Try to order pizza online

>try to order pizza online
>it requires javascript
>botnet wants me to starve

>posting this shit every day

Is the javascript free or not? This is the important factor. If the pizza place delivers the javascript under freedoms-respecting terms, then there's no botnet.



I see this thread a lot. Why not use a landline phone then?

>forced to use an outdated and inferior method of communication just to eat in freedom

How do I make javascript free?

Well freedom isn't always convenient.

If you wrote the javascript program and have the copyright to it, add in a license disclaimer to the file and make the source available.

Purchasing pizza is like downloading malware ridden binaries from sourceforge.

Does it have to be in the js file?
The js file isn't minified, also, the source code to the whole website is in the website footer.


It just needs to be covered by a free license. If you include at the bottom a link to a copyright page, or a disclaimer about the license for all js there, it'll be free.

So you're telling me I need to put a giant GPL text on every public facing js file even if the disclaimer would be longer than the javascript?

>It just needs to be covered by a free license.

Freedom ain't free

/*! Licensed under the MIT license: */
This, for example, is sufficient.

If I don't put that in my javascript, will it prevent spergs from coming to my website?

Even if your site can't be accessed without running the javascript, no. There are spergs who don't care about freedom, so they will use your site anyway.

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Here you go.


Why don't just ditch js for html5? Same shit right off the bat

Sorry if this is off topic, but if I buy a recording of Madonna performing live, am I buying a recording of somebody lip syncing to recorded music?

You do not have to put the entire text of the GPL license in your source code even on compiled programs. Saying that your code is covered by the license and including a link to the full text of the license is sufficient.

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Why don't you just walk a few blocks for your pizza...

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Or someone who has been on this board for a year or so.

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>Use a landline
>use your cellphone
>Walk in and order it in person
>Make yourself something to eat
All four of these are as old as this thread has been on Cred Forums. It's standard replies.

>recognising that the meme isn't about all javascript, just nonfree javascript, is being a newfag

>Run Android Open Source Project on a phone
>Pretty much all free software
>Use phone application
>Call up pizza parlor of choice
>Ask for pizza of choice
>Get pizza delivered
>Pay with cash
>No non-free software was necessary for this transaction

>No non-free software was necessary for this transaction
Ignoring the "pretty much all free software" implying that it's not 100% free software, cells phones require firmware for the radio in order to make calls, and I'm unaware of any phone which has libre firmware for that part.

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u dont need javascript to get their number and use ur phone u meme

>$700 freedoms-respecting laptop
>forced to use $50 phone instead

yes that's a good thing it means you have to spend less money hello???

>already have the general purpose freedom machine
>can't use it to have hot, fresh pizza delivered right to your door in freedom

>freedom machine
>is browsing the internet
>is using TCP/IP
>is using Cred Forums
Besides, what kernel do you run anyway?

>what kernel do you run anyway?
N-nice try, NSA...

lol ur running linux or bsd arent u

yeah nice try nsa alright, ur probably getting recorded through all those non-free blobs and firmware patches riddled inside that mess u cuck

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