What a creative bunch

what a creative bunch.

More creative than a fucking leaf

At least they didn't steal Peru's flag and put a leaf on it.

Cross stands for 1st world.
You do not have a cross, which makes Kanada 3rd world.

I like the detail that Finnish flag is little further away from other flags

This is objectively wrong tbqhwyf

it's called a squad, boi

wtf is that a leaf? let me remove that for you



Snowniggers get mad :DDDDDD

> havfe historical flag design coming back from centuries, which pertains to the region's culture

> a fucking leaf thinks he is in position to critizise

>Two fucking stars thinks he is in position to critizise


canada calling someone snownigger
okay then

>Canada called a snownigger snownigger

With the power level of our cross flags we'll save the world.

Fuck off to reddit

I designed this.

Haha no way lad. I saw some epic bants screenshot on /r/the_donald and now I'm hooked.

Everytime i see those british flags included in this pic i cringe a little

God doesn't want creativity, he wants you to worship him, heretic. You worship a fucking leaf?

10/10, brings out our Finnic heritage instead of pretending to be Scandicucks


Actually it's rune singers holding hands while singing.


That's actually pretty cute.

Wouldn't that closeness interfere with the regular grade Finnish autism?

It would but this is advanced autism. We didn't invent writing (or at least nothing survived the Swedish occupation), so all knowledge had to be formed into runes, memorized and then passed to your children generation after generation. Imagine that instead of reading The Lord of the Rings, someone told you the story and you had to remember all, so that your children could enjoy the same story years later. But that's not all! You would have to find a singing buddy to perform the rune.

What the fuck is that sliver of shit in the middle of england


Although, I guess that singing it into a fixed metric would help the meaning not change generation over generation, since shit still would have to fit the melody and metric of the thing.

As opposed to prose which is much more susceptible to change.

Do Candian priests worship a golden leaf?

i mean why wouldnt nordic nations share similarities in heritage/flag design

kinda like england/new zealand, australia

also canada with the flag removed is literally peru


The same runes vary a lot between regions. Researchers call them rune dialects or mythic dialects. Usually the main plot is roughly the same but details change and sometimes even the whole story. It's impossible to say, which runes are "canon" and which aren't. As singers got older and their memory worse, they started to improvise lines. And all knowledge wasn't even formed into runes. Traditions and customs were passed on by simply being taught to the next generation but after pagan traditions were banned, the knowledge vanished.

leaf removed*

this alcohol got me like



It shows who we are and how we differ. That we stand for different ideals but are of the same design. It shows who is kith and kin, and who is not.

It's also irrelevant. It's wrapping paper containing the best places the world has to offer.

Actually wrong