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some of you men have lost your ways, educate yourself, become more manly, set more of a masculine presence.


GIANT chebs

Hope you lads are all getting ready to go out? Hope you aren't planning to spend a Saturday evening on the internet.

Opinions on this series?


1. stop reading blogs with cringey names like "average2alpha"

have you fucked any chinese qts there?


British cuisine

>dem chebs

Uganda be kidding me!

Why is this so comfy?

might be going for a drink with my gf but im not really feeling like it. bit cold out

What's the deal with Jewish women having gigantic breasts?

what are you doin in uganda

>tfw your Leaves SIM is out of data and you can't top it up because the local Sharia police will force you to go to Saturday prayers

Could deck every single one of you cunts in under a minute,especially that german cunt

>tfw every alpha successful Canadian moves to the US

stop spoiling it in the comment you useless spacker



>heard it's grim up north and ting

Need to go get my mail but my hair is still wet :-/ don't want to run into anyone when my hair is still wet


was counting on you

hahahaha course not
*decks you*

fuck off yank

wear your MAGA hat

Lukaku is going to fucking deck Barkley if he refuses to pass to him again

neck yourself you fat shit

Hey Gav, I know you browse this board. You coming out tonight?

literally me

fuck off mercenary lad

>he didn't pick maoam pinballs

It's almost as if you don't like blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Really would like my willy lovingly sucked

What word would you use in that context

yeah mate see u at da spot x

ngl lads if I were drunk and horny enough I *would* suck on a big, meaty cock


bit gay

that's why you gay

I don't need alcohol to have a good time. I'm drunk on life xxx

rather homosexual

If you need to follow a guide to be more manly, you have already failed. You will never have a shred of masculinity.

Would knock him out no problem


*pours you a drink*

Everton are quite good now lol

ffs lads someone shared an embarrassing video of me from 3 years ago (one of those 'this happened exactly 3 years ago today' memories) and it's garnered 18 likes ffs



*welcomes refugees*

not gay, penises are just aesthetic and I reckon having a really nice, big juicy cock down your throat would be pretty satisfying

haha wahey

if cocaine were legal i'd probably do it all the time tbqh

What did you do that's so popular when you were just 12?

*kicks refugees out*

*saves the lives of the so-called mandem*


why yes, I do want brain haemorrage, internal bleeding and stroke

you gay as fuck nigga, even girls don't like sucking penises

Enjoy your heart attack

>not gay, penises are just aesthetic and I reckon having a really nice, big juicy cock down your throat would be pretty satisfying
>not gay, penises are just aesthetic and I reckon having a really nice, big juicy cock down your throat would be pretty satisfying

they do, my gf loves my cock in her mouth - as should all right minded people desu

reminder all of Europe looks like this...

meanwhile northerners and southerners argue who has less industrial estates......

What's gay about sucking a bro off?


>when you find a shop that sells quality onion rings

Willies are much nicer than vaginas. This isn't even up for debate.

Housemate is turning into a rorke

How do I save him lads?

Hello, Anybody there? Hello? Hello?

*cuts through the vines and sees /brit/*

Mandem posting seems to have declined - have they all been killed despite requests to stop?

People are always saying to me
>"I want to go back and read my favourite Poleaboo story arcs but the sit is just soooo hard to navigate!"

I listened and then I responded with my new menu system, every arc, split up into a nice neat separate category


We're current on the "return to university arc"


business idea:
red onion rings

Not even gay and I agree


Honestly though, sex with a man doesn't make you gay. I'd have sex with a man but I've never been in love with a guy like I've been with a girl.


>sex with a man doesn't make you gay






Classic FM just started playing the plane scene soundtrack from TDKR

uncontrollably howling rn

>/black gf 2016-2016/

what the hell did sadacks like us do before the internet?

ah yes. britan

You should see the back of all those houses though

penises are so aesthetic !!!!
my new shoes are so aesthetic !!!
the bag i bought on asos is soooo aesthetic too!!!!! just like the jacket i bought on mrporter !!!!!!!
my music is even aesthetic !!!!!!!!!! ahhaha its even a e s t h e t i c hahahaha i love this word hahahahahahaha

amazing that nobody died in this crash

my bollocks on the left

Belgium is not a Country and should be split between the Netherlands and France tbqh


Ham radio

It's much better to become a girl than to become a 6'5 heeming shithouse.
It improves your mental state, reduces your aggression, and makes you live longer.

gav isn't a fucking nigger from east london

frogs are the worse posters on this board



Greater London


Germany is not a country and should be glassed.


Her dad is a fucking tranny who used to have a BBC show:


hey are you the same French lad who told me off for using the word aesthetic like a week ago?

idea: we all respond to this post with weed-related responses because he accidentally said 'weed'

haha whoopsie daisy

>5. Stop watching porn.
Go get a real woman, treat her well and with respect, and poke all you want.

what an aesthetic post

Just had a restorante frozen pizza


Northern Ireland should be Anschluss'd by Ireland

stop shilling your shit thread

calling yourself alpha is a surefire way to look like a beta

friends made fun of me for saying Junkers wanted to make a superstate out of the EU

now whose laughing wankers


Seriously though, what did he mean by this?

>mathilde nusbacher

Ah, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

JFs OUT. Wogs OUT. Pakis OUT. Germans OUT.


ah yes, London

wan't anschluss a referendum though? no way they would agree to that

>we elect government so we don't have to make any decisions for ourselves
>the EU is too complicated for people to vote on.

ah yes


Victor by a narrow yet still heavily unexpected margin.

grossly illegal

would go on and sue them when I get kicked out because of my sex.

>are you trans?
>yes, im transitioning from thirsty to quenched with this cofee im about to drink

rate my joke


Not London, because gender based discrimination is illegal in the UK.

Someone should dress in really shitty womans clothes,talk in a high pitched voice,and visit just to piss them off
Just manipulate it,like Russia did with their Crimea "Referendum"


"Yeah I'm a t-girl, now get me my tea, girl"
rate mine

dzień dobry britbongs, how are you?


anyone watch question time on thursday?

labour party can't even sit next to each other without arguing KEK

fucks sake lads

pakis won

He's leaving Europe? Any should be MrShartit if he is going to stay with the times.


>finnish OP
are you of the retard variety pal


nothing against benders nd lesbians tbH they do their things but honestly trans are fucking disgusting. and am not talking about drag queens (which is an interesting subculture) but legit trans need to be purged)

knob is a bit whiffy lads

what did she mean by this

oh fuck nvm i linked the wrong thing


>which is an interesting subculture



if only you knew mate

have a word with yourself

getting my daily dose of the young turks and the young turks

you never replied to me you little nigger

business idea:
deep fried lime rind

/brit/ more like /littleengland/

call me a paki and vindicate this post

afghans are literally whiter than celtics


Brother just got back from Japan and brought me back a nice gift. Lol he's 6 foot 4 and ginger too he said japs kept taking photos of him in the street

Statistically, a Londoner posted this

need a bradders gf


bit excited for The Grand Tour

Im mostly celtic and pale as tfuck

*flips off the Pole*

doesn't get much runtier than this

he couldn't resist

I bet it's shit.

Watching Kingdom of Heaven lads

>tfw you'll never go on a crusade with God at your side

they only look good on the internet


ah yes, london 'women'

hello scotland

why didn't you vote to leave the UK if you didnt want to leave europe

hope it isn't

britain before WW2

>City: Bradford, UK
>Ethnicity: Caucasian

Why don't they have that Arab look to them?

this is true honestly
I remember seeing trannies at uni and they were all painfully obvious and uggo

>well it's saturday user, have you got any plans for tonight? :)
how do you respond

London always wins baby :^)

those are a small minority

the rest of afghans look like brown chinese

show girlcock

they're more close to ouzbekistan than saudi arabia

saw one on the subway and it gave me the chills. how could you make a choice like this


Yeah, you gonna try and make me cancel them?

white power! white power!

meant to be going to a pretty good techno night tonight but i also have to be up early to do errands so i duno what to do.

>tfw going to Tokyo soon
>tfw unironically 6'5 and built like a brick shithouse

can't wait


apart from when voting to stay in the european union of course

The DC version?

really makes the noggin wonder

Pretty good circumcision although head is a bit dry

You wake up in the Barbican tower

dunno, it's 3 hours long

undergoing a phase transition from unaroused to aroused

idk they seem mentally unstable, that and they let sexual fetishes control their entire lives which is very bad.

really I don;t understand why people take their sexual tastes SO far now where its their entire identity.

I would love to smack all of you across the face.

ah yes the actions of others do not affect me

truly the power of the nigger brain

>I'm so fit I'm going to buy a fucking expensive out the arse camera just so i can take pictures of myself in good as fuck quality
why do all pretty girls do this

saw a clip on CNN the other day of some kids in Alleppo playing in a park during the ceasefire and half of them looked passably white

they must get swarthier during puberty or something

*taps your arse*

>me and the wife's daughter

like guns?

oh oh oh gee, that's very nice, oh what is this, some kind of magic act?


I bet a frenchman made that post

literally £2 million per flat

still haven't held her hand

>gendering Xir

yes please

You'd break your hand



really makes you think....



like the lad I saw had long unkempt hair (with a advanced shit hairline despite his hairs being very long)
he had also a lot of pilosity and it was really thick. the arms on his hairs looked like a beard. and it was shaven so basically the black thing coming out were really thick and rigid. his hands were big and manly as shit. was so weird. Honestly I don't judge anyone you feel I live my life and go on with my day but some stuff is just too disturbing

Imagine going to a night club dressed like this

lads have you ever noticed that if you post in the old thread after the new one is made the old one doesn't bump up the catalog?

why are they all squinting

I have plenty of hobbies, I love running, going out on walks, going to clubs on a weekend with friends, reading..etc
My goal in life is to become a make up artist for a tv studio, weather its doing drama or standard news tv. I am attending college this year doing beauty therapy level 2 and next year I'll be doing hair and media makeup level 3.



camera flash?

the men who write these things have felt your pain, listen to them, they know best.

redpill on reddit is good for this as well.

don't fall, they crash around me.

porn is an addiction, it plagues our mind, life without sex is a life we start dedicating to ourselves.

i don't call myself alpha or beta

i just identify alpha and beta traits.

it's called being drunk


makes you look like a sxc model I assume

I do a line of coke to get myself going


I remember at my uni there was one in one of my classes who was really bad

looked like he barely tried, he had obvious stubble and messy hair, looked like a tall lanky lad with lumpy tits and bad fashion sense

imagine typing this post

wish I looked like the one in the middle

>goes to tokyo
>gets you something you could've got in a corner shop

ah yes, very impressive.

>go to Finland
>can't tell if everyone's squinting because they've been on the vodka since early morning breakfast or if it's the mongol genes

imagine responding to it

its an American

i was talking about the blog, now you, but you're also beta

Sick of this warm weather lads.

The leading horse is white
The second horse is red
The third one is a black
The last one is a green.


like looking into a mirror

why so slow


>movie about some slacker
>finally decides to get a job
>cut to scene of him in an inexplicably cushy office job despite no qualifications or prior work experience of any sort

I hope you NEETs don't actually think this happens irl


imagine being french

from le beta country xd

get fucked scotland, can't stand you cunts moaning about nice weather

It used to ~20 years ago

nowadays you need a PHD and 5 years of experience working with customers to do a shitty 14,000 data entry job

that looks not different to anywhere else

happened to me

have you noticed how retards and JFs speak a similar level of english


cats bloody obsessed with my room today

has been in here more than she's been outside


watching Lindybeige tbqh lads

punt the little shit out the window

Imagine being a football fan

I am also an avid vaper (not a smoker anymore). Looking to date and see what happens. If you arn't hilarious and make me laugh and able to have a good chin wag you won't like me. Not a huge fan of health freaks who only eat pizza and cake once a month as a treat. If you dont like cats we will not get on and im not a fan of beards sorry.

retards are jfs ?

at least my life will never be as grim as yours.
31, overweight, living in one of the shittiest place in the west, virgin. and I won't talk about your family because I have some respect
If I would be you I would make myself very little

judging from my rejection letters, no

i'll punt you out the fucking window if you speak to me again like that


might move to japan to be with my own kind


*walks by*
*toes you in the balls*
*continues walking*

Stop banging on about your cat

>t. at least 5 terrorist attacks every year
really makes you think

its probably haunted. animals acting weird is pretty much always a guaranteed sign your house is haunted

Fear the Walking Dead is super cheesy 2bh

Its like the regular Walking Dead with shit acting

so apparently a "ripstart" is when you rip the anal beads out of a girls arse as fast and hard as you can,
often it's done just as she tightens the sphincter because she's cumming or something

can anyone confirm if this a real thing or even enjoyable??
sounds like it would hurt or maybe do damage

having a depressed wank over the oneitis' fb photos lads

send xanax

>rip the anal beads out of a girls arse as fast and hard as you can

Enjoy your explosion of blood and shit user

dunno lad

never even kisseda girl be4 haha

you sound like a 14 year old virgin

Like starting a lawnmower?


bit of sniff lad

>went to set up dating profile
>got to occupation part
>i'm a male nurse
>deleted profile

Made a bad career choice.

didn't make my life worse in any aspects you autistic memespouter

thinking ordering a pizza without the base, cheese or sauce

How is that possible?

So you just want a box of pepperoni slices?

Healthcare worker.

>Want unique multicultural societies
>Support mass immigration so that all the cultures get mixed those diluting the uniqueness


mate the IRA used to blow stuff up, shoot people, threaten, etc. on a weekly basis and no one cared, its only because now the news and web """"reporters"""" can jizz themselves with coverage on the internet its important. If this was 30 years ago no one would worry too much.

that and other toppings

really not enjoying my life

wish someone in my real life would wake me up, the lads are probably all gathered around my lifeless body watching on a 1230k super hd monitor laughing at me


by not kissing a girl



I'm glad it points at the shadow and crops in a bunch of laughing faces, I might not have gotten the joke otherwise.

don bluddy ignore me inih

point out where the IRA massacred 130 civilians in one go

But The Walking Dead is cheesy and has shit acting.


So imagine how awful this version is

fuck off bellsniff

just post the comic

>people actually support celtic when rangers exists

Boggles the mind.

imagine being a runt

fuck sake

i dont have to, it was 30 years of constant terror attacks. you trying to caveat me with your teenage attempts at logic doesnt work. you want to prove me wrong because it offends your belief system for you to be wrong. Going to eat me dinner now so suck me kid.


business idea: force all societies to erase their culture except your own (Judaism)

room is 25c and I'm fucking freezing

want summer to be back


absolute bellsniff

i mean the cartoon one of the old man in 2 versions of reality

Reckon when the zombies come I'll just kill my dad's friend and live in his panic room by myself creating a new generation of shitposts that nobody else will ever get to experience

Are you a literal camel or something

nothing wrong with being a nurse mat better than the NEET scum on here, RESPECT

>old poster

nice to see you lid

Toy Story makes me want to kill myself ;_;

neck yourself

autumn/winter a GOAT

every weekend i have at least 1 cry

3 minute plank last week, 4 minutes today

still a way behind my PB of 5:05

reckon i might neck myself in a minute


are you a girl?

you little bellsniff

>dead plants
>dead trees
>no nature at all
>cold as fuck
>grey, grim and cloudy

ahh yes autumn/winter

What the hell did I do to make this happen?

New Indian opened up here recently and they do £6 12-inch pizzas with 90p toppings
Might go all out

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkk ing hell i just stubbed my toe lads
really fucking hurts

regret nothing

He's French

Did 8 hours last night mate keep up

you fucked it, bellsniff

Cred Forums xtreme feature presumably

i thought the same

no but life is ruff

>Gets dark at 7
>The clocks go back
>Gets dark at 5/6

Ah yes, this will help my depression



pressed 'g'

Going University to do philosophy but have'nt written an essay in 3 years. Am i fucked?

stop fucking posting this shit you actual runt

did a plank for 15 months once

piece of piss

dafuq is this shit

Why would I ever want that to happen?

That's called a coma

*cracks you in the schnoz*

Filipino women are quite literally the worst of women. Every single negative trait that is associated with women comes included with one of those subhumans.

t. Have to deal with them quite often

Wish I'd taken more cock when I was younger and twinkier

Missed my train haha

someone hurry up with the (((new)))

don't put your clock back then


bellend stinks of skips

Just say you don't agree philosophically with the concept of written work and that you can recite all thoughts and theories orally.

They are Caucasian, so this makes sense.

where in england can i find a girl like this?

can't believe im going to age and turn old. don't want to have grey hairs and flabby skin fuck this

this place needs a fresh gimmick

caralad and FUCKING DOG didn't last


Why is grime so shitty @bongs

in case it's fappe thyme mate

>implying i can coherently recite my thoughts and theories orally



I know turkish places do pizzas, but if I feel like an 'Indian', I think of a korma or ... whatever the fuck else they do (basically same as chinese but with different sauces)

when did they start doing pizza? they'll be doing fucking burgers next

black people stopped making good music 30 years ago

Because blacks have contributed nothing to the world of any value

you asking that question only further erodes men's rights.

don't encourage him, see above.

kmt wetboi

I live in a popular tourist area

Spanish/Italian are the loudest, rudest, filthiest people on the planet. No respect for anyone else. Had to be forcefully removed once

post good arab music

A highschool I imagine

you're gonna SHUT DOWN if ya keep talking like that m8

elite opinion mate. another post of yours proving your extensive knowledge on things


I know it's weird but they're an Indian that does pizzas aswell, obviously they do curries and naans and that too
We've got a classic kebab shop already, maybe they're trying to compete

bet you're one of the mongs that pisses and moans about being too hot all summer




Doing the daily chin exercises

Haha they so crazy

>elite opinion mate. another post of yours proving your extensive knowledge on things

You are a bad person

>Not one reference to a lethal dose of morphine

What should I do with that?

Send it to me Timothy James Byrne in flat spracklen house Marlow SL72QH my rented flat since Jan 2013 and before

Save it for when you move here?

Trade it in for 100 zloty