Do you want Russian gf?

Do you want Russian gf?

Yes but I think they don't want me


Yes I want russia gf


Thats Tatar

Nah, cause im poor and those bitches are all just after your money...

Seriously what kind of shitty personality , every.women is a golddigger in russia

>memes are reality

I want any gf

What about pure blooded abo gf?


Memes always have reality on them... they arent created just like that.

She is rightful turkic clay

What about her?

Yeah, but the eastern euro golddiggers is blown out of proportion just like german women are all ugly

I thought sandnigger was just a metaphor

pls sent girls like her to netherlands

I want a chechen gf


I have always wanted a redhead girlfriend, sadly here they almost dont exist...
I met one ones, but i was a faggot and i didnt talk to.her even when she was interested. they are the most beautiful girl in the world.

i just want a gf

I want a Russian bf.

Udmurt people in Russia are mostly red haired.


Nationality doesn't really matter

I think I want a Ukraine gf
Not much of a difference though.

Nah, Russian girls are too crazy. Plus they look soulless.

>tfw Cred Forums tier Russian gf

You gotta check out her Wikipedia article. I would bet my ass she wrote that one by herself top kek


what's Cred Forums about her

>every.women is a golddigger in russia
Tell me where they are not? I really wanna know.


any gf who shares my interests and believes would be ok


yes please

No. I want qt suicidal Ukrainian/Lithuanian gf

I do.