Iphone telugu meltdown

the thing is even crashing chrome in osx

my question is: is that a dick in an ass?

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it doesn't work though

>the thing is even crashing chrome in osx
how is this a surprise? all iOS browsers are essentially Safari wrappers

gimme da link, ive fagbook with osx

iToddlers will defend this.

just send yourself an email with the telugu character
if you put the cursor over the character, chrome crashes
it appears in the video


>if you put the cursor over the character
>not making the character size 300 font and sending it to everyone

holy shit that crashed my firefox on win7 lmao

enjoy yourselves

జ్ఞ ా
జ్ఞ ా
జ్ఞ ా

It just freezes for 3 seconds for me.
If received in iMessages, the entire iPhone locks up and has to be hard reset, and it's impossible to open iMessages without locking up again.


post results, plox

Pajeets who are lurking, how do you pronounce this terrorist spaghetti?

mass psychology is so damn interesting.
every stupid piece of shit is sending this fugly character around, so predictable.
too bad I'm too lazy to read books and reading is for faggot anyway.


>the pajeet master plan

cursed image

This is a pretty average level of stupidity though. Not that it isn't sad, but you'd expect this anywhere on pleb networks.

>Indian languages are so shit that OS and browsers neglect to render them

That video is everything wrong with "tech" reporting. Holy shit it's retarded.

No, Apple just fucked up again, as so many times before. They make simpler shit than the competition and still fuck up.

Works fine on Android, Linux, Windows and surely whatever else can use and render the whole unicode range.

Chrome in OS X is not a Safari wrapper. OS X is not iOS.

Nothing happens? Sad!

>try to get rid of poofags
>hurRRR apple sux
is this the power of Cred Forums

Why does Apple always have the weirdest bugs?

Like alarms not working on specific days, or calculators not being able to do certain simple additions.
Why this specific character when all other Unicode characters work perfectly fine?

I get the feeling some people at Apple insert these bugs on purpose for whatever reason.

why on earth would they implement something this obscure on purpose?
this is the same as that "effective power" bug that crashed iPhones because of the dropdown menu being unable render a certain arabic text combination. i'm curious as to why this is happening again

The sperm flows up the anus, up until behind the eyes, where it blurs the vision of the Apple employee. This allows typos to happen in the codebase.


Also worked over the network.

>why on earth would they implement something this obscure on purpose?

I can think of a few reasons:
- "fuck you" from some unhappy employee
- side effect of some backdoor mechanism
- twisted marketing stunt (all publicity is good publicity)
- even more twisted marketing stunt ("look! electronics are super scary! be glad you use Apple, if this happens on a good device God knows what terrifying stuff happens on non-premium systems")

My point is: these type of bugs don't happen because of some typo or small mistake.

it's not like they write:
>if (char === 'A') { donotcrash(); }
>if (char === 'B') { donotcrash(); }
>if (char === '&') { donotcrash(); }
>if (char === 'ﺏ') { donotcrash(); }
>if (char === 'జ్') { crash(); }
>if (char === 'j') { donotcrash(); }
>if (char === ' ా') { donotcrash(); }

>it's not like they write:
You can't know that because you don't have access to the source code.

Install gentoo

Imagine the character trending on twitter worldwide

I somehow got added to a whatsapp group chat with this symbol by a unknown person. I'm really curious how they managed to get my number