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This thread is about the appreciation of chronograph horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

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Well the day wheel no longer turns manually, the date still does. I have those parts, the chrono buttons still work so Hopefully I wont get worked over so badly.

Anyone know any reputable repairmen in burgerland?

Yeah I know, I know, but I regularly take the shit I get for defending them even though I'd never buy one of their watches because they have pursued a product rather than totally marketing driven direction, and I think they should be lauded for actually investing in watchmaking instead of just more and better marketing.

I really agree. I respect their movement designs and their movement finishing but they need more diversity in designs and they need to upgrade their external finishing.

Anything new in your collection this week /wt/?

>Well the day wheel no longer turns manually, the date still does.
Did you try to quick-set the date between 9pm and 3am? That's usually what causes that issue.

Pre ceramic PO 42mm on the way. I decided on that even though some here suggested a Pelagos. It was almost $1000 more than I wanted to spend for my every day.

No it's kinda hard to do that on the 4.5 becuase if has a 24 hour sub dial. I have the lever and the gear forthe day date wheel in the part bin I have.

WTC F-14

Post box. Pls no bully.

Huh, strange coincidence then, as that's usually what causes that exact issue, specifically on the day wheel but not the date wheel.

Anyway, in general I wouldn't assume that the quick-set mechanical is fucked or that you will necessarily need replacement parts as when this issue occurs due to advancing the quick set between 9pm and 3am, it's usually just a gear in the mechanism that slips it's teeth and disengages, so it can usually be fixed by a watchmaker by simply re-meshing the appropriate gears with no parts needed.

I would suggest asking on the vintage Omega forum for any independent watchmaker recommendations in your area. Or move to Southern Ontario kek.

Oris still has some nice things going.

all shitters

ty senpai

The box costs more than the watches

Happy to help a fellow 176.0012 owner.


How should I send payment for your watches?

Real quick, have you managed to get a nato on it? I feel like the natos I have are too thick and would probably pop the spring bars off with the tolerances.

wtf were you thinking ?
>2 fossils
Both of them are garbage.
Only one or two is allowed.
Shit case, shit bezel, dial is alright.

Left to right top to bottom
>not terrible
>shitty Casio beater
>shitty Casio beater
>shitty Casio beater
>shitty beater diver
>shitty Casio beater
>shitty Casio beater
>shitty Casio beater

Good evening wt

Grandpa and his kot

Unless you want one or more of my G-Shock 5610s, nowhere. The Presmatic is going to movement collector user and the rest aren't for sale.

Natos work fine so long as you put the strap against the case where you want it and put the spring bars in after, like on an LCD Casio.

Cool, thanks senpai. 20mm or 22? I know the lug to width is 22.


So I guess this is probably going back

22mm natos work fine. Old pic related.

I hope that it's magnetized or something, otherwise I'd be a little concerned about what that watchmaker did to it...

ty again

He only accepts hamburgers.

Easy now...the man has good taste in watches, and probably is a good baker...

Cheeseburgers, Mr. Lahey

I suspect he was just careless. I don't think I'll be bringing any additional work to him at this point that I care about.

Why don't you try actually posting watches and contributing to these threads instead of uselessly trolling and shitposting?

That's too bad. Reliable watchmakers are getting harder and harder to find.

At least he only charged 125 for the service, instead of the 300-400 I would have paid back in NYC

Is that the sign of water damage on the dial ?