His country doesn't own a part of antarctica

>his country doesn't own a part of antarctica


We do we cucked you too see your map

Americans will start a war with someone that owns antarctica in the future to occupy their place on antarctica
Screen cap this

Argentina trying to claim British Land again

If USA don't have any land on Antarctica, where was the base The Thing took place in?

What are some constructive ways we could make use of our Antarctic territory?

I was thinking we could btfo france by cutting free our section so it just leaves their bit awkardly sitting there.

turns out that to claim an area of the antactica, you have to project your territory downwards, but it needs to be on the southern hemisphere.
And since both our claims are based on a 'disputed' piece of territory, we get the same claim on antarctica too

No way m8


How could this happen? Land and uclaimed??

>and New Zealand gets some coastlines

Fuck off argies




If you don't have a giant walking research station you don't deserve to be there.

Fucking kek, I can hear in my head 'left, right, left, right' as it marches across the Antarctic

If you haven't had a permanent base on Antarctica for at least 100 years, you don't deserve to be there.


>sissy brit boys require their base to be at least 5 meters above the ground because they can't handle a little dirt and cold
Just sad


>He doesn't scoot around on an antarctic bachelor pad like top lads


Uh, yeah, about that... We don't recognize any of your claims. Do something about it, i dare you.

Looks fucking comfy desu

>tfw you don't live in Antarctica with a qt Argie gf

Bolan Strong

How can South Africa be there if they don't have land in the OP map?


nobody owns antarctica you dumb cunt, those are just claims


Top spoop

No matter how far from motherland we are, there still will be commieblocks

looks good tbqh

im in Antarctica right now, it can be pretty boring sometimes

showa station best station

literally a non-country

We melt it and screw over all the coast dwellers and island nations
Unless they pay our sea level tax, that is

Fuckin' Norway, I swear.

Shota station would be better too bee honest.

Because there isn't much there to claim and you had to be close to Antarctica to claim parts of it

Then the Antarctic Treaty was signed and it now means that no one can make claims on it

Even then, a claim doesn't really mean much because it's fairly easy for different countries to research in other countries territories

how's the internet there?

how often do you get fresh food?

What if you have a lot of money? Can yo actually come to Antarctica and build your own shit, or whatever? If it's no ones land, you can just do what you want there, right?