Battle stations

Battle stations

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>portable shitting bin

my man *high five*




>this is someone's setup

Fucking hipsters with their fancy "standing desks"...

Dat turd splash on the trash can




Is that a cheap ass foldable table?

>no numpad

Rest is good

9/11 for the monitor
0 for the fag keyboard

what case?

7/10 i can dig it.
Numpads are for fagits

>Numpads are for fagits

Confirmed for not doing anything functional with your computer

some bitfenix cheap thing has a side window

no numb pad? how about this

I wish they made beige non-gaymur non-13 year old cases

How can you live with a monitor so shit?

sleepers are always an option, you could probably find a case so old it has turned beige

1800x1440 80hz desktop 800x600 172hz in games. if you couldn't already tell I play cs.
the CRT is also great for movies and day to day use is fine

>counter-strike at 172 refresh rate
hnngggggggggg if only i had this during the 1.6 days!

rate thanks

classic, time stamp?

Much better



Nice mouse, is it real or is it a rep/fake?

>tfw uni takes all the time and no more gaming

I cant wait to go to uni. Bruh that picture on the wall is depressing as fuck.

real, got it at my workplace, a grandma traded her old desktop + screen + peripherals for a Thinkpad we had on sale. I kept the mouse.

user, share your wallpaper.

It doesn't show in the picture but there's a shelf and framed posters next to it. I like to keep the area near the bed neat.

here you are

porting in

Thank you, mine was too old.

what fish have you got in your aquarium, user?

They're African cichlids or fishniggers

Great stuff. Coming over from the other thread.

Why is there two threads :O

Yes, it is ;^)

Cor! you got a fancy dorm m8!


>having those huge speakers without any acoustic isolation

hope you like acoustic resonance

>let's listen to some music shall we
>yeah some electronic stuff wouldn't hurt
>oh fuck I forgot to turn down the volume!

I dont use my speakers while im at my desk, theyre for when I'm in bed watching netflix

stop posting your disgusting fucking feet in these threads holy shit

Does anyone know what 7inch LCDs are in this station?