"Nvm fixed it"

>"Nvm fixed it"
>Last post was 3 years ago

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based friendposter

>literally the only fix is to disable PhysX in the settings and in driver settings, devs never bothered with a real patch
>AMD GPU has no fix

>"Locked, use Google"
>Found the thread on Google and it's the only relevant result when you search for the problem
You really have to be a special kind of fucktard to want to become a forum moderator

Make a thread requesting to unlock that thread

ITT Linux community

this feels like my entire life

how did you know im a linux sysadmin?

>Google only findss solution to the outdated software version, which don't work on the newer releases.

>have you tried defragging your HDD?
this has never solved anything ever

We've all had the experience of trying to install wireless drivers on Linux at one point in our lives.

Then we grew up and went back to Windows and got on with our lives.

Is doing that even remotely useful nowadays?

>Forum "admin" recommends error scanning your HDD

Defragmentation is a meme unless you are still using any Windows 9x or 2000 in [current year].

>are you sure your graphics driver is installed
of course it is
>double check and I had forgotten to install it but couldn't tell because shitty laptop with shit resolution anyway

>"If you can't use the search function to find threads on this topic then you have no purpose being here"
>"thread locked"
The cycle repeats itself with these oblivious forum moderators, user.

>you must register to use search function
>you must wait for an admin to approve your registration
>you need 50 forum posts and 5 rep points to use the search function

fixed my windows install after copying a massive file between drives corrupted the file system. i was surprised as anyone that it worked

>Answer lies on the 156th page of a 500 page forum thread dealing with an issue really only identifiable with two characters and a common word.

>You must be registered to view links
>You must be registered to download files
>You must be registered to view images
>An administrator or moderator must confirm your registration
>Please use the search function
>Don't necro threads

this is why I stopped using lunux as a desktop OS. I now have windows 10 as my main OS without whole disk encryption or anything fancy. I do all my development in ubuntu VMs whose state is archived and mirrored to redundant SSD drives and SATAs for longer-term storage. If I ever fuck up the lunux install I just revert to an old copy. It saves having to read shitty piss poor documentation and adds years back to my life span

>It saves having to read shitty piss poor documentation and adds years back to my life span

>Nvm, I restart and everything works fine now

>[software] doesn't work
>have you tried executing it as administrator?

>link to the patch/fix
>only registered users can see the link
>link dead


>Cant create thread until you get X forum points
>Post shit until get points
>Create thread
>lol use the search function
>use the search function
>lol don't necropost

fuck forum mods

Why was necroing considered a bad thing to begin with anyway?

>Never receives confirmation email
>must stalk mods and pm one of them on irc to get your account activated

>"here's a link to the solution"
>dipshit forum board software truncated the link to have ellipsis in the middle of the URL and cut out the middle, rendering it broken and useless

>"Thank you for contacting Microsoft Help Center. I looked into the issue you are having. Have you tried *something not even remotely related to the issue*?"
>Rajesh Kumar
>Microsoft Team
Seriously, I have never in my life for d useful information on those Microsoft forums.

>have you:
>updated drivers
>defrag/error check
No that doesn't work for me

>The only solution now is to reinstall your computer
>reinstall you computer

Why are forum admins such morons?

most of the time it's literally some dumb fuck who never realized the thread died years ago and they are tacking on a long dead discussion with a reply that added literally nothing of value.

of course if it was something important or relevant then no one would mind a necro bump

>Have you tried rebooting your computer? Yes? Next step is to reformat and reinstall your PC, go fuck yourself

>only download link on Google is broken
>find a forum linking to a mirror
>"you must register to view links"
>jump through 70,000 hoops and finally click on the link
>takes you straight to the broken link on Google
I don't know why I even bother anymore

uploaded the fix for you

>uploaded that fix for you
>please wait 60 seconds to begin your download
>12 kb/s

>please wait 60 seconds
>takes 10 second to load the page before the counter starts counting
>1 "second" is slower than IRL seconds
>if you click bring forward another window/tab, the counter stops

>finally download it after wasting ten minutes of your life
>it tries to connect to some server the guy who wrote it was maintaining but is now defunct
>doesn't work without it

>You have to register to read threads
>Moderator have to approve your registration
>Forum has been dead since 2012

stupid spardo rip off poster

>Please use the search function
>Write that I have similar issue, but minor difference, fix did not work for me
>Don't necro threads, you have been warned

>using slogans with gay quotes on forums


try rebooting lol

"You make more out of life by trying harder!" - random guy

>trying to run a game on a shitty mid range 2011 hp laptop
>BSOD's almost immediately
>critical structure corruption error
>google it and click on first article
>3 out of 5 solutions given involve installing freeware
>4th solution the article gives is to install a bunch of programs that are totally unrelated to the problem

How many retards do you think actually fall for this shit and end up installing dvd burning software and android emulators in an attempt to fix their BSOD?

wrong pic


Is there a forum more useless than this?

>Have a program / thing not working
>Find some completely stupid idea someone posts on forum
>Its something unbelievable like turning mouse pointer speed up one
>it actually fixes it

I remember once I had a problem and some guy on a forum said he also had it and fixed it by disabling the DVD drive in the BIOS. Off course I thought that was bullshit but was so desperate that I gave it a try. It fucking worked.

you're on it right now

Nvm fixed it. PM`ed you the answer. 6 years ago. Consider hacking the forum to see the PM.

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