Why are Turkish girls so cute?

Why are Turkish girls so cute?

Post pic with long purple wig

It's the qtest


>you will never cuddle with Anzu on a blanket during a cool summer night as you watch 4th of July fireworks explode overhead
>you will never make Anzu into an American

Anyone else attracted to Anzu but simultaneously disgusted by her and would never fuck her solely due to the knowledge that she is a Turk?

It disgusts me but I would want to take her from that shithole and make her American

Racist desu

What's wrong with her being a Turk?
Why can't you get over the Gallipoli incident ?

The only Turk I've ever met in real life is probably going to be a serial killer, he broke into someone's house, and has raped girls

Turks are not to be trusted, but an exception can be made for Anzu

The only Americans I know are the former and current presidents. Should I assume that all US citizens are warmongers who are willing to murder millions upon millions for a drop of oil?

Nah m8 it's not even about Gallipoli, there's just something off about Arab/Turkish women that makes me feel disgusted by them, especially when they're wearing that much cosmetic shit.

She is literally childish. Pedo only like her.

You've met all the US presidents in person?

Broad jaw gives a chipmunk like appearance

And that's cute, I guess?

Yes, and if you make babies with a broad jawed woman then your kids will likely have broad jaws too.

It's a win-win

But they'll be half roach so you lose anyways


I am Greek

who is this gnome and why is she or he i dont even know gets posted here

He does seem to know how they think though.

Idc either way, I want to jam my fat dick inside