Why aren't horizonal cases a thing anymore?

Why aren't horizonal cases a thing anymore?

Where would you put it, you fucking asshole?

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because horizontal space costs money and the boomers inlfated the price to the point where every square cm is worth its size in gold

t. redditor who has his computer on the desk right beside his starwars wallpapered monitors

>take verticle case
>put horizontal
Wow woow what am I going to jail?

I have one

fucking boomers

waste of space

In your female progenitor's sexual organ, there's room for a few of those, of course.

if we're talking about non-stackable horizontal cases, why the fuck would nayone get one
>need to expand on hardware
>better clear more floor space
whereas with vertical cases,
>need to expand on hardware
>put it anywhere

I had the Thermaltake P5. I thought it was cool and I had it up on my wall, but then I realized how annoying it was to do anything I/O related. Then I went with the NZXT S340 and I thought I liked it, but then I realized I needed more storage bays.

Life is hard.

can you justify spending more than $20 on a horizontal case

You can just put them on top of each other
Unlike vertical towers

have you never seen a vertical box


Less efficient air flow for cooling

What about suspending it from the ceiling?

It looks so much better

Oh no, muh 3 degrees difference

>making your hard disks spin horizontally
Fucking retard.

They only existed to begin with to provide a platform and allow a large monitor and computer to exist in the same space.

Now we haven't used CRTs in the mainstream in over a decade, and the form factor has absolutely no other advantages. It takes up more desk space, it's harder to open it when you need to, it limits the number of horizontal external drive/disk bays, the list goes on. There's literally no advantage to having a horizontal case in 2018 unless you are still using a CRT, in which case you probably either care enough to have a bigger desk or don't care to the point that you can just flip your minitower case on its side.

You might as well go to the kitchen and chop off two fingers from each hand right now. Why do you need five fingers? You don't, three is enough. Don't even reply unless you're gonna post a timestamped pic of your fingerless hands.

Are you a time traveler from 1988?

>It takes up more desk space
You can stack them

>it's harder to open it when you need to
Literally the opposite, they are way easier to replace parts and fiddle with

Having to take the monitor off of the case to do anything every time you need to would be a pain in the ass.

Why would you put the monitor on top?

Of a horizontal case? Because there's only so much desk space available.

Then get a better desk that isnt a repurposed table.

And clean it off.

People do not actually put their desktops on their desks anymore.

In reality, I would if I could had I not bought a full tower like a dork. Carpet + computer = dust collector.

They are, you're a just a retard. Take a look in to anything rack mountable. Unless its a blade system, it will be horizontal. Even then, SuperMicro makes plenty of horizontal blades for their various Twin systems.

Have you ever even worked on a desktop system before, or are you just a teenager lamenting the death of an era you don't remember? They're no different from minitowers internally, just with re-oriented branding, labels and often horizontal 5.25''/3.5'' bays that are far more difficult to service than an equivalent minitower from the same OEM. And if you actually use them as they were intended to be used, opening them up usually involves having to move your monitor and other peripherals off of the top to access the internals.

There's nothing stopping you from stacking minitowers, either, and if you're stacking systems to the point that you feel you need a specific case type to accommodate that, you should be using a rack like everyone else who isn't blinded by nostalgia.

turn your case on its side
place pads on the side touching the ground
remove feet
remove or cover wrong way branding
you now have a horizontal cose

>opening them up usually involves having to move your monitor and other peripherals off of the top to access the internals.
You are either underage or retarded

>actually wasting desk space with a horizontally oriented case and putting nothing on top of it
so this is the power of 90s kids

Are you projecting, or are you just a fucking idiot that doesn't understand why desktop cases exist?

>muh space
>Not owning an entire floor for your shit
Underage retard

You wish you could project, but you can't even afford the space for it

>tfw two rooms, a garage and two outbuildings dedicated to my tech
Aww, mommy bought you the BIG desk from IKEA for your battlestation? I'm sure you're real proud of it.

As soon as you branch out into something other than staring at a screen at your workspace you'll probably find that wasting a good 2x2ft block of it with some bulk-ass piece of shit desktop with sub-par internal layout will be quite counter-productive.