/brit/ (more like /shit/)

This image is really causing my neural cells to depolarize by opening gated channels in the membrane and passively diffusing potassium ions out of the cytoplasm down its concentration gradient leading to a sequence of action potentials to stimulate in accord with long term potentiation pathways developed through the release of seratonin at key moments of sensory input Edition

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korean pop

You mean it makes you really pissed off? Because that's how I feel

Cracking post

Looks like this thread is off to a great start !!

Australians try too hard on Cred Forums

What would happen to k-pop if South Korea suddently legalized porn production

They might make an effort to create some music

save the economy

You'll rue that remark when Matt gets home from his long day at the call centre

get triggered haha

pathetic brit

I can't wait

this post really made me think

this haha up voted hahaha speaking of aus, here's some Au for you haha that's reddit gold if you aren't familiar with the lingo here on the chanz


lads when you recycle beer cans do you have to wash them out first?

Really getting things "popping" if you know what I mean!

I don't

Lol, nobody talks like that on here

probably haha

yeah you have to let them soak in water with a bit of bleach for about 3 hours, then empty, rinse and repeat. only then can you recycle them



Hehe wow nice post their friendo have a gold

fucking hell why are you cunts always so unhelpful

I agree. They're just not funny, but have convinced themselves they're fucking hilarious cos some pakis once laughed at their shitposting.

i believe you are looking for /ck/

But they're so random haha

literally just gave you a comprehensive guide wow last time i help a /brit/ runt




>/brit/ (more like /shit/)

In Germany, the show is called Das gro├če Backen, or The Great Baking.
I'm gonna assume it's because "The Great German Bake Off" already happened.


>thread wars

ahh yes love these

Poll time:




#team aussie


literally what is this

Snapchat has become complete AIDS

>having autistic argument with brother
>make mocking 'violin-stroking' gestures
>go on youtube ~20mins later
>fucking violin tutorials in my recommendeds list

Argh maties, avast ye land lubbers etc.

big brother is always watching

There comes a day when we all find out for ourselves that once we have the words to say there's no one left to tell

We're all in here (not memeing; we really are)

That post is really joggin' my noggin