Male level

HI guys, I would like to know about your actual male status, that's why I'm gonna request some of your data:
-Hairy level.
-Beard level.
-Optional: Penis size. If you don't feel enough prepared to answer, then replace this with "level of preparation to cause pleasure to women".

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I'll begin.
-Mixed: I tend to look like a combination of a Turkish man and southern Spaniard.
-Lots of body hair. Also, I don't have much chances of loosing hair, due to genetics.
-My beard is growing at a good level I should say.
-Very manly voice(10/10), even advanced for my age. Very deep.

>hairy as fuck
>clean shaven

Hairy Level: trap-tier
Beard level: ISIS-tier
Penis size: 15.24 cm
Voice: Bruce Campbell

Extremely hairy but not so much density. >Propecia prepared for the war
Beard grows really fast, dirty since not so much density and straight.
penis is 12cm but I have always wondered if you guys push pubic region to measure. If i do that im 14cm since im quite fat guy with tubes on.




RIP in peace

>hairy as a sasquatch

>16 yo
Enjoy your ban lol

>Very hairy
>As a result of being very hairy, I can also grow a mean beard
>low pitched

>Cockasian (german descent)
>like a slightly hairy woman
>like a japanese male

Living in Brazil for the past few years

There isn't evidence for such thing in the human race... but if it satisfies you, my skin is very pale, my hair is dark brown and my eyes are dark green.



>-Hairy level.

>-Beard level.
Always shaven, all the time.
Having a beard is cool and all but it quickly becomes a shore the more you let it grow

>-Optional: Penis size
No idea since I've never measured it. If anything, It reaches my belly button

Average I guess. I just sound like any other.

>Country - Portugal
>Race - white, green eyes, black hair, ginger-ish beard, big jew nose JUST
>Age - 24
>Height - 1.78 manlet
>Hairy level - not very hairy by national standard.
>Beard level - scrappy. Looks okay as stubble on a pretty decent jaw
>Penis size - 15cm if I remember correctly
>Voice - baritone, not bass :(

pic related is me, nothing more nothing less

>not hairy at all
>not even stubble
>6 inches erect
>not very deep/average
I'm a qt twink :3

white, mostly anglo some german
not very hairy
sparse, but its increasing slowly over time. fathers side is known for having a long puberty
i can reach 43hz on a good day, never met another white with my voice. also getting deeper over time, no vocaroo because ill

5 ft 5
I can't grow hair on my upper arms and legs
No beard
5.5 inches
probably 5/10

>-Hairy level.
Just right amount of chest hair, some day soon I'll need to start shaving my back tho
>-Beard level.
Amish tier. Really thick in a strap around my chin but thin as fuck everywhere else, I hate it.
>-Optional: Penis size. If you don't feel enough prepared to answer, then replace this with "level of preparation to cause pleasure to women".
Most girls say it's really good, about one in eight say it's the biggest they've ever copped
Pretty low, carries a long way even when I think I am whispering.

-Half beaner, half white
-light hair around my body, I pluck/wax anything that bothers me
-shave two to three times a week. I don't look good with facial hair.
-6.5 inches

>USA and Mexico, sorry.
>half caucasian half hispanic
>180 cm. yep, manlet
>chest has a nice amount of hair. head has plenty to give.
>my fucking beard is retarded. I hate how it grows in
>my dick size is your average 15+ish, but girth wise... it's a pencil lads. kill me
>my voice is fine I guess. lisp though.

Armpits, pubes and legs
Just a little stubble
~19 cm
Deep, got compliments about it before

swedish masterrace
153cm 98kg of pure aryan power
I am not hairy but i have a neckbeard
Because of my massive gutmuscle i haven't seen my penis in 5 years
I have the manly voice of a 12 year old justin bieber.

>153cm 98kg
Holy fuck man. I'm very sorry for you

>Fuck knows!!?
-Hairy level.
>hairy af, trim everything at number 2 every week
-Beard level.
>red colored retarded looking closed beard, trim it with electric razor everyday.
-Optional: Penis size
>average? dunno, I haven't compared sizes, haven't asked girls if it's big. And I call every dick size chart bullshit. even though my last gf asked me if the condom fit tight on me.
>deep nigger like voice when speaking english, stupid "fresa" lisp when I'm speaking in spanish.

>Hairy level.
>Beard level.
>Penis size:
regular? don't know what to compare it to, but its not deep but not light, inbetween?