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Why is it always America making great, innovative companies like that? Why are other parts of the world barely contributing towards progress?

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Elon Musk is the only person trying to save humanity and help us manifest our destiny in the stars.

I thought Intel was Israeli

Don't worry lad News Corp is Australian


make another season of danger 5 pls ;_;
that great aesthetic, humor, and literally every female character is 10/10

Then why all his rockets go explodey?


>that much exaggeration

Sundar Pachai
>Space X
Elon (((Musk)))
Jeff (((Bezos)))
Mark (((Shekleberg)))
Reed (((Hastings)))
Bill Gates aka the sephardic crap
Steve Jobs, another sephardic crap
Brian ((((Krzanich)))
Travis (((Kalanick)))
>Cred Forums
The only 'merican
70% of the most successful businesses are either jewish or asian

Gotta break a few eggs to make a space omelette

America is a melting pot ya dingus they're all American


I guess American Jews >>> Other Jews

This exactly

>Amazon,Google, Apple, Facebook... notorious tax evading companies
>encourage slavery works all over the world

American netouyo
Do you worship Trump?

Estonia made skype and FInland made linux iirc. That's about all I can think of when it comes to any technological innovation from Europe. Western Europe really needs to pull its weight imo. If tiny cunts like that are able to innovate what are UK, Italy, Spain, France, etc. doing with their big economies?


You can thank the British industrial designer Jonathan Ive for making them relevant.

> He oversees the Apple Industrial Design Group and also provides leadership and direction for Human Interface software teams across the company. Ive is the designer of many of Apple's products, including the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Apple Watch, and iOS.

america is a jewish corporation
we are living in a jewish world
it's their economy
their money
and they are stealing our best engineers, chemists and so on.

>and they are stealing our best engineers, chemists and so on.
It's not our fault people love america and want to become americans

and someone hates jewyork so much?

>muh elon musk
>muh dlc cars

>random fuck who makes products look nice

apple was way relevant in the 1980s building the first ever personal computer. its only resurged due to iphones/ipods/etc. but its been a lifelong pioneer.

a piece of shit company nonetheless.

everything but germany/scandinavian countries are useless. germany is still the industrial tech superpower, sweden comes out with spotify, soundcloud and all these random mechanical tech.

agreed though about the rest of europe, they are literally only making money off tourismbux from good eurocountries.

Stop downplaying Knight of the realm Sir Johnathan Ive, he does much more than make things look nice.

>innovating technology derived from westerner inventions

I prefer the Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organisation list which isn't out of date by 5 years..

Elon Musk isn't even American
Space X and Tesla are unprofitable shitshows anyway

>Elon Musk isn't even American
Yes he is, he's a citizen

>Germany, France, UK, even Swiss got much more Nobel Prizes than Japan after 2000

that's a big lie, hahahahahahaha!

Hey redneck sharter, tell me how many Nobel Prizes have been awarded in those western cunts since 2000

There are tons of other countries with innovations. You just don't hear about them cause they're often on the other side of the world.

UK is basically a big Manhattan. They create wealth, not products.

So countries on other side of the world don't hear of google, microsoft, apple, or facebook?

The UK has a world leading aerospace industry tbqh.

Most. Western countries revolutionize and countries like japan innovate western inventions. You don't get Nobel prizes for that.

Because we have these wonderful immigrants coming and making this country better.

but the dlc is free? All teslas made 2016+ will eventually be autonomous. ICE should die
t. oil shill

Google and Facebook are literally whos in China, and Apple is rapidly turning into a literally who. Uber tried to make a name for itself there and failed miserably.

>pay to unlock more battery volts

but the dlc is literally free are you retarded


land of the free home of the whopper and great americans like elon musk dog bless

Literally imitation

If you don't pay for it when you buy the car you're a dingus who should have to pay extra for it, capitalism in action good job elon

Maybe Jews should rule the world

All monopolies that are stifiling the industries.

I only respect SpaceX.

>"three separate occasions in the 20th-century where democracy would have fallen with World War I, World War II and the Cold War, if not for the United States"

why did you greentext that bro

>enda kenny

>pay 3,250 for 5Mh

It was a quote

> hungarian jews
> hungarian jew heritage
> they wouldn't be anywhere without Neumann(hungarian)
> literally hungarian(Andrew Grove)(Gròf Andràs)
And everything else you "invented" was from us, US.

yess... keep being great

also take more of our exports desu

>muh heritage
Also, Google was founded by an American and a dude from Moscow. Dunno where you got the Hungarian from.

It's kind of cute how desperate you are to claim responsibility for American companies. Surely if these companies are tied to Hungary, then Hungary should be full of successful tech companies, right?

how do we make canada great again?
>tfw after WWII canada had a huge navy

On the other hand,
>credit cards without chips and pin codes, yet alone 3D protection
>fucking fax
>6000 taxing jurisdictions
>vague sales tax law
>departments of revenue don't know their own laws and the constitution (as recently presented this time by Alabama)
t. someone in international sales

AMD > Intel

not anymore
but it will do the job

t. someone who uses AMD willingly

>and eventually became a full-time Apple employee in 1992.

Yeah, no.

Apple was already a big company by then. It fell out of grace when jobs was forced out, then it came to life with his return.

This engineer while I don't doubt he was an important player to what apple is today. He is not the reason apple is apple. Jobs is the reason.

biggest market of the world and not being a socialist country where everything gets taxed into oblivion and every person and company need state subsidies.

>now I'm convinced that you are a high school dropout
that's why you are idiot desu
since 2000 we have obtained the 2nd most Nobel Prizes in science field (Physics, Chemistry, PhysiologyMed..), more than any European cunts


Most of those companies are multinational and the American part is mostly immigrants.
They're far from innovative. They're just capitalist shills that stagnate and ruin technological progress and variety, to alleviate this they make meme products and research to pretend like they're doing something. Usually they do this by buying a small company that has a good idea or product then after squeezing all the money they can from it, without developing it further, they dismantle or halt it. Meanwhile, all the pop-sci faggots lap it up.

>second most populous developed country
>second most Nobel Prizes in science

>non-american: I have this idea for a new technology
>USA: how much?

>few years later