crimper-Connector-Network-Crimper315/dp/B008UY5WL0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1474414291&sr=8-4&keywords=RJ-45 connectors

In America what is the legal age for eating Kinder eggs?

Redpill me on cinnamon-record.
>press ctrl alt shift r to record cinnamon desktop.
Top or ps only show an increase in cpu% of cinnamon --replace. In any view.
What script or binary is actually running?
So I can play with terminal launch and explore parameters.

I'd like to install android x86 on this tablet and give it to a friend since I don't need it.

is there anything I should know before I install it?

They're just flat out illegal. Americans eat their chocolate eggs by shoving them into their mouths with spades, so any plastic objects inside them are extremely dangerous to them

>1x Intel S5000PSLSATAR(Starlake)/FBDIMM/6Port SATA
>2x CPU Intel XEON E5405/2.0 GHz/FSB1333
>(4)8x RAM DDR2 Fully Buffered 2GB / PC667 / Hynix
>Adaptec RAID 5405
>4x HDSATA 500.0GB Western Digital WD5002ABYS

I've installed the 4 additional RAM modules (to get to a total of eight with 32GB RAM)
Pre-Upgrade I had 4x2GB + 4x4GB and everything was working smoothly with Win 2k12 R2
After the Upgrade I cant install from any form of Installation medium besides a ubuntu disk I could fully install the distro and it worked.

whether I boot from Windows 2k12 R2 dvd or USB drive, from a ESXi dvd or any other Windows Server version I can boot from the device and the loading of data starts. When I get to the Logo of Windows or the ESXi is done loading the necessary data the screen turns black and reboot. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.

I rebuilt the RAID, tried the old configuration with 4x2GB + 4x4GB, tried the 4x2GB RAM only, the 4x4GB RAM only, the new 4x4GB RAM only, I tried another HDD while disconnecting all other four HDDs.
Took the motherboard's battery out for five mins to reset the board.
AND NOTHING no fucking change always till the logo and reboot.

I tested the Memory with Memtest86+ and no problems have been found.

Has anyone any idea? I have no idea. My colleagues are as clueless as me.
This shit is annoying as fuck. I need that server to test a virtual environment.

Why does Windows 10 randomly fail to start up (or not) when peripherals (the culprit changes every time because Windows) are plugged in?

To be clear, it always gets all the way to the black screen with the dots going around in a circle, and just gets stuck there.

Our food regulations prohibit the sale of nonfood entirely enveloped in food, so shitty toys and shittier chocolate can only be purchased separate.

What changed before this problem started happening?

>Redpill me
No. Fuck off.

What do you even want to know? Just try it before giving it to your friend. Make sure google's own store works or he'll have a very shitty time downloading any software on it.

>shittier chocolate
Yeah nah. Kinder chocolate is really great to be honest. The off-brand ones are really shitty though.

Is it just me, or does music in mono sound incredibly flat when listening on headphones?

Or am I meant to listen with speakers?

I think it started happening after some controversial update, which I think had people experiencing the same.

Now I suspect it happens after every update.

I work on some software. It's just me working on it. The software is currently stored/versioned using SVN.

I've got three PCs I'm using. I currently use one as a build machine that actually builds an installer for my software that I deploy, but I'm looking to set this machine up to only have code I'm ready to deploy.

Next two machines are my main PC and laptop, I use these to actually work. I would like to be able to commit untested/non-deployable code to something so it can be easily shared between these two machines, but also have a solution that can easily push deployable code to my build machine.

Any suggestions?

Are kindle worth it?
Isn't 167pp low?
How do they work? Do they have some kind of amazon DRM that wont let me use and upload my own files?

I don't understand how people port cartridge games/make roms.
How does one get the cartridge data on the computer?

I want to copy my windows installation to a new hdd.

What's the best cloning software? Are there any issues migrating a pirated windows 7? Does it matter that the old drive is IDE?

Trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 on a Oracle Box VM. It boots up the CD and starts loading (screen with dots).. after that it shows a screen like when the GPU is dying and then it says "A start job is running for Ubuntu Live CD" or smth. After that itis stuck at a black screen with a white under dash in the left corner..

What am I doing wrong here?

I placed an order for this when I was horny. Will I regret it?

Hacking the console and making it dump the game to a external storage device, making an adapter for the cartridge to connect it to PC or manually.
GB cart dumping was a miracle IIRC.

These days, you can just buy a cheap reader that connects by USB.

there's no way you will ever regret a purchase like that, user

There are readers that allow you to plug in cartridges on PC. Also there are custom cartridges that contain some sort of rewriteable memory such as memory cards.

Are you sure that the ISO didnt get corrupted during loading? You could try booting ubuntu into text mode and see what sort of error it spits out.

easeus todo backup
or dd

How do I boot it into text mode? I am not very familiar with Ubuntu I have to admit. I'll try downloading the iso.

Also, this is on a shit system. I can't even use the 64bit .iso because this Laptop is old as fuck.

Server boots till splash screen and then reboots . no hardware failure.

Say I have this exposed pcb glued to the rear of a smartphone, would covering it with duct tape to protect it when moving it around, damage it?

is it worthwhile investing in crimping tool + pullbox ?

How do CD-RW's work?
Doesn't the data get laser etched into the disc during the first write?


basically my google-fu said that CD-RW's use a special dye that when heated to different temps either goes opaque or transparent. This is how they can be re-written mulitple times since you're just changing the opacity of the dye.

Thanks. I've tried reading the wiki article a few times but I never really got a clear understanding of it.


Every time I proceed to do a dual boot Windows-Linux I fuck up.
I noticed that no installer detects my Windows installation in the main SSD, what can this be due to? afaik the partitions are aligned

>install windows first
>create virtual partition or whatever the fuck it's called
>install linux on secondary virtual partition

PC is randomly shutting off in gaming.

Probably the PSU (quality make but it's 7+ years old).

How can I be sure and it's not the other 2 usual suspects (RAM, GPU)?

But that doesn't guarantee my Windows partition will be detected by GRUB, does it

Your bios probably lists the voltages from your PSU. Are they significantly out?

Well.... Shit.

Any chances these are just inaccurate readings?

Then i guess the music was mixed incorrectly. All mixing should be volume corrected in mono so that the sound doesn't become flat or garbled. Then stereo spacing should be done...

Or you just have a bad mono speaker.

How do I silence the STDOUT of a command in the terminal

what's a good tool to download video streams to disk? something with a GUI that runs on windows.

>sudo os-prober
>sudo update-grub
This should make linux realize there's another OS and make grub pull out selection menu on startup.

Also create the linux partitions manually to make sure you're not overwriting windows

Redirect it to /dev/null?

If you have friends you could borrow their PSU's for quick test. Running GPU and CPU stresstest programs at the same time should quickly overload the PSU.

I bought a new TV (Hitachi 40HBT42). I plan to use it almost exclusively to watch movies and anime off an HDMI cable connected to my PC.

What is the best way to calibrate the image for optimum quality? Should I enable "full HDMI range"? (it sounds like a good thing but I turned it off for now because it makes everything look grey). I am also downloading a "backup" of a calibration disk right now, should I use it? Also computer text looks pretty hard to read on it, should I turn the sharpness or the contrast down or something? Any other tips?

It was the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. I remembered.

Is it a good idea to buy replacement battery for the laptop? Are there any risks?

SQ for the day...

I have an old Pentium D 950 machine which currently has an Nvidia Quadro FX1800 in it. I do a bit of CGI work on this old box and play the odd old-school game on it and a few emulated consoles (Dreamcast stuff most of the time). I also dual-boot it to Linux and under there lives my little security research stuff, so I'm doing a lot with CUDA... I don't have the coin to rip out the board and replace it with something newer (like a C2D/C2Q), so for the time being I'm stuck with it. However, I'd like to get something faster in the way of a GPU and I'm looking at an ATI Radeon HD 5830 or some manner of Geforce 400 series. Anyone have a preference either way? My one concern with the Geforce 400's is the sheer number of them that are just re-brands; I'd like to avoid rebranded stuff if I can.

Can I use
dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/path/outputfilename.iso
To make an exact copy of an Xbox one or ps4 game disc? Like copy protection and everything intact?
If so, what type of discs do I need to use when burning?

Try searching the menus/manual for "PC mode" or anything like that.

>Should I enable "full HDMI range"?
If your TV supports it it'll result in better colors but if it doesnt then it'll just make things worse. Sounds like yours doesnt support it.

If you buy the cheapest chinkshit there is a risk it'll catch fire. Also it will most likely have far smaller capacity than reported, leading to short battery life.

Thanks user. Didn't see a PC mode in the menus, will keep searching.

>Sounds like yours doesnt support it.
Then why is the setting on the TV itself?

Oh, I thought you were talking about input and not the TV itself. You'll need to switch to full color mode then, there should be an option in AMD or Nvidia options menu. This is what that looks like for AMD cards.

I'm pretty sure the legit disks have physical copyright stuff burned on them outside of the normal read area.

Do all keyboards and speakers these days have USB connectors?
Last keyboard I bought (which recently broke) had a PS/2, and the speakers had an earphone-like jack.

Which keyboard and set of speakers should I buy for gaymen?
I have no idea what's best. Been thinking of going full brand loyahleest since the G303 I got turned out so nice.

I need a toy car or wheeled robot that I can control remotely over WiFi even when I'm at a completely different location. What should I buy?

Any way to grab that data as well?

Keyboards and mice use USB these days but speakers with 2-4 of 3.5mm plugs are still popular. Some gaymin variants might use usb circumvent integrated sound card though.


What happens to the geometry behind the camera during projection transformation into clipping and canonical space? Does the vertices just go into a singularity on the camera position since there's no viewplane behind the camera?

I see. Now, don't be shy and pls recommend some keyboards and/or speakers.

Or at least tell me which you're using so I can get some good olde references.

I want to set up a HDD plugged into my router for doing incremental backups to.
Router only supports FAT32 or NTFS.
I'm using a Macbook and will back up to a sparsebundle on the networked drive with Time Machine.
The problem is the initial backup. Mac can't into NTFS.

Is FAT32 less safe for data integrity than NTFS?
Should I just stop being a faggot and do first backup over network?

Where can I find a cheap, legit copy of Windows 7 Professional that won't be a scam?

The OP picture is quite appropriate. What the hell is happening here? It started today, didn't give it a second thought at first because I was watching a shitty old torrent, but it apparently happens in everey video with rapid movement. 750Ti with driver 368.81, monitor is Asus VN247H.

Hi /sqt/. I've been running into a problem since I moved to university. When using Firefox, images load extremely slow on Cred Forums and Youtube videos take ages to buffer. However, when using Chrome, everything is normal and images load instantly. The only add-ons I have for Firefox are in pic related and the only scripts I'm running with Greasemonkey are Cred Forums X and Oneechan. This is really bugging me and I'd like to fix it as soon as I can because Chrome fucking sucks.

how do I do rot1 in python?

Trying to install an h-game. Specifically Honey Select by Illusion.
I got the thing downloaded, had poweriso mount it onto one drive, tried to run the startup which I believe you do first, but I got stopped mid installation.
I believe the problem is that it is a japanese game and I need something called applocale to play it. However I am on windows 10 and applocale does not work.

TL;DR what applocale alternatives exist for windows 10? And if someone could post a guide on how to install illusion games that would be dandy as well.

>inb4 windows 10

Going for a CompSci college degree. How many hours a day should I expect to spend on schoolwork beside actual college? Like on homework and projects and whatnot.

anyone here know a lot about google reverse image search?

I noticed that when you do a reverse image search, google makes a short text-based guess as to what the image is of, and uses that as the text-query portion of the search (which is required). Sometimes this guess is totally inaccurate, but still somewhat related (like a more famous celebrity's name appearing when image searching a less famous one), and it can really screw up the order of the "pages with matching images" results.

I was wondering if changing / correcting the text-search query has any effect on google's text-based guess for the image in the future? I've always kind of assumed it would help a little, but never bothered to actually try and find out til now.


>Windows 10
Even the post number knows.

I know the consensus around new desktop PCs is "build it yourself, prebuilts are overpriced" but are there any good prebuilts (my price range is between $1,000-$1,200) I can keep an I eye on? I want to be able to game on it but I play less vidya than I used to, nowadays I do a lot of digital art (Stuff like photoshop apparently requires different sort of specs than videogames?)

I honestly don't trust myself to put it together myself because I'm a big stupid ape.

Alternatively, is the cost of say, taking your selection of parts to a PC shop and asking them to build it for you going to negate any of the savings you get from buying your own parts?

How long does it usually take to process an amazon gift card?

I've been trying to play Pokemon go on my OnePlus 3 but i keep getting this error message saying "could not authenticated, try again later."

i have rooted my phone using the magisk method and still didn't work. I'm guessing i did it right because Android pay works now, but Pokemon go just won't get past the part after i pick my account.

I've tried some fixes that other people have said works such as putting airplane mode before launching the game and making a new account. nothing is working.

i also have xposed installed but it's the version that works with magisk.

any reason why it isn't working? or does it not just work with OnePlus 3?

I'm on 3.2.4 oxygen os btw.

Places will probably charge around $100 to assemble a PC, this can negate some price difference, but you will probably still end up with better quality parts for the same price at the very least.

Really though I'd recommend taking the time to learn how to do it, the knowledge will likely save you time in the future.

>Alternatively, is the cost of say, taking your selection of parts to a PC shop and asking them to build it for you going to negate any of the savings you get from buying your own parts?

Why would anyone ever do this?

Yes user, they are surely going to charge you and more likely than not put together the system in a way that differs from your preferences.

Not to mention "building" the system would also tend to include BIOS setup, OS installation and so forth which are all options you want under your own control.

At what % should I defrag my hard drive? It's 2TB with 500GB free space and 32% fragmented.

please help


The iso or activator?
Why not ultimate?
Why original? Just crack it.

Change locale to jap or revert to 7 and use HFapplocale.

I don't usually use windows but I'm forced to use windows10 pro for school this year.

I currently got a home edition and can't find a keygen, where the fuck do i find one

>At what % should I defrag my hard drive?
uhh.. 1%?

Your hard drive shouldn't be fragmented, user.

In fact, any modern OS will constantly defrag for you in the background. If you honestly were able to reach 32% something is deeply wrong...

I'm mostly just concerned about fucking it up and wasting a lot of money because I'm an idiot, given that the most experience I have inside a desktop PC is unscrewing the tower to remove dust.

That's said you might be right that it's an anxiety I need to get over.

Anyone? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned.

3 hours per credit hour per week. Don't let the first couple of semesters lull to into a false sense of security and screw up your time budgeting.

Which one should I be using: Adblock or uBlock Origin?

>Going for a CompSci college degree. How many hours a day should I expect to spend on schoolwork beside actual college?
Depends on how smart you are obviously.

If you're the kind of person who needs to do homework and study off-hours to pass tests, count an extra hour or two per week (per credit).

If you can just take tests without homework, maybe one or two extra hours per week total to go over the textbook sections.

What to buy:
Where to buy:

Assembling is like Legos for adults. Take the half hour and do it.

How come my favorite cancerous general, /pcbg/ keeps getting deleted early?
Where else can I find someone to tell me what to spend money on based on my research so I do not have to think critically about it?

Maybe this is more of a /qa/ question.

I've got a 25 dollar best buy gift card. Looking to buy a pair of IEMs+shipping. What should I get?

Any reason to use gitlab instead of github?
The gitlab website seems slower and more bloated.

Should I update tampermonkey or remove it?

Is an rx 470 enough for cities skylines?

im trying to create an image encryption program in python 2.7
How should i deal with images not multiple of 16 bytes in size?
How could i hide the size of the image inside them bytes for late usage? Thanks

I've been trying to find a windows 7 home premium 64-bit sp1 product key, but it seems like there isn't any safe ways to get them anymore. I tried using daz loader and the disk partion I made was wrong and I didn't feel like starting over at that point. Does anyone know where I can get a product key without getting fucked over with it being used or fake? Alternatively, can you take a hard drive from a computer that has an activated copy of windows, put it in another computer, and just run the os from that hard drive? Or am I misunderstanding how this works.

To follow up on this, if I were to build my own PC what are the best resources for finding good parts, preferably that break it down for an idiot?

I know in terms of buying places like Newegg and Amazon are common, I mean more in terms of suggestions on what to buy.

Adblock sold out.

I think it's disabled. I'm really not great with computers. How do I check on windows 8.1? And defragging says it's going to take like 3 days


>To follow up on this, if I were to build my own PC what are the best resources for finding good parts, preferably that break it down for an idiot?
Logical Increments



plz help

Thanks anons.

I'm pretty sure you can still turn off all ads with adblock, you just have to go into the settings and turn off the exception for unobtrusive/partnered adds.

game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?gid=3598&graphics=Radeon RX 470 4GB
Seems to meet recommended requirements.
At the 470's budget your CPU will likely be the bottleneck for the game.

What the fuck should I look for in good speakers?

All I've read is that it should be 5.1 and have subwoofer. What the fuck. Why do speakers subwoof?

For me, some streaming sites would be able to detect my browser running adblock pro, but none have harassed me about it since I went to ublock origin with their additional lists.

>What the fuck should I look for in good speakers?
>All I've read is that it should be 5.1 and have subwoofer.

5.1 speakers are a meme.

If you want real surround for gaming get headphones, obviously

If you want to listen to music, get regular ol' stereo speakers. Music isn't recorded in 5.1 and you'll only be making it sound like mud by playing it through them

To think I almost bought those 50 buckaroo speakers.

Stereo with a subwoofer is more than enough for most people.
The majority of audio is stereo, and very few things will take full advantage of a 5 piece system (center, front right, front left, rear left, rear right).
The subwoofer is quite useful in producing bass-rich sound at lower volumes compared to cranking up your regular speakers and having a nasty equalizer curve to compensate.
For computer usage, I'd say a 2.1 setup is probably simpler and has better returns for the cost or a 2 piece setup if you think bass is not your friend, or if you have thin walls.

Anything i can add to this for converting to webm?
find ./ -regex '.*mp4\|.*mkv\|.*gif\|.*avi' -exec bash -c 'ffmpeg -loglevel panic -n -i "$0" -preset medium -b:v 1000k -an -sn -vcodec libvpx -cpu-used 5 -threads 8 -crf 28 -fs 2.9MB "${0%%.mp4}.webm"' {} \;

KMSPico will activate any version.
Most likely no coz different hw.
you could extract the key tho.
nirsoft or w/e

Do not get fermi series, or the 500 series, which is just rebranded fermi's
They run fucking retardedly hot even stable
Try a 780ti


Alternatives to Google Play Music? Any good music players?

the question is where did you purchase this?

so for some stupid fucking reason AutoHotKey will only send media keys when notepad is open
what the fuck could be happening
volume keys work fine but play/pause, stop and forward/back do absolutely nothing UNLESS notepad is the active window, in which case they work fine
windows 10 with the anniversary update, by the way

Anyone know of a good, cheap monitor? It can be small as in 1366 x 768 or slightly smaller/bigger. I just need a second monitor so I can shitpost while watching movies/waiting to respawn in bideojames

Best app for downloading funny ringtones? Or viewing Cred Forums? On iphone

is there any reason to prevent guest login in a local network (samba) share if i'm the only one using the local network anyway? will it open some easy attack vector for the crazy hackers outside over internet?


It's XRshit, so I'm not expecting much.

What if you want surround sound though?

What's the difference between that $200 rainbow dildo shaped keyboard and a $20 one?
>inb4 $180

I can't decide between the cheap K20 or the M800.

>that fucking picture


You get a surround sound receiver and more speakers. Some home-theater-in-a-box stuff is decent, but there's lots of garbage, too.

The school should provide you one.

I googled KMSPico and found people saying it installs other programs even when you choose advanced install. I know it's made by the daz loader guys so it can't be that bad, but how come people recommend the old daz loader instead of KMSPico?

That you are aware of, at this current moment in time.What prevents them from hard codeing them at a later time?
Would you put duct take on a 5ft crack on a sewage line?
Or would you just get a new pipe and be worry free

That's way more expensive though. I thought the whole point of that picture was that used bookshelf speakers aren't more expensive than "computer speakers".

never mind, a restart fixed it
fucking hell windows is retarded sometimes

ok so i was installing a 212 evo, and i couldnt screw down all 4 screws that keep the heat sink because one props up weirdly
with 3 down it seems pretty secure, and its cooling my cpu more than my last coolers, so should it be fine, or should i just commit ritual suicide

pls respond

for windows 7 just run daz loader and don't install the wat update (if you do be prepared to run a shadier tool to fix it)

there's zero reason to run kmspico on windows 7 installs

Install Gentoo?

Buy Truly Ergonimic keyboard for 200$, best choice.

In my original post I said I tried running daz loader and it said my disk partion wasn't the right one for it to work. What is the wat update?

Hello,i am a poorfag that can not afford a laptop,so i though that i can just install debian in a portable hard drive and boot it in my homes pc and at college's pc,but desktop manager keeps crashing when a change computers,my home pc has amd cpu&gpu and college ones have nvidia&intel¿what should i install to make it work?,¿Is there a better alternative?

If I want to buy a new monitor, 16:9
and want to use my 23" 16:9 as a vertical monitor next to it
how many " should the new monitor be so the screens have the same height

Thanks mang!

780ti is way out of my price range. Probably should have put that up there. I'm capped at about $40USD for a GPU, which means used on Ebay.

What are the differences between these mobos?


Anyone here has a bunch of experience with regex in real time apps ?

Say I wanna efficiently extract paramters from strings coming on a server , is regex too slow for using it as a way to parse plain text commands from multiple simultaneous clients ?

What im wondering is if Im going to have speed issues comes the time to parse huge strings of data.

Good stereo is way better than shit surround. Parts-express is the cheapest online place I know of for speakers. For an amp, I'm particularly fond of the DTA-1. You can find at least passive speakers at a thrift shop if you don't want to pay $40 or more for a pair of new ones or deal with ebay/craigslist.

Go find /mkg/.
TLDR: some got mechanical keys that makes your typing experiance a meme.

[insert counter-signalling shitpost here]

apperance, heat sinks, possibly backplates, different I/O, price. probably some more things. they are all Z170 so they all have same PCI lanes, amount of usb 3 etc.

also different bios and drivers etc.
the asus mainboards have shielded audio hardware iirc and usually the best bios.

Is there a way to Ctrl+F a thread to instantly find out when someone is using tags?

> heat sinks, possibly backplates, different I/O...probably some more things

How much should I care about that shit?

I'm building a PC for the first time, and I have a good amount of moneu I am legally obligated to spend in the next month or so, and I won't have money to get a new computer for like another 5-7 years after this, so i'm trying to decide what to get

My plan is to have two SSD's, one with w7, one with w10, along with 3 3tb hard drives. I want to be able to play most games on max settings at 1080p and be able to do VR with the HTC vive when I can afford that. I'll also be doing a lot of image editing, and a fair amount of video editing/3d modeling.


not at all. it's just gimmicks but they do not increase performance in any way. they should have the same amount of SATA slots so you shouldn't have any problems with all that storage. you should however check how many 6gbs sata slots there are on a z170 chipset, i dont remember.

Wew, those are some pastebins. Danke.

get an i7
get 32gb(4x8gb) ddr-2600
get 4 ssd 512gb
raid 0 win7
raid 0 win10
psu 800
If that isnt above your "legally obligated" amount, let me know, ill fuck all your cash up

Holy fuck who is she?

>Why doesn't the iPad mini come with a stylus?

Which 7-8 inch tablets come with a stylus?

Her name is Sandra Wilson.

Where and how do I pirate Windows? Is 10 any good for vidya?

Google actually had it for once
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Cosplay/Glamour Model, Designer)

wouldn't need anything over 500W actually, lol
in 10 years we can power pcs from potatoes

Is there a way to solve this that would be easy for someone's tech illiterate mother could understand? She's having a problem with her laptop wifi. Her phone connects to it just fine but it's just the laptop. And yes I made sure she's not just on data.

Windows 10 is shit but you can just download it from Microsoft and install it for free

It cut the battery life of my laptop in win8 from 8 hours to 5 hours

What budget/country/display set up and what are you using it for?

What's the fastest way to make a webm screen recording on Linux, capturing output audio as well?


You better take over remotely , whatever the problem is you probably need to ask her to deal with IP addresses which is a big no no for tech illiterates.

Problem could be a conflict of static IP , DHCP may be fucked , who knows really ?

>mfw my moms name is Sandra Wilson

>computer cannot connect to internet
>"You better take over remotely"

i have a java thing that i run in the windows terminal writing a command (before i had to compile(?) It), it have to stay in a folder with some weird .class files. Can i run the same thing on android in some way? Thenk u

I've gotten her to do ipconfig renew and release, that didn't do anything. I would hate to try to walk her through setting up manual IP settings but it's starting to feel that's the only way based on Google results. That or diving into the router settings which I definitely do not see as an option.

How do you grab an eBook from a website if it's a flash type?

You basically have 3 main constraints

For gayming you need a good graphics card
For VR you need a good CPU
For editing you need lots of RAM

You want a somewhat future proof pc , in which case try spending as much money you possibly can on graphics and the CPU ( hell go for dual 1080s or titans if you have the money ) , jam as much ram as you can in there , fuck whatever motherboard you pick as long as it contains all the ports you need , grab a powerful enough PSU and finally spend the rest of your money on the little things like your SSD setup , get a nice screen , kb+m , expansion bay for media cards , bluray r/w for movies and shit.

You can get a cheap capacitive stylus and use it with anything. There won't be pressure sensitivity, because capacitive glass displays don't do that. Something active, like Apple Pencil, is needed for that. Or you could get something like a Wacom to plug into a laptop if you're wanting to do digital graphics stuff.


Is there a way to remap the windows key on the keyboard to open a terminal by just pressing it once without alt or shift included? Running Debian with xfce

Ask her to do ipconfig /all and check if the IP is something blatantly retarded. But I honestly doubt you will get anywhere without asking her to dive into setting a static IP in adapter settings.

Then ask her to grab her phone and check what is her phone's IP.

If the subnets match then I dont know , if they dont you still need to ask her to do manual ip setting.

Maybe it would be simpler for her to enable remote access on the router so you can access it from the public IP and see whats wrong with IPs on the router.

I'm trying to dual boot Windows on my 2011 Macbook Pro. I first flashed my USB drive as FAT32 and made a bootable USB drive with unetbootin and Windows 7 but I coulnd't boot from it, I only got the EFI boot symbol in the boot menu and clicking on it didn't do anything. After reading that you can only use this method with Windows 8 or 10 I repeated the process with Windows 10 instead and that doesn't show up at all in the boot manager. Will rEFInd fix my problems or is it a problem with the ISO I'm trying to flash or what?

Do SFX power supplies typically have shorter cables than ATX power supplies?

If its dry outside will running my computer when it's -50 f or colder cause condensation?
Winter here is speculates to be like 2013's, where we had 3 days of -30 to -50 temps outside
I just want to get an icy cold speccy

Depends on the brand, Silverstone makes theirs with their own cases in mind, so cables are shorter
Some brands are longer
But most are about the same but with smaller spacing between connectors, like 1-2" of space between two molex connectors compared to 3-4" on an atx line

I want to set up a simple online archive for video links. What are the cheapest ways to have a website and an sql database up and running? I've only worked on these offline

Sup /sqt/,

I bought a mobile broadband package today, 20gb p/m with a free 3G router. Except the lady at the store jewed me out of a 4G router, so I'm only on HSDPA+/3G speed.

I've shopped around for a new router but they're all over $100. I want to know if I can put the mobile data sim in a regular 4G ready phone and use the mobile hotspot off the phone that way? I don't see why not.

Thanks. I'm curious because I'm switching from a Fractal Design Nano S to a Silverstone SG13. I have an ATX PSU and I know the SG13 can fit one, but I was wondering if getting an SFX PSU would be better for cable management because shorter cables.

Will a 6700k be sufficient for VR? If so, will a 6700 (non k) be fine? I really don't plan on overclocking

Are there any pros/cons with how your RAM is split up? Like x2 16gb vs 4x 8gb?

I ask because on newegg they have newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232091 which for 150$ and 3200 seems a lot better then anything comparable.

>What budget/country/display set up
3000$ is the rough maximum, i'd like to aim around 2500$ max though. USA. 1 1080p monitor, but I want to do VR in a year or two.

It should work just fine. Do you have a way to test it without spending money?

mpd is being a little bitch and keeps claiming it is running, when it clearly is not.
It finds the database, but when i go to play it, it just dosent do shit.
Nothing is running on the port it is using

Not right now without unlocking my current phone. I will wait a couple of weeks as my uni will be giving us free smartphones this year for android programming.

If you have a budget that high you should be investing most of it into your display set up, triple 4K displays here

You're still going to run games at 1080p of course, but you'll have more screen space than you'll ever need

and no reason not to go X99

PCPartPicker part list: pcpartpicker.com/list/wyCBLD
Price breakdown by merchant: pcpartpicker.com/list/wyCBLD/by_merchant/

CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor ($368.99 @ SuperBiiz)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($29.99 @ Newegg)
Motherboard: ASRock X99 Extreme4/3.1 ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard ($219.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory ($63.99 @ Newegg)
Storage: Mushkin ECO3 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($64.89 @ OutletPC)
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($45.88 @ OutletPC)
Video Card: PowerColor Radeon RX 470 4GB Red Devil Video Card ($198.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Case: Deepcool TESSERACT BF ATX Mid Tower Case ($35.99 @ Amazon)
Power Supply: EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply ($89.99 @ Newegg)
Monitor: LG 27MC67-B 27.0" 60Hz Monitor ($478.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Monitor: LG 27MC67-B 27.0" 60Hz Monitor ($478.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Monitor: LG 27MC67-B 27.0" 60Hz Monitor ($478.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Total: $2555.67
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-09-20 18:20 EDT-0400

Probably setting it up on your own home network using your own computer.

If you want more uptime, use a dedicated system which is always up. I can go in depth with this if you want.

It should work as long as the phone supports the same band (willmyphonework.net). I can't guarantee this will increase your speed though because, well, you're routing your internet through a phone lol.

I'm interested in knowing this too. I feel like the risk of snow would be too high though.

You actually can over clock non K Skylake CPUs. Here's a video from Digital Foundry about the i5 6500. youtu.be/YUTPgWYTqyk So yeah, getting a non K CPU is fine if you don't plan on over clocking. I did just to save a few bucks (I got the i5 6500 instead of the 6600k).

how do i remove the desktop part?

I'd like to know more about this if you could explain it. I'd like to have a domain name as well, instead of just accessing through ip.

Would github's websites work for this?

So if you want to do it at home you have a few limiting factors:

1) Internet speed. Specifically, internet upload. Go to speedtest dot net and see what your upload is.

2) Available hardware. Do you have a spare computer lying around, or do you leave your current PC on all the time?

3) Storage. Do you have enough storage on the system?

A domain name is not very hard to set up. You can buy a domain for $1-$50ish per year depending on what TLD (com/net/etc) you want. You need to have your domain point to your IP, and this can be done automatically via a script.

Github is only for storing code, that's it.

I'm really not interested in getting more monitors, I don't have the space for them.

Is a 6700k going to be enough for VR, or should I get a 6800k?

I also need my RAM question answered

stop using desktop so much
its a dynamically generated list
Or just disable favorites all together and manage your lists manually

So I switched to VIM for doing python, got it configured with nerdtree now how do I exit nerdtree not close it but bring my cursor back to the main window i.e where my code is, I pressed the nerdtree keys by accident

Wouldn't it be cheaper to obtain a VPS if I consider electricity used on an always-on PC? Internet is decent and would be paid for anyways

I just mentioned github because of websites likes this: kripken.github.io/sql.js/GUI/

pajeet, don't talk about things you haven't done your research on

so I want to delete all subfolders and files of a directory, how do I do it from the command line (linux)

If you have done so much research why are you asking faggots on an anime image oard for help then?

ctrl+w and right arrow key afterwards should work iirc

Kabylake is right around the corner, wait for the 7700k if you want the absolute best processor. Or if you're fine with the 6700k, you can probably get it cheaper once the 7700k is out.

rm -rf directoryname

it wont prompt you, so be sure you want it gone

Electricity isn't really thaaaaaat much honestly. The main benefit of having a computer run at home is that you can perform hardware additions easily, such as more storage.

The problem you will run into with a VPS is finding a provider which has the correct amount of storage for the right price. You can find a VPS with 50GB storage for around $20-$50 a yr last time I checked, but you can't find one with 500GB unless you want to pay more than your electricity would be.

You also need to consider, if you are running Windows on a VPS, they will probably make you pay for the Windows license monthly.

If you want to go the vps route check out lowendbox.

With a VPS you also need to consider b/w transfer. If you are showing a lot of people a video, you could use up all of your bandwidth.

and make sure you read reviews for low end box vpses. Some of them are really shitty.. for example, they will oversell and you will get shitty performance. Or, in my case, they will provide good service for a few months then go bankrupt. lol

is there any actual reason to buy an Intel processor over an amd processor considering the ridiculous price difference?

Okay you've got me hooked, I'll get around to using it on a spare pc. I have older hardware that's just sitting there. Thanks for the help, user

No. Wait for AMD Zen.

Fanboys may tell you different but it's worth waiting, as AMD is rather truthful and they say it will be on par with the expensive Intel CPUs.


The more sticks of ram the better iirc. So 2x4gb would be better than 1x8gb.

The videos will be streamed off youtube, I just want to provide an easier way to categorize and search for them so it's mostly just few KBs of text being downloaded by the user

Yeah, I think I'll skip the VPS for now until I find that having a home server does not fit the bill

whenever I build a pc I always get hung up on the power supply. I honestly don't know if I have any idea what I'm doing so I always buy a really large one just to be safe. is 600 too small? 500? how do I even know?

Pretty much every VPS is going to give you more bandwidth than it would take for a home ISP to start complaining at you.

If the videos are being streamed off of youtube, then all you really need is to host a small dynamic page.

You can do this for free with a few providers. There are also really cheap year long VPSes around $8-$15 which will do this just fine and may actually be cheaper in this case.

Yes. Right now, before Zen is launched, AMD processors are quite outdated and don't support features you'd want, like DDR4 memory. Their performance is also quite behind Intel, FOR NOW. If you want to go AMD to save money, WAIT for Zen.

- look up how much power each part uses under load
- assume ~30W for each hdd (they use less most of the time, but can use about that much while spinning up)
- add it together
- add 100W to that number for safety/overhead
- get that

Not necessarily, depends on his isp. Time Warner, Google Fiber never complained with the ridiculous shit I pulled. And he could be in Europe with some ridiculous tier internet. You never know.

Technically only true for dual (or more) channel systems, but these days that is most mobos.

I've had complaints from TW before. They are getting bought by Charter and I've also received warnings from them. Most of us mere mortals will never know the pleasure of having Google fiber.

that just moves me up and down in nerdtree

I just starting paying for my own VPN. Which countries should I use so that I may torrent and maybe pull up Netflix simultaneously. I chose Switzerland by default but I can't access Netflix because of it.

You must have been pulling some crazy shit because I was doing about 3TB d/l per mo and 100kb/s up constantly (20kbs below max up.)

>download windows 10 iso from ms website
>install from USB for family PC
>say I do not have a product key
>it still works

ummm lol??? Is there any reason to pay for it besides changing your wallpaper?

Is it bad when my headphones get warm and my ears turn red?
Mom said i need to turn it down. Is she being a cunt?

then why can I buy that cake at a grocery store?

I want to keep the top directory will this still work i.e

I want to keep folder1 and delete the rest

Need help.

My computer has 8GB of RAM (two 4GB sticks), I bought two 8GB sticks to make it 24GB altogether.

I installed the two 8GB sticks in slot 1 and 2, and each 4GB stick in slot 3 and 4. Now my computer isn'4 starting up. It turns on but no image.

Where/what did I fuck up?

check your mobo manual and make sure you put matching sizes in the right channels

on mine its slots 1+3 and 2+4

also put them in one at a time and make sure one isn't loose or defective

Try using only the new sticks one at a time

That shouldn't affect whether it boots

I have a directory with an already established remote repository but want to add another remote repository so I can pull some files from it.

When I git pull/push, how would it know which repo I'm trying to use?

I don't have time to wait unfortunately. I'm just asking if getting a 6800k; or 6900k is worth the extra money over the 6700k/6700

Can you clarify on this a bit? how exactly is it better, and by how much?

Like, if I can get 2x 16gb 3200 speed for 149$, is that still not worth getting over 4x 8g 3200 for 200$?

I might look at GParted.. But for now I'm looking for something more familiar like the format tool during Windows installs.

Is there some live disc that's similar to the Windows install format tool that'll easily/quickly format hdds/ssds?

Something live that I can just pop on a usb and run it off the usb

I just downloaded Firefox 49.0 and complete themes don't seem to work. Is this normal?

You mean buying a crimp tool, ends, and a box of cable?

Well, if you are gonna need more than one cable of longer than ~6 feet, yes.

If the other oprion is buying the cables from Best Buy... yes.

Seriously, if you need a lot of cables, yea. If you need one cable, no.
If you are in a field of work where you need cables a lot, yes.

If you are debating gettinf that stuff, odds are you need it. It's not expensive. $80 box of cable. $20 for crimper and 100 ends. (Assuming you're talking ethernet here.)

Is there any Kansas City Standard decoder for Mac OS 9 or anything similar? I don't have an SCSI card to connect the HDD to my PC, and the serial ports on Powermac 6100s are fucking weird and expensive.

Follow up; I just tried the 6 latest versions of the theme and none of them work. I also tried another one and it doesn't work. Should I just refresh FF?


Cat5e cable, and RJ-45 ends and crimp tool?

Do you make / need a lot of cables? If so, yes.
If not, no.

amazon.com/UbiGear-Crimper-Connector-Network-Crimper315/dp/B008UY5WL0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1474414291&sr=8-4&keywords=RJ-45 connectors

nvm found the problem.

they added an update to safetynet to block the material xposed also now.

Got it.

My Channel A is 2+4 and Channel B 1+3

Installed each 8GB on 2 and 4, and each 4GB on 1 and 3.

I should have tried one at a time but figured it out.

Although, I ran Speccy and it shows that I have 32 GB of ram when I actually have 24.


i want to do some light video editing, mainly cropping and joining. my laptop is really slow.

can anyone recommend a low budget video card/processor and mobo? max i want to spend is 250 canadian

Is there any way to download paid music from iTunes for free?

Linux live USB disk. Mint and Ubuntu are popular, easy to use, require no setup, and include the tools out of the box

She's right.
Hearing loss is cumulative

Choose a PSU with at least an 80+ trading. Divide estimated wattage by 0.75 to get the size of PSU you need. Divide by smaller numbers for more headroom

Can someone explain how my front USB ports still work? When I was building my computer, I accidentally inserted the front USB3 plug into the mother board at an angle, and one of the pins on the motherboard broke off (technically it happened when I was straightening the pins out). It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but the bottom left pin is missing. So now, I straightened all the remaining pins out and plugged it in like normal and all of the front USB ports work on my case. How is that possible? Are some the pins redundant/a ground or something?

why when I do 'apt-get install sshpass' on ubuntu server do I get unable to find and I am ok on ubuntu desktop?


What's the most reliable 3tb or 4tb hard drive around?

Apparently by pure luck you broke a pin that does literally nothing. It's just there to fill space.

it's a data pin, one of the non-superspeed ones
perhaps superspeed (3.x) devices don't use those two data pins

A way to bypass iTunes payment so I can download songs for free.

Just get them from what.cd instead

Thanks for answering. I sure feel lucky!

On backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-q1-2016/ , the HDS5C3030ALA630 seems to have the best/least bad failure rates of all 3tb hard drives

but on the newegg page for it (newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA9DE3SA8335) there seems to be a LOT of people complaing about hard drive failures

Should I get a different model then this then or what?

i recently won big at the casino and decided to buy a new computer,but due to my ineptedness i broke the disc tray cover off and now i cant find it anywhere on the web. do you Cred Forumsuys know a website where i can order one for cheap?

Repair it?


>I'm really not interested in getting more monitors
get out

is Van Eck phreaking still a problem with modern displays and hardware?
For those that don't know, the NSA/Pentagon ran series of tests to defend and exploit this, but I haven't heard anything about it in decades, the tests were called TEMPEST and as far as I know the data about them is mostly out there, here is Wikipedia definition.

"Van Eck phreaking is a form of eavesdropping in which special equipment is used to pick up side-band electromagnetic emissions from electronics devices that correlate to hidden signals or data for the purpose of recreating these signals or data in order to spy on the electronic device. Side-band electromagnetic radiation emissions are present in and, with the proper equipment, can be captured from keyboards, computer displays, printers, and other electronic devices."

Is this still exploitable, and an issue in today's technological standard, or is this a non-issue or just something autists would exploit if it is still exploitable.

What level of personal information do you need on someone before you can start doing "malicious" things? Like can you do anything "interesting" with just an e-mail/phone number?

6700k is enough for VR, not more than enough but enough for everything out so far.

Anything stronger than a I5-4590 is enough for VR, I5-4460 would have some problems but would work too.
Anything over those 2 CPUs are enough for VR.

Does anybody have links to SSD failure/reliability rates? I can find them for HDD's but not SSD's

also, bumping

TLDR of this:
Only scam-low tier ones have an absurd fail rate (SV300, pretty much any PNY SSD, Chink ssds).
The controller will die really fast or you will start noticing how it dies really fast if it doesn't die right away.

Most popular, enterprise and high end SSDs will fail you at the start or they will never fail you in years, they are really reliabe

I need to reread.

I doubt anyone's going to answer me this late in the thread, but can someone explain to me how licensing works, and what GNU GPL licenses and such are?

I've had an idea about starting a small side job, where I could build people PCs for gaming or otherwise within their budget. Since these are for sale, I'd rather not risk using a pirated version of Windows, so I'll use a real copy. Now my question is, could I possibly get in trouble if I charge people the full price of Windows when I've used the cheaper system builder version, especially on more than one PC?

lads i think i fucked up
i shrinked windows partition space, chose ubuntu to install alongside windows but now windows doesn't show on the boot menu
what do i do now? thanks

Third world? No.
Second world/First world? Yes, and big problems.

Guys my ISP went retarded and inject their ads to all of their customer, how do I block it? Tried to filter the ad url from the ISP modem at home doesn't have any effect at all, I use 2 router in my home to seperate the network, should I filter the url in them too?

Buying something and reselling it isn't illegal. Otherwise Christmas would be illegal.

Fix your boot partition.

Literally google it


Alright, so I guess I could just charge them the normal price of Windows, or maybe the price of a single System Builder's license.

You sure about that?


We'll see what happens, thanks.

I installed Ubuntu on a second hard drive in my computer. I tried taking the Ubuntu drive out of my system and booting up into Windows, but it just boots to some GRUB screen I don't recognize and I can't figure out how to boot to Windows from there. When I put the Ubuntu drive back in everything is normal and I can select to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. If I wanted to, is it possible to just completely change back to the Windows bootloader/remove GRUB?

so my phone just shit the bed with its power button. the phone itself works fine, the power button is just fucked. a little bit of water vapor got in it seems. is there anyway that i can turn on the phone without the power button?

if those were accurate I don't think your PC would even boot.

Sometimes Speccy doesn't get along with your motherboard.

speakers are generally:

USB, either battery powered(and batteries are gay) or the microscopic wattage provided by USB power(can't hear shit)

3.5mm + AC, which you can actually hear things through and don't need batteries.

In an data processing job what exactly does a SAS programmer actuallly DO?

replace google similar images with


replace new tab override with


remove 'firefox hotfix'

stop using Reddit, which censors submissions based on conformance to a set of political agendas

Then uninstall RES

>Trying to install an h-game. Specifically Honey Select by Illusion.

Stop right there.

Set your system locale to Japan.

Yes it's gay and sounds like it will fuck everything up and change your desktop to moonrunes, but it doesn't

just do it

i download a lot of tv shows for my brother who watches them on his laptop. i just store the episodes on my pc and he accesses them from our windows Homegroup. is there a better way of going about this? dont really like keeping my pc on 24/7 for this

How big is the preformance boost on a game if it's installed to a SSD?

Like, is it worth buying a 1tb SSD so both my OS, general software, and my games can be on it; rather then just my OS and software being on a 240 or 500gb gb SSD and all of the games being on a seperate HDD?

Your mobo is likely is confusing the RAM drivers. Would recommend updating bios, or reinstalling drivers associated with the modules/RAM.

Is it worth falling for the 16GiB RAM meme?

It's only 20 dollars more...

Yes. Console ports will only become less optimized now that PC game sales are at an all time low relative to console sales. Expect Arkham Knight tier ports to be classified as well optimized ports.

how to prevent this gunk from forming on my keys?

wear gloves

stop typing after you've masturbated

Does semen make a good coolant in a water, or semen cooled system?

Try not caressing your keys immediately after you eat an entire pizza or actually washing your hands.

Yes, but the viscosity and effectiveness of this configuration has major efficiency drops after the jism dies, so you must continue to add new specimens daily.

What do I need to upgrade on this shit rig next?

CPU = Intel i3 4360 @3.70 Ghz
RAM = 8 Gbs
Vidya Card = NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
220 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD

whats wrong with my cup holder?

>i3 4360
How much do you want to spend?

that's just finger gunk. you can wash your hands more, but eventually the gunk will still build up.

if you want to clean it use an old toothbrush or go buy a new one, clean it, dip it in some rubbing alcohol and brush the shit away.

Should I go with a dual monitor mount vs two single monitor mounts? Two of them have the same price as the dual one.

I can do that every day

Is Gentoo a meme or is it actually worth it?

meme. arch is less of a meme but you need to know what you're doing to get any benefits out of it

Maybe I can help user.

idk maybe like 300 max

It's a meme. For 90% of people it will be a great technical exercise but for everyday use Arch, Debian or even Void are much more manageable.

anyone here with an r9 290x? mines been loud as fuck lately and idling hot between 56-60 c. dot ever remember it being this hot. anyone know a more "modern" equivalent to replace it with?

You're cleaning it every now and then right? If you want a replacement just get a rx 480.

Probably a new GPU, what's your current PSU though?

Whats the difference between firmware and kernel?

on specialized devices(routers/embeded system/etc), they're pretty much interchangeable

However in general, kernel can talk to all hardware. Firmware would be one mini-module that talks to one hardware. It would be small part of the kernel

can someone explain to why my powerline adapter has a worse signal when I plugged it in somewhere closer to my fucking router


Not really, the e-ink makes it look pretty smooth without needing huge resolution since the pixels aren't that sharply defined anyway.

Sort of. Kindles won't handle the ePub format or Adobe Digital Editions DRM that most non-Amazon stores/devices use. There are ways around it using various library management programs, but they're not that convenient.

Different circuit

At what point do you run Daz loader


Windows doesn't like booting off a different disk controller first time, but if you turn on safe mode first, then do the swap, boot once, you can switch back to normal mode and it'll run fine.

Whether it'll affect activation depends what method you used to pirate it.

Oh. I guess I'll move it back then,

Should be on by default in windows, so long as there's some time where the computer is regularly turned on, but not doing much.

Yeah, it takes ages when there's a lot to move.

I was always interested in making videos, short films and all that shit but I have zero experience and no equipment so I don't want to buy something expensive just to realize it's beyond me

What's a good beginner camera?
Is GoPro and things alike worth it?
Any additional gear I should look into?

Should I upgrade my GTX 760 (2GB) to a 480x (8GB)?

What's the effective difference between newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16820147373 and newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147568 ?

The spefifications tab seems to display identical ifno, except the more expensive one lists a lower IOPS value under certain conditions?

My browser burned an image into my monitor, I don't even know how since I put this thing to sleep every night. Anyway, since this is likely irreversable, any 120 or 144hz monitor suggestions?

I was wondering but does a portable OS on a USB stick offer security - in the sense of as an isolated environment like for example virtual machines do?


Is there anyway to make it to run custom firmware?

In a hurry, got money to blow. Tired of this bullshit laptop keyboard, looking for a USB keyboard that has keys that light up but the keyboard itself is built like one of those old style desktop keyboards everyone here seems to love so much? Recommendations?

remove everything and load up a white image.
There are also scalers which go from black to white gradient over time
Let it sit over night

>My browser burned an image into my monitor
How the fuck?

I'll try this user, thanks.

My thoughts exactly, but it's happened. You can see tamper monkey if you look closely

New Thread

Kinder... the company that made chocolate sweets filled with carcinogens to its own german children for decades... LOL. Jews Revenge!


Any time after installing