Parliament of Canada

Parliament of Canada

Parliament of the United Kingdom

Parliament of Hungary

And Parliament of Polan.

Really makes you think.

>terrible angle

>Our parliament is just a mini version of the UK's

lmao what are we? An ex British colony or something?

it doesnt look any better from different angle

its a generic piece of shit

they aren't really even similar desu

This one look like Hogwarts.
Already knows it. Yeah It's beautiful.
F-f*cking great. It's like a fairy-tale building.
Terrible angle, man.

US Capitol

>circus maximus
This is the best parliament building in the world. Period


Austrian Parliament Building

Look that fucking gypsies built. JUST

British Columbia Parliament Buildings

parliament in any latin american niggerspic hellhole

that looks comfy

Palace of the Argentine National Congress

National Congress of Brazil Building

Why don't you just sell more apples and save up to build a nicer Parliament building?

Why is there a bowl on top of it?

Oldest parliament still in use

Who /comfy/ here

B.C. has a nice capital building right up until nighttime when it turns into a politically themed Las Vegas casino

Western """"Canadians""""" can't be trusted to do anything right tbqhf

Some of our provincial parliament buildings look better than our federal one.


Kek, this looks retarded.

And the old one

Pretty iconic 2bh, though not quite as much as the White House.


Wrong, most have only one hut.

At least they get good satellite reception with that bowl.

>His government is based in Christmas lights

>his government

I'm not in B.C., I was going to go once, but I think you need a visa to visit from Canada, not worth the hassle just for a cool passport stamp with Asian letters.

Pic is my province's capital building, it's cosy tbqhf
Also, if your capital doesn't fly the French tricolour and Union Jack you aren't really Canadian.

Nice. Here's Illinois's state Capitol. The old one, where Abraham Lincoln himself used to hang out, is also still standing and a museum.

fug, it really looks like shit, and it's not just because of the angle

To collect rainwater.

>his country is so dry and poor that they need to collect water from the sky in a giant bowl in their Capitol
Almost California-tier tbqhwyfambalamb

on the bright side, we can blow it up with no regrets tho

It was a joke.

It's funny how ameridumbs fall for a stupid bait like this one, lel.


Why don't still use that one?

Iowa State Capitol!

You're retarded. That's obviously a winter theme and not year round. Fucking easterners and their dumb retarded assumptions

Because it's too small 2bh. The current one (in my original pic) dates from the early 20th century, so it's also still somewhat old. And Abraham Lincoln's house is also still up. Feels good to come from the same State as arguably the greatest President of all time, although oddly enough Chicago was more involved with his rival Stephen Douglas.

but Brazil is a big rainforest

The Northeast is actually a desert badland, the rainforest is only in the North.

Fucking quebecuck, you'll always be a cuck of canada

Virginia's capitol was designed by Thomas Jefferson.

The problem with this is that Canada, the UK, and Hungary are first world countries, you can't expect that level of quality with a country like Poland.

The US (at least the Senate) has had the same Capitol building since we've moved to DC, but the original part of the building, the wings immediately adjacent to the Dome, are no longer the most prominent parts of it.

>with those flags

Quebec exclusively flies the blue and white fluer de lys flag I believe

Southern B.C. doesn't even have proper winters

>His center of government doesn't have the father of his country ascending to godhood
Pretty weak

Better view of Parliament Hill

Based Washington, also the only President to have a State AND (de facto) the National Capital named after him.

The "father" of Canada and our equivalent to George Washington, Sir John A. MacDonald, was a notorious drunk, said to consume considerably more alcohol than his famously drunken American contemporary, Ulysses S. Grant.

>"It’s well known that Canada’s first prime minister was a bit of a carouser, but history has largely forgotten just how hard John A. Macdonald hit the bottle. Even by the drunken standards of 19th century Canada — and even in a profession where most of his contemporaries were perpetually buzzed — Macdonald consumed shocking quantities of liquor. He got belligerent at dinner parties, he disappeared on days-long benders and was repeatedly seen showing up to Parliament so blasted that he could barely talk."

Not the greatest desu. The states have some nice parliaments though

You can see new brunswick flag in picture. user is acadian masterrace

When and why did they replace it? The old one looks big enough.

It's very beautifult and comfy, honestly. I like it.
Good buildings and architecture.

I fucking swear you said the exact same thing months ago

I've been saying similar things for years on Cred Forums

The new one was opened to celebrate 200 years of invasion in 1988.

It was literally part of the plan from the start. The Federal Parliament took over Victoria's state Parliament House from federation until 1927, then they moved into a 'provisional' Parliament House in Canberra which was only planned to last 50 years - it wasn't big enough to house ~250 parliamentarians and their staff etc.

50-ish years later, they started building the big monstrosity in the background.

>When and why did they replace it? The old one looks big enough.

Old Parliament House was only ever intended to be temporary. Wasn't built to last, they just needed a Parliament building for the new capital district.

Also it wasn't big enough

Interesting. The US has had the exact same Capitol Building ever since the government moved to DC in 1800, but it's been greatly expanded since then, although it's looked roughly the same as it does now until the 1850s.

Parliament Hill is aesthetic as fuck.

Since you bring it up have a daguerreotype of the capital when slavery was right and proper.

very nice

It really is


says alberta
also you must be blind or something you fag

>french tricolour

That's the Acadian flag you fucking goof

Portuguese one, from the outside. It's pretty decent, I think.

But the inside is prettier.

Hungary should be banned from these threads for making everyone look bad.

And another.

Spain's should be pretty cool, they have nice architecture.