Why are Turkish girls white?

Why are Turkish girls white?

no they aren't. this balding tranny roach is not white

That thing looks scary

Been to Turkey

the people don't look white, they don't behave like white people and they definitely aren't white

Greek genes

Is it the Greek or Mongol genes?

Turks are white, but not as white as northern europeans

>Greek genes

t. never been to turkey

been to Bulgaria

the women are surprisingly good-looking

Make Up
Euro Rape baby genes


kys snownigger, our women ar literally top 10 in the world

there was still a huge discrepancy with some of them being wart covered, ugly hags
that's something you rarely see in norther europe

they're actually big guys


t. never been to turkey or germany

choose one annon

this guy looks like a mess

quite a lot of the younger men are also very feminine, clean shaven and often even shave their legs
that is something which i also found surprising, since i thought bulgarian men were hard and though, rather than being metrosexual nancies

Seems to be some balkan, middle eastern trend atm. Lot of turks do it hear and ofc my fellow germs copy this shit. I want to kill myself.

Germans losing their patriotism and their cultural identity is very saddening
a very big problem for many of the most developed countries

Why are Europeans becoming such poofs?


are australians honestly any better?

oh i agree about the men, now its modern to be a fuccboi here.

>everyone is trying to be buffed and look "alpha"
>meanwhile they all wear pink t-shirt, shave their legs and use "man" purses

Yeah we are actually. I mean Melbourne is full of hipsters and you get a few queers but at the end of the day we're more manly than what you described. Culture is pretty much have a few beers with the boys no matter what class you are.

a shame, since Bulgarian men have also been known for being hard working labourers, which is an immensly underrated resource

It's like a slow motion car crash and someone beloved is siting in it. I may just start accepting it Aussie/bro/.

everyone wants to be a "viking" here in Iceland, not such a bad thing to strive for

those people still exist, but they are in the smaller cities and villages

sicne you've been on a holiday here, you prolly only have seen biggers cities or resorts, where all the "fuccbois" hang to "smash pussy" and spend their dad's money

I think the only German I met on the mainland was really nice man. I mean yeah not a manly man but quite assertive in his way, good guy. From Frankfurt

Yeah I saw some meme doco on powerlifters in Iceland and how being a big fucking primate is in vouge there. idk isn't that why Bobby Fisher moved there? That its like the one place safe from Jewish tricks

I'd be happy if everybody, would stop wanting to be something else rather than German here. Everywhere I go there are only faggots and someothercuntboos. Only metalheads seem to be the only people, who don't care.

well, no one wants to be a "nazi"

Only real problem with German nationalism is that you tend to fight other whites. If you'd just gone apeshit on the turks or something like that it all would have been fine. Germany is like the cunt who gets violent when he gets pissed up, really nice guy but can be a total fuckwit when he's pissed up, dangerous. So if you're like that AT ALL the reality is that you shouldn't drink

That's the problem here. They either go apeshit crazy or are cucked. Can't be fucking moderate conservative.
Oh well.... might as well start learn arabian now guys. Hope you learn from this mistake Cred Forums.

>mfw clean shaven, underweight
>mfw considering shaving my legs
>mfw just accepting going to a psychiatrist for trannyism

could be worse desu, I live in a good place for it.

If you don't have dismophia don't become a tranny man. Hard road

Nah I just use the "I already look like it so may as well" as a way to take the edge off it. I want to die looking in a mirror so if this'll make it less bad I'm all for it. I knew this 4 years ago but didn't do anything because my parents would've killed me. This is the chance to do it and hope for the best.

At least post some pics so I know what I'm dealing with.

idk mate its a thing. I was helped though the hardest part of my life by a trans so I'm kind and gentle to trans but not everybody is, think it over very carefully because its not a decision you can take back.

Like I said I've had 4 years to think it over and I just figure I can't live breaking down every week or so in self hatred. I figure I'll go stealth as long as humanly possible to avoid the big dangers. Prefer to stay user though, because I have friends who use this board.

Yeah I mean it helps some people. Just hope you've got a good job, there's a massive percentage of trans people who get involved in sex work of some form or another because society can reject them. Also there is a massive prevalence of suicide, also there's something like 40% regret doing it. Its not widely known because it doesn't fit the agenda but a lot of people regret it deeply

We are not white, we are anatolian people. Some Turks look white, but most of us have black hair and brown eyes ( still pale skin though)

Also we don't give a fuck about white people.

Interesting. I think I could pass as a very effeminate guy though if I realize I can't really pass or regret it.

Also I'm in university right now going into tech, which is usually pretty progressive or libertarian. All else fails consultant work so no one gets to see my face.

Eh I'm sure you'll be fine mate. I know at least here people are nice about it.

I'll drop an email if you want someone to talk to. Least I can do is to give back

turks are european and white

Not only european and white, turkey is also secular and democratic my teacher

I'd at least try it. I'm pretty emotionally self-sufficient. I figure I've avoided killing myself for 4 years, I'll survive. There are more things in life than depression and I'll give myself meaning somehow.

for the last time turkey is not white or european

How old are you?

Also have you thought about anti-depressants? They're not ideal but they can work, You'll be ok mate. Seem to be pretty together. Got much time left at uni?

I'm 18 and just started, so 4 more years.

I thought about them but I deal with the depression part pretty well. Especially because I'm sometimes mistaken for a very tall girl from behind, so that boosts my confidence enough to function. Also I had a friend who took them and she had a lot of problems with them so I'm scared.

Yeah they can do a number on you, you're not sad but not happy either, can be a bummer but it depends what you take.

If its been that long and you're that young then there is obviously something to it. You said its a good place for it, what part of the country are you from?

West coast. One of the more liberal places on that coast. People use they pronouns and it's not weird place on the west coast.

Sounds nice at least. Make a throw away if you don't have one already and email me at [email protected] if you want to keep talking mate.

obligatory fatzu.

it is