You can only post in this thread if your nose in thinner than 2.5 cm

You can only post in this thread if your nose in thinner than 2.5 cm.

Niggers and chinkies need not apply.

As an Arab I'd say we have the longest noses out of anyone, tied with Jews and Eastern Europeans

Most Finns have wide monkey noses. You know what I mean if you Google Timo Soini.
From the front, not the side.

wew its like 4 cm

Le monke.

Yes, but I don't grow disgusting hair all over my body. Who's the monkey now?

how you measure it?

Why won't you shut the fuck up for a change, you dirty mongoloid? You post your stupid gibberish under every thread. You are not appreciated here, fuck off.

What exactly is the point of that trait anyways? Does it somehow help in warmer climates or something?

It's fairly simple. The bigger the nostrils, the better you are at inhaling hot air. A good trait to have in warm climates.
Very similarly, this is why whites are the hairiest of all people on Earth. It helps keeping you warm. A trait good to have in cold climates.


How? Get out of my Sweden.

what the fuck? north eurpos are notorious for being hairless twinks, whilst greeks and italians are hairy generally. same with turks. absolute pseudoscience. explain why middle eastern people are also generally hairier when they live in like deserts

she is cute

>explain why middle eastern people are also generally hairier when they live in like deserts


North Europeans are hairier, the hairs just aren't black so you don't see them from a mile away.

I've never seen a Med with as much body hair as me.

>north eurpos are notorious for being hairless twinks
Did you invent this notoriety yourself? Fucking LOL

>Niggers and chinkies need not apply.

wtf mongolian bro why you hate your kins and niggas


explain why arabs are hairier than euros. don't even try to front m8. they are hairier than you
then why are black people less hairy. I thought they had lots of testosterone

But it's actually true, a lot of Swedes are getting bald, that's in my experience.
2cm nose ITT.

their testosterone went into their skin

I'm not really sure they are. Some Mediterranean Arabs maybe.

I fought we are brothers fingolians.

How do you measure it?
I dont have hitler apparatus here

No Scandinavians are quite hairy but they're pale and blonde so it's just not as visible
You always see Nordic guys with beards

>Niggers and chinkies need not apply
Fuck u why is Finland so rude

Is my nose wide african nose?
Dr.Hitler Mengele could you please classify my nose

He is self-loathing

>being this buttblasted
Kys noob

damn dude if i was like gay then i'd definitely do you if you know what i mean m8

>posting 喬喬

>that roman empire

Most native Finns have ugly wide le monke noses.
Just stick a ruler below your nose.
Well it's on the lower end of thinness for a mongol but it's no surprise wider than the cutoff point I set.

why do you even care with such GREAT MUSTACHE?

At what pointof the nose? Be specific sprudo.

That's not how it works.

How do people with flat wide noses pinch their noses if they don't want to smell something? Do they press their nose with their palm?

The lowest and widest point, measured from below the nose.

>tfw my nose is bird beak thin

I have a nigger nose but my dick is big too so maybe it's not that bad.

An that's the point of this thread -_-

Would you rather have this beauty?