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why is m***** still alive? edition

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another dark age is upon us

Yes, hello. Very good thread, very good edition.


holy shit i accidentally posted in the retarded pedophile thread ;__;

this is a fact

haha i deleted my post :DDD

haha good lad :D

>there are children complaining on the news about their bags being too heavy

fucking new generation pussies

This post is so good that I'll give you a (You). ;)

bravo estonia

This desu

>t. slouchy mcslouchface

hello :-{d

but i have a straight back :^)

tried this new beer. it's shit, do not recommend.

i am REAL Mikoto/qQw

rl makes u thunk

nice bottle tho

How do I become famous like you?

How do I become famous like you?

1. be hip
2. be there
3. dont be square

litván cigány

Thread theme:


Real thread theme:

>tfw comfy /balt/ with chill trips

that's true. it's the same bottle they use for the imperial line of beers i think. also.. didn't know there was smoked beer in eesti so there's that at least

Be where?

>tfw i used to trust ZZS
>tfw i feel disgusted with myself

never tried smoked beer lol

Ja tev ir ZZK velosipēds, tu piederi pie zilo zēnu klubiņa

have you tried this? xd


if i buy this, will a jew die? :DD


please leave this christian PG-7 general

Leningrad will be finally taken by our grandfathers ghosts :D


didn't you say you were going to move to daugavpils? this is the second time I've asked you, tell me please.

tagin a boo btw ;d

>russians openly boast about how they illegally import alcohol and cigarettes from Belarussia


>resensitised my benin by exclusively busting inside of women and not hands
>still don't get boner from images like that

>hungary as fuck for some kebab
>go to a fast food place
>order and they say they are out of kebab meat
baka these lame ass niggas

Russian baby will die for sure XD

why not just go to another kebab store just across the street?

can I help you to cure your pedo disorder?

off to bed lads xD


thinking thoughts


I bought a few bottles of russian beer yesterday. It was alright.

doesn't exist

hello friends, how do i get qt baltic gf

>estonia has a finite number of kebab kiosks
There are 4 kebab joints within a 5 minute walk from my office. Tbh we should make kebab our national dish instead of cepelinai.


Spotted the adidas

Bitch please. I didn't sat I eat there. Doesn't change the fact that lithuania is full of kebabs.

>food, not people


>I do have a job and a gf and I post on balt

>theres a rogue detonator in this thread RIGHT NOW


>Welcome to my office comrade

y u gotta be like dis? y?

If my first response wasn't clear enough. Get your stinky shitface out of my thread and never return.

Very very rude

Ever since I've got a job and a gf I barely have time to shit in real life let alone internet

Very very right

Ayy blyat

You're doing it wrong. I've had a job for the past 8 years, gf for 6, and I still find time to shitpost.

privet šaika

What are the Teutonic knights remembered like in modern day Baltics?


>tfw getting married next week

me and my waifu are so happy

>life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get

c'mon Vasia, I know you like my pictures.

Oy vey, worse than shoah...

best thing to ever happen


>given away to the knights 8 times
>they can't hold onto it

>You're doing it wrong
I know, I overwork and I cheat on the gf

I am Prussian


Livonian here.

Oh that must be nice, albeit way too much effort. I'm looking to quit soon myself.

more like russian lmoa

why don't you communicate with your friends, coworkers and gfs instead of us?


good and bad

I don't touch Russian whores

desu I live in the middle of nowhere, all of my friends live roughyl 300 kilometers away from me. We meet every couple of months or so.
Because most of them are in their 50s, and the only one that's the same age as I is clinically retarded, and probably is going to get fired soon.
Contrary to what >tfnogf's believe you don't become a symbiotic creature that has no interests of its own.

Today she was spraypainting furniture as I was shitposting here.

Now all we need is Latgalian who is not russian.

Gente Prussicus natione Lithuanus

I used to be just a hollow person, now I'm moderately qualified and busy yet still hollow person
I see that as an improvement - feeling tired and/or wasted helps me to forget

Is your surname Naujokas?

you're Igor until proven otherwise


my heart is broken


so prussians being retards isnt a meme?

You are all Welcome.

Sorry but Estonians are slavs

good for you m8

How long have you been together?


dont bully my neighbours

You don't stop to amaze me

Or else what bitch

Jealous desu

Daily reminder

would you eat ur gf's ass after she's just taken a shit if she gave you 10000€?


nothing really

Doesn't latgale have a lot of Russians?

Does anyone know where i might be able to get a Russian to Lithuanian (and vice versa) dictionary?

I've looked on amazon etc but there is see just phrasebooks and the such, none of which are in alphabetical order as a dictionary would be

Russian online bookshops dont have them either
Is there perhaps a Lithuanian online shop or something?

Is this the famous nazi humour?

you had it coming

would you eat ur gf's ass after she's just taken a shit if she becomes your future gf?

Dat's right, biotch, now pay 4 my fat suction operation or I'll rape u like the frail-ass witeboi u r!

Oooga booga, muh dick

I always offer to do it for free but she doesn't want me to

Please don't confuse nazism with fascism

June 23 is when we celebrate defeating Baltische Landeswehr.

Man, that looks rather friendly
Would probably never go to one tho

so? That doesnt turn them into Latgalians, just because they live in the region.

If you put a russian in india, will he become an indian?

Are the baltics worth visiting or not? Found some cheap tickets to Estonia but is there anything to do but get drunk and fuck hookers? The Baltic Sea does look pretty nice

I know some but they don't use this website.

Guys, I like niggermusic, how can I fix myself?

Google "lietuvių rusų kalbų žodynas"

>fuck hookers

if you want to catch HIV from a Sasha, then sure

Just realized that my husbandu is getting married with someone else. kill me, lads ;-;

>The Baltic Sea does look pretty nice

thanks, but that just brings up translation websites
i wanted to get a physical dictionary
is that possible?


This general's existence is a crime against humanity.


>the baltic sea
it's warm enough to swim in from late june to mid august

Baltics have low HIV rates I thought? I guess I just assumed cause there are no niggers.

russians are our niggers

>I guess I just assumed cause there are no niggers.
Yes we have a big Latvian minority problem

Yes, but we are very gay.

Doesn't solve anything, I'd just be like Casper, the white ghost, enjoying nigger music.

Yeah, sure. You could probably pick that up in any local bookstore.

have you heard of russians and lithuanians?

there's 1.3million badstonians and we have one small town full of aids, we top the aids per million inhabitants charts

Lol true I guess I forgot about all the gopniks who share needles to inject krokodil Loli


manoknyga.lt/knygos/paieska.html?find=lietuviu rusu zodynas

idk, can't you just google this shit?

more liek AIDStonia amirite


gāja manā skolā. viņa ZPD bija par MLP. neckbeard un gingerfro

Lowest HIV rates in the entire region.

The sysiphean task of work begins once against

>tfw I was in Lithuania this summer and forgot to buy one

not all niggers have HIV :)

that's true

un kāpēc viņš netīšām nepakļuva zem tramvaja?

Your crime gangs terrorize all western europe, really impressive achievement.

Less niggers seem to have it than latvians. Really makes you think.

Lithuanians are HIV resistant cuz we have baltic genetics google that shit


mums te nav tramvaju :)

sure feels good to have a full night sleep before tomorrow morning

>tfw lithuania has no tram systems
what a disgrace


Italian mafia is pretty famous, desu we've still got a long way to go.

Want to fight for isis, we will be your friends and you can fuck this goat looks almost like pony doesn't it.

we r anonymous we r leegion


>be Latvian, Estonian
>get aids



I heard a frog reeeeee in real life once. A stork had caught it by its leg and was trying to eat it. I didn't think a frog could make that sound.

I see a correlation between trams and aids

>work day
>smoke at least 1/2 of a pack
>smoke a total of 4 cigs during the 2 days
work kills

>tfw didn't got a single (you)

ja tu būtu īsts fans tu zinātu kur es dzīvoju

lmao at your lung cancer

>unclassified transactions

>if you want to catch HIV from a Sasha, then sure
hey I don't have HIV

I heard a frog reeeeee in real life once. It was stuck behind the door of my greenhouse and I accidentally pushed too hard so it popped. I didn't think a frog could make that sound.

fite mi

>tfw only smoke when shitfaced
I've never bought a pack of cigarettes in my life and I'm 30 years old. Always bum them off someone.

Aww, dear, which was your post, I'll respond.

Put the rope away, Jonas

meme related transactions are still not recorded as well as others

>your crash got ugly wife
wut do, lads?

i dont consider myself a frog for what its worth

Horrifying, isn't it? I actually felt bad for it. It got away. Then I felt bad for the stork, because its dinner had run away.


Roughly two years ago I unironically offered a russian to send him a baltic ring made by Lietis to him as a souvenir. He never responded :(

Just crash here bru


Yeah, it was pretty fucked up when I understood what I just did.

>pedojew makes up new stories every 10 minutes
>people still respond to him

Pepe you say?

thats cute


mo' Pepe

Oh how nice two (you)s
thank you fellas

>Aww, dear, which was your post, I'll respond.

eh don't worry I already got (you) from you kek
and actually I got like 0 (you)s in 5 or more posts kek

this ones true
might even provide real evidence some day

still cute

Baltische Landeswehr was neither Monastic, Teutonic or an order.

Another hand to my collection

One mo' Pepe. It's similar to the first one.

>tfw the picture was made for a hand fetish thread on /soc/

I feel dirty

Thinking about going to Sigulda in two weeks, get high and spend a day just lying and looking at Gauja.

>being 30 years old
Is there a sadder moment in your life than when you realize you have less years left than you've already lived?

that's so cute, user


going to poop then shower and then sleep

pepe is a cutie
sigulda is GOAT tier


>more years lived than left
Nigger. Who the fuck plans to die at 60? No I'm not sad. I realize I've got like 10 more good years left. I also have an inoperable tumour in my brain so shit might happen sooner than expected.

Tbh I'm quite content with my life. Spent nearly two months backpacking in southern Europe, just got home.

did you kiss it?
maybe it was your waifu testing you

i hope you've voted today

Tbh if you like I've got a whole bunch of pictures... I've taken them for a fetish thread, because a girl I've been talking to on Skype for the past couple years asked me. Pepe-less though.

i hope you fucking die

kvā kvā kvāāāāā-

I only collect /balt/ posters hand pictures.
Azusas hand is the rarest one I have

Sorry about the tumour, but I'm glad you're content with your life. I'm 25 already and I feel like years will only pass faster.

>keep thinking about a porn vid i sae today
>cant fall asleep
>dont want to give in to the sin of masturbation

What the fugg is that filename

Pictures like this?

good travels kek


tbqh the years been flying past me ever since i turned 18

>you will never just play in the sandbox anymore not caring about a thing


I don't need more than one from each poster. It won't be fun other way.

>no keks where I live

plenty of these fucks though

does chemo give super powers?

do their bites hurt?

läs en bok, läs en bok, läs en moderknullande bok
gb2school sven

Oh it's fine. I'm pretty sure that's what my grandfather died of, and he was in his 90s. Chemo is out because brain-blood barrier. Radio is out because they'll fry shit. They won't operate, because that bastard is right on top of a major vessel.

I've posted pictures of my MRI on balt before. The good news is it's shrunk the fuck down since they first saw it, and people live for decades with it, without even knowing.

It would be extremely painful.

Can't do chemo.


There are small lakes and rivers near my summer cottage. Every summer the road near the bus stop is covered in flattened babby frogs.

nowadays you're bound to live to 80, unless you get cancer or die in a car crash

>tfw I actually have cancer

Lietuva a cute

no u

retirement age pushed to 70. hurray! more time to get more promotions! :D

haha you misspelled Latvija

Estland > Litauen > Lettland

reported to the Swedish authorities for hate speech

hope youre ready to be replaced by ahmed and his 9 cousins

Any other mouth fedora enthusiasts in balt?

not on my suicidal watch, heathen

seek refuge in Lithuania, unlike Sweden did to us, we won't turn our back on you :^)

idk, i have an engraved wooden pipe i smoke dude from, wouldn't call myself much of an enthusiast

>pipe I smoke dude from
How does that even work? I mean, pipe burns pretty hot as you breathe in, and you're supposed to have a filter in-between.

Does I smell Nigra?

burning temperature is exactly the same as a joint
the shaft is considerably longer than a roach on a standard size joint so the smoke cools down
the shaft usually has a little chamber where the gas expands a bit becoming more 'moist' or in other words cooler due to thermodynamic properties of gas
a filter? what the fuck are you talking about? pipes don't need filters

>don't need filters
Pipes often have coal filters. Hell, a lot of people even use nicotine absorbing tabs.

The rest is right, though I've never tried smoking dude in a pipe.

>coal filters
maybe if you toke heavily every day it's worth spending money on to somewhat reduce damage to your lungs, but if you smoke say a couple times a week or less.. that it's just money spent on a meme


fucking cazadores

I don't know man, I don't smoke often, but if I smoke, I'm usually puffing for several hours in a row. Something like every 3-4 months for like 3-4 hours straight, since it takes me like at least and hour and a half to go trough one "load".

I don't smoke a lot.

Muh nigga

Fallout was like the second game I bought for my PC, ever. First one was Hexen. I used to play Fallout with my sisters English dictiory. And that's how I learned to speak English.

Lithuania? more like "hello peдит" lmao

>drunk and going to work tomorrow

Good for you. Fallout was kinda "meh" to me, until I've played F3 years later, and then I god hooked.
I've learned English from playing Warcraft 2 (with a dictionary too lol).


that's right. join it.

They are very strange lads indeed.

(drinking non alcoholic Amstel piss atm)

Wait you guys have ä?

Me too! What a coincidence.

Tbh I first saw Fallout when my parents dropped me off at their business partners home when they when to see a comedy show. I was like 12 or 13 year old, the other kid was playing it, and I was like
I think it was 1998. and I was simply amazed at how much freedom that game had. Tbh Black Isle studios is probably still my favorite game dev to this date.
>fallout 3 was horrible, new vegas was alright tho

No, but samogitian dialect has ā tho.

We do?

back to your cave

Sure, just like Latvians (ē and ō too)

>it's Arturai psting in the thread episode
pls make a note when will you post next time

Wow, rude.

But those are different.
ä is different to ā, which is basically just a different way to spell ą.

>tfw out of rum
The only question remaining is... 12 or 15 year old Glendfidddich?

i don't think it's a good idea to have quality whiskey after already drinking something else. kind of ruins the taste imho.

>12 or 15 year old Glendfidddich?
whats the difference?

we dont have an o with a stripe on it

Well what am I supposed to do then? All I have is Glenfiddich, Bushmills 12 year, and Glenlivet founders.

Yes, ā is not a nasal vowel, not the same pronunciation as ä. I just wrote ÄÄÄÄÄ randomly.

to quote

You haven't answered what is the difference between them?

add a third to the cost of a GL12 bottle to make it GL15 to keep it really simple. there's a variety of casks tho, so user will tell you in more detail



How are Samogitians so much better than L*thuanians?

I am Polish.

Between what? 15 is slightly sweeter and smoother than 12, Bushmills kind of tastes like bourbon, glenlivet has a very slightly more pronounced taste. I generally buy the same whisky over, because I'm a pansy. All speyside, all the time.
>I bought GL15 at the same cost as GL12, because it was on the sale.
My favorite is actually a bourbon, Wild Turkey or Speyburn, depends on which is on sale. It's cheap, and has a taste neutral enough to be good enough to drink straight or mix with pretty much anything. That or Macallan 12. That's fucking great too.

We aren't. Literally just lithuanians with a lisp at this point.

Hehehe. Fags.

All people from five regions together are called Lithuanians

I forgot to mention I bought a bottle of Diplomatico Reserva rum recently, and it's absolutely fucking amazing. 10/10, will buy again. It's great, no matter if you drink it straight, with ice, or mixed with coke/lime.

Samagotians are free to break off and join us if they really are bullied so much

Pointless post.
Samogitians ARE Lithuanian.

Sure you can have them
:^) :^) :^) :^) :^)

This triggers my autism.

>you can have them
>this worked out so well for the germans

They're not as thin-skinned as scatvians, who go crying to foreigners whenever they're banter'd



so that time when Lithuanians teamed up with Russians to raid Latgalian lands was banter?

hmmm, guess thats the average pissthuanian for you

desu I'm not sure if I'm even samogitian, since I look nothing like the people around me, but the fact that we've been given away to the order AT LEAST EIGHT fucking times and each time they got their ass handed back to them makes me chuckle


typical samogitian in it's natural habitat

Masiulis is from Klaipeda, ergo not Samogitian. Šimašius is from Vilnius?

>lithuanian """""politics"""""

haha my dude

>vaidila Masiuli, če STT

return Memelland to Germany

I don't think they want it.

Why is Wilno in Dzukija?




>go to goggle
>type it "American inventors"

touch my pussy with that hand, bby

>finds the one battle where the order hasn't been btfo'd
>presents it like the norm
Please stop.

who could expect this?

>30k vs 530
>gets BTFO

why are lithuanians so bad at invading Latvians?

sorry, we don't read these runes

>embutės mūšis
literally who

A couple of weeks ago I had sex with my gf and came all over her tits. She didn't come, and since I was out of condoms, we couldn't do it the usual way. She took my hand and pretty much masturbated with it. It was probably the hottest thing that has ever happened to me.

where the fuck he get those 30k from
even during GDL times, which were later, the army was like 6k from lithuania proper and 5k from ruthenia

hmm this sounds amazing I'm jealous

lil lier

i think the better question is

how did 30k lithuanians lose to 500 latvians accompanied by 30 germans

simple, really

it never happened

It was fucking stellar. Not even memeing or kidding. Dick was diamonds. I thin I posted about on here, fuck demon gf. I need help. And friends.

Why would you say that?

omg I talked with a voice in a game with my friend and now all the guys are all talking in the mic XDDD

>l-lithuania stronk

Different guy, but 30k samogitians is highly suspect. Especially under Mindaugas, since nobody liked him here, and there were constant contestants of his title.

But if it did happen... Well shit.. Bad luck, I guess.

>Latvių klasiko Rainio pjesė „Indulis un Ārija“
>only source are random fantasies of some rare literate latvian
>"it's true! it happened in our minds!"
w e w

>Latvians will never have cool battles that they can be proud of

>why yes I have a gf and instead of fucking her right now I'm sitting in the thread with a bunch of strangers pretending I have a gf



Period, m8, won't let me anywhere near.


Even though I don't like Vytautas I've got to admire his pragmatism

>send in axe wealding, fur clad barbarians
>they get btfo'd
>enemy starts chasing
>send in heavy armored troops and cavalry
>EVERYONE gets btfo'd

Was Blue Waters the apex of LDK?

really makes you think

say what you want, but they got the beat right

Tbh the only belarusian I ever met was during Kilkim Žaibum and he was really nice.

Battle of the Vorskla River hit grand duchy really hard