Should I learn Haskell or Rust?

Should I learn Haskell or Rust?

You could also learn something that you're gonna use in your lifetime, like ARM assembly


Java && c++ my nia


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Reminder that the right side is fake news - the (((alt right))) thrives on generated butthurt the exact same way leftists do.


haskell : Cred Forums
rust : tumblr
java/c# : reddit

>t. enlightened centrist

Rust, it has superior type system and runs faster.

As a Jew I'm fine with the alt-right. They will never get actual political power but can help turn the Overton window further to the right.

Haskell isn't just a meme, it will change the way you think about programming and it will make you better at other programming languages, I promise you. Rust will just turn you into a faggot.

Haskell is way more fun but much less useful.

I don't really care, we need them to balance out the left side fake news. The universe needs balance, otherwise it will descend into chaos.

why not both?

I hate people hating centrists more than I hate commies, and that's saying a lot
t. Ancap

Hate both the Muslims and Jews?!

Oy vey kaffir you have to pick a side!

what even constitutes a """""""""centrist"""""""

good thread

Rust doesn't even have GADTs or rank-2 types.
They both have Hindley-Milner type systems but Haskell's is much more advanced.

What is really innovative about Rust is the lifetime system.

aww, did your other mspaint comic stop getting as many upvotes?

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

- Matthew 12:30

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I don't understand this argument, are you trying to white-wash the facts that are presented before you? Ad hominem attacks only go as far until it punches you directly right in your face.

neither, go for Nim, compiles to optimized C, you're welcome

Believing that neither right wing nor left wing views alone can solve a problem, not anarchy or authoritarianism, but a combination of all 4
Pic related is one, for sure

>fight lies with lies
How about you fight lies by presenting truth?
Taking Cred Forums for political activists, they don't give a shit. There was that old 'right wing terror is more common than Islamic terrorism' headline (or something along those lines that'd been around in many iterations.
I decided to 'investigate' that. All it took was to download the statistical basis for the claim to see that the actual problem is the relative success the right wing terror has in contrast to the vast amount of attempts of Islamic terror actually makes them overrepresented in outcomes.
But the far more interesting question then is why counter terror is so effective against Islamic terror and what can be done.

Nobody bothered with that 5 minute examination of the data. That's all you fucking need if they're lying. There were all kinds of ridiculous explanations for it in the thread wild speculation while they could have made some actual points. I even checked for similar threads in the archive and they're all like that.

But this is fucking Cred Forums. This has NOTHING to do with tech.
Go back to Cred Forums. Because right now you're just a pest on Cred Forums which doesn't even care for the causes you pretend to support. More despicable than actual nazis.

>How about you fight lies by presenting truth?
What is Truth?

>compiles to optimized C
Fuck that. Why not just translate it to obvious C and not make the compilers job harder by having an optimization pass for the translation output?

If you actually read any more of his post perhaps youd understand, but keep on reading headlines

Why do you hate the White race so much?

I've seen some proposal about adding linear types to Haskell. That's the essence of Rust's lifetime system, right? I don't really know that stuff.

Rust is actually useful (relative to Haskell) so of the two I would go with that.

Rust has affine types which are similar to linear types. They pretty much mean that a value must/can be used only once. But I don't think requires a lifetime system for Haskell since Haskell is garbage collected. Lifetimes are used in conjunction with RAII and static allocation.

>Haskell isn't just a meme, it will change the way you think about programming and it will make you better at other programming languages, I promise you.

That's questionable, and shows a somewhat narrow outlook of what programming is. Sure, more robust abstractions can very succinctly express complex action, and things like user-designed flow control mechanisms can be useful in some corner cases.

However, many if not most of these capabilities come at some actual runtime cost without requiring the user to understand those costs whatsoever. For every person who wants to do some fancy sort of data transformation, you have systems programmers who need to understand how PL-level mechanisms actually get reflected in memory layouts and execution flow.

Whenever I see languages with first order closures and functional purity, I see the costs in how spaghetti stacks and GC implementations that must follow. That's not to say that there aren't other features I envy occasionally, but the costs make these sorts of languages complete non-starters in quite a few domains.

>Cred Forums is the slowest of them all