Do you really hate all of us Americans, Europeans?

Do you really hate all of us Americans, Europeans?

I like you guys.

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I hate youGlobalism is good bitch

Why do you dislike me?
I just want some Eurobros that's all.

americans are even more retarded than slavshits

>globalism is good
And that's why I hate you fuckin cunts. Hope Russia just nuke you one day.


Is this a defense mechanism? Do you activate it when you get nervous and/or flustered?

Can't wait till all of earth is united under America and english is the only language

Я нe eм кaбoб


Those runes are impractical for carving.


I am a Greek

t. Turk

I am a Greek not a turk

You are Turk on Hartz IV

You're not going to get an accurate reading on people who believe a bunch of memes.
The average Euro doesn't hate Americans, only ones who have trouble distinguishing between a government, and it's people do.
And French waiters.

I am a Greek and can't get h4

We love you, only ones who really hate you are Germs.

we Greeks hate america much more
dirty americans

You are disgusting tbqh

I would prefer that the world is united under Mandarin only so that it would piss you off.

people like about me that im cleaner than them

The writing system of Mandarin and other East Asian languages is far too byzantine for that to be feasible. That being said, Spanish has the second-most native speakers.

Because we are Europeans. We've hated one another for centuries. You think you get exempt just for being from another continent?

Japanese or go home baka.