Traveling across borders for a trip

Traveling across borders for a trip.
Planning to do a nandroid backup and upload it to pull it back once landed. Anyway to image a whole android phone into something like an iso?
Also general INFOSEC thread.

Have a bump, I'm quite interested in the general topic

Whoever uses these devices is just dumb. Like really. Everybody is like, wow that so much Sci-fi - and I am like, no fucking way, we still haven't left that odd stage that was theme in TNGS01E25.

Why not just do a backup via recovery?

TNGS01E26 Neutral Zone

Using lineage microg
So no google services installed

Check out defcon 18 talk by moxie marlinespike.
Gives insight on "freedom of choice" in tech

If you're really paranoid just use an old Nokia
If you use a smartphone with full-blown paranoid schizophrenia you're just stupid

No I mean why not just go to twrp or cwm and press the backup button?

Pretty sure it'll even let you backup your files too.

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It doesn't have to be stored on device, but I just discovered I'm talking to an idiot so never mind.

That's called a nandroid backup, which is what I'm essentially planning to already. But looking for other ideas while I'm at it.

Saw this long ago. Well good time to hack down this society.

kys soyboy

Jesus Christ guys, we're talking about international infosec and you guys are shitposting

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What are you? Fucking 12 years old? GTFO

The logical conclusion of that line of thinking usually brings people to shoot up schools and off themselves, not my business but I'd thread lightly

literally nothing wrong with that

>wow that so much Sci-fi
They don't do anything. My in-laws got one and love it for some reason.
>it'll tell you the weather tomorrow!
>it can play a small selection of music for free (larger selection requires additional payments)
>it can tell you how old celebrities are!
>it can tell one of a dozen unique jokes!
I don't know how we lived without it

If you have a custom recovery, all you have to do is hit the backup button and then move the backup folder to your computer or cloud.

That's the plan, the problem is that the backups are stored in .ab format which is basically a zip file w/ folders and instructions on where to copy paste the folders back into a new install.
I'm looking for a .IMG like backup if its even possibly with android

Yeah, I don't know that I've ever seen or heard about that.