Go to Google.com

>Go to Google.com
>Type in "American inventors"
>Press enter
>Post yfw

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what a disgrace, how is this allowed

fucking sjw cancer google

Really makes me think...

Why they all black tho?

Sweet summer child


Have you guys ever heard about any of these?

Jewish name

>The first person is a black guy who invented hair straightener
The bias is shameful

here we go again

Google is known for tweaking their search results


How does recognizing them as black people make anyone racist?

Heard of Whitney, Jennings, McCormick, and Tesla.

Jesus Christ Germany calm down.



It doesn't.
Assuming they are, for say, in a prison might make one racist.

mmmmmmmmm really made me think

>not having heard of tesla

>Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor
>Serbian American
Stay mad

hands off the oven


oh fuck off USA

let's get this started

>talking shit about based peanut man Carver

>Nicola Tesla
slavs are honorable POC confirmed
check your priviledge white devil

Good to hear you recognize my German, Irish, and Italian parts Bulgaria.


He bout to do it

What is the criterion for the order? It is retarded as hell; it's like searching for famous generals and getting Artemisia of Halicarnassus up first.

You probably think Arnie isn't American either

post results for Colombian inventors Javier


sounds german to me desu

>Being so bad you have to claim a guy born in a neighboring country who moved to the US.

pls no bully i was just doing some little banter

A lot of Jewish names are German. Eg. the name ending -stein as in Einstein is very typical for German jews. Stein is German for stone.


So you admit germans are basically jews


google: french toilet

Uh do I need to report you to Mama Merkel?


These are actually better than normal toilets because the optimal position for shitting is squatting.

A lot of jews have German ancestry. Judaism was deeply rooted in Germany before the holocaust. Of course it was far more prevalent in Poland.

So why didnt you holocausr yourself?

Uhm.. lots of German jews were holocausted, you know? It was not only poles.

because if they were white, it would only be the picture of a normal queue

i'm not even a SJW

couldn't post the google search because it didn't show anyone

>mfw the nog that invented fucking peanut butter is more important than the guy that invented the phone according to google
Jesus fucking christ, when is this fucking AA bullshit going to end? Why is it that nowadays if you don't put a black man before a white man you're a racist?

>comparing a country that isn't even 100 years old yet and that has a population of 5 million, to a country that's 240 years old and has a population of 330 million

>comparing a country to another country
the only thing finland has ever invented is spurdo sparde

ibm invented everything

Ben Franklin was inventing mad shit before America was even a cunt and had a population the size of Finland

>Eli Whitey

Because you already did that.

[spoiler]POLISH DEATH CAMPS[/spoiler]

google images: american+couple

> Bell invented the phone

stop bullying funland!

Nick Tesla was American

That nog didn't invent peanutbutter, a Canadian did. Carver made other peanut products.

So from this thread, America has invented nothing

>Swedish couple
>first result
I knew it!

>10/11 are black

I think we did silly putty, right?

I think we invented direct current but some yuro probably did anyway so our invention is pointless

Most of America's innovations come from foreign born people like Bell or Tesla, nowadays over 50% of PhD canidates in Americe (higher in STEM fields) are foreigners, usually taking advantage of your HB1 "genius" visa program.

Even your greatest achievement, putting a man on the moon, was mostly the work of Nazi rocketry and Canadian engineering.

Nigel Teslington was a upstanding English gentleman, fuck off seppo.

>Canadian Engineering
Also, everyone seems to forget Robert Goddard and what he did for rocketry. All the Nazi rocket engineers studied his material.

I guess the United States has accomplished nothing by itself.

America has invented plenty, just not as innovative as most Americans probably think.
What America does very well is make money, it's a fantasitically wealthy country. They also do similar to the Roman model, of taking the best things from around the world, improving them, and making them well known.
America is pretty innovative in medicine, arms, and digital tech too.

>Muh superior and peaceful white race

it's like how leafs say graham bell was Canadian because he was a citizen for literally 1 (one) year

delet this

Mikołaj Tesławski was Pole actually

He maintained property in Canada, but no, he was Scottish, and later proud of his American citizenship. Defense not Canadian
Same with burning the whitehouse, most Canadians think that was Canada, it was British Royal Marines. The misconception comes in because manynif them settled in Canada so many Canadians would today be descended from them.

Also WWI, Canada's defining moment according to our history, half of all the first waves of troops were born mostly in Britain. In fact, it was diffucult to get troops from Québec and the Maritimes, the 2 areas that had the longest Canadian habitation.

hmmm.. then why is the AMERICAN flag on the moon :)


this really made me think

fire up the ovens ay lad?

Because it was funded by America, in America, via an America company (NASA), with American astronauts.
Doesn't change the fact that the core of the Johnson Space Center was founded by Brit and Canadian aerospace scientists "loaned" to NASA after PM Diefenbaker dissolved the Avro program. Or that the lunar lander, which you'll recognise as the thing that makes a lunar landing possible, was designed by chief flight engineer and Canadian Harold Wood.

>muslim conquests


If you use bing, all the white invetors show up first

Really makes you think.


>mfw Alexander Graham Bell was a black man
thanks google



Those suggestions are based on your own search history.

bell was black?
huh, I never knew.. I love black people now


Because the only race is the human race, you disgusting Swede Democrat

why do people get surprised by this?
It would be like looking up Inventors from Caucasia by typing in "Caucasian inventors"
American is part of African-American.

On Google .ca on mobile, of the 50 inventors in the sliding thing, only 12 are black.
So 24% of the listed inventors, or just under twice the percentage of blacks as part of the population.

Bad, but not as bad as this thread suggests. And a couple of those blacks look extremly mulatto or quadroonish.

>Nikola Tesla

He thinks you're from Serbia/Croatia.

>the thumbnail has a larger filesize than the actual image
Seriously, if the image takes up more space in JPG, it should just use the original pic.

I demand reparations for this post you nazi

I always wondered why every Jew has a German or polish name. What made them go there? Anyone know history and wanna school a Jew?


uh oh!

Amsterdam also used to be filled with jews. They came here as refugees from Portugal and other catholic nations. They helped build this nation for centuries until the Germans wiped them out in WW2.

Now they are mostly gone. And the ones that still exist are left wingers of the social democrats. Stockholm syndrome I guess.

>Cred Forums creates fake account to bait
>theyre the only ones who get baited by it

neurons firing

Really made ME think

It's funny how assravaged Canadians get
To silly things

Why the hell were sitting toilets even invented considering they're much less comfortable to use?!

That's it Duckduckgo here I come.

duckduckgo shoes the same shit

what the fuck
is this a global conspiracy

I tried it with bing. It was a good fair mix. Did you notice that google didn't have Bill Gates in there?

This must be a joke
I am actually suprised

Apparently the guy who invented the dry cleaner is more important than Bill Gates.

Also the women that made a living selling makeup to African Americans is more than Bill Gates too.

Based John Moses isn't even mentioned...

I thought Americans like guns.

Now, now, lets all calm down a bit

It's time to stop

weekend hardly over and the german is ready to get back to work