How much does your country love refugees?

How much does your country love refugees?

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>flying the flag of extremists who want to exterminate ethnic and religious minorities in their own country
>invite them to your country!

>dat pic

It was no more than 1k

as much as they can

stupid people march for refugee rights but both our major parties try to one-up each other on the best way to keep them out, feels good

that doesn't look close to 20k


More than we love ourselves ;_;

yeah right

cheap blowjob asides they are literally subhumans. wonder when will comars lynch them

The sandniggers just can't kill them fast enough.

Sorry about the Gutmenschen.

That sucks

Do refugees in England march for refugees?

I don't know.

We don't

The "refugees" are mostly *not* from Syria. Even if the "largest group" of refugees is from Syria, the majority of the welfare leeches that went to EU were from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraqi, Eritrea, Nigeria, other sub-Saharan countries, etc.

See for yourself

Not everybody can read perkele perkele language senpai

do they not teach you to think in austria anymore?
its perfectly understandable without speaking perkele

>you will live to see western Europe get consumed by rapefugees and the USA by spics

>Western policies that led to the destabilization of Syria
>Western policies

No clearly not otherwise Hitler wouldn't have attacked Russia during winter.

Le Sikes Picot Faec

>American wearing a cowboy hat
>not wearing a sombrero
outdated t.b.h.

people protest against meddling in the middle east, and anti war protests have basically the same message

Again, 80%+ of the rapefugees in Europe are not from Syria. They're overflowing from third world countries with high fertility, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria, etc.

Far, far too much. People always bring up "oh the Irish were refugees a hundred years ago so we have to pay the world back" or some such bullshit. It's complete revisionism, people were pretty bitter about cowards fleeing the country for an easy life abroad. It was worse when some of them came back a generation or two later when things got good, no thanks to them. At that point they weren't even Irish anymore, just Americans with Irish parents that hadn't seen Ireland since they were 5. They helped kill the Irish language too, because they didn't bother learning it when they came back, thinking they were Irish enough already.

>"oh the Irish were refugees a hundred years ago so we have to pay the world back"

Just interject them politely and mention

this much

>those icons
pretty cute. any more of those?

It's not a false equivalence though. The Irish and Syrian refugees have a lot in common. Patties weren't wanted here either when they first came to the US.

I think it's like 50% pro-refugees and 50% contra.

But this invasion is the best thing that could happen to Germany. Germans are weak, naive and lazy in peaceful times. But as far as we are in danger, we wake up. We need to fight the struggle to function.
Emergency situations make us active.

It's the golden rule of the German people. Doesn't matter if Romans, Frenchies or any religious cultists like muslims.. we will blow them out in long term. It will happen.
The governmental immigration policies is a huge provocation to a lot of native Germans and leads us into danger.

I'm giving you 5 minutes to delet this post.

Why wouldn't you post the video?

>Hitler attacked Russia during winter.

>we are now at a point in time where we call all migrants "refugees"


90% of these immigrants today aren't refugees

neither were the Irish

The Syrians are refugees. The Irish practically were too, they were fleeing a famine so brutal that to this day Ireland's population is below pre-famine levels.

You're redefining the term. If they were refugees they would be fleeing the violence and stop in the first peaceful area they could. They aren't. They're moving further to places that are economically appealing. That's immigration. Same for the Irish.

This is like "undocumented immigrants part 2, even more PC boogaloo"

You call everyone a refugee now you really are Satan if you dare oppose their inflow

who cares about a few nutjobs

Refugees are not necessarily fleeing violence, they're fleeing catastrophe.

How are the media so fucking shameless


A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Is Assad or al-Baghdadi going to follow them to Turkey or Lebanon and punch them in the dick? But German welfare magic keeps them at bay?

We should help *genuine* refugees (e.g. Syrians)

Anybody who says otherwise is just an edgelord.


The few (

this blonde bimbo was on the news this morning blatantly trying to shame the British public into adopting refugee children

i was pathetic to watch

>i was pathetic to watch
cheer up there buddy.

well fug

[Citation needed]

stop acting like Germany is an immense power

you fucked up and got cucked twice

too much
not many woke people in Ireland desu
the good thing is the migrants have to choose to leave Germany (cant be forced) to come here so barely any do

It roughly reads: "How do you feel about immigrants from these countries?"

>Dark green: good
>Light green: pretty good
>Grey: can't say/no opinion
>Orange: pretty bad
>Red: very bad/get the fuck out of my country/genocide when

Love 'em. They helped cure our racism. Now we don't have to be angry anymore.

Da'aw. We love you too.

to a rather limited degree if I may say so

>tfw most of the poles in Ireland went back to poland
we need you now more than ever fám

>kosovo albanians and turks are more liked than russians
putinbots on suicide watch

>Western policies

As much i might become refugee too in future

Bro, the Syrian Civil War is more of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia (Sunni Muslims) and Iran (Shia Muslims).


>tfw most of the poles in Ireland went back to poland
Intredasting, I didn't know that. Got any sources on that?
Also how come the Irish seemed to be more or less okay with Poles swarming their cunt, but Britbongs went full OI M8 IMMA BASH YER HED IN I SWARE ON ME MUM? Unless I'm just misinformed and there were some tensions in Ireland as well.

The moment people heard that some village that nobody heard of will be receiving about 10-20 refugees the men formed a brigade to protest. They claimed that they don't want to patrol the street day and night of fear of getting their daughters and wives murdered/raped/kidnapped. They specifically stated during an official interview that they will use force if the refugees come to their village.

Needless to say, they never got there.

Another case was the idea of building a biggish mosque in Bucharest. About a week after the news published the plan, a guy found out where it would be built and buried a pig, rendering the place as impure for a mosque. No mosque will be built anymore.

That's how much we love Muslims/refugees in general.

No, fuck off we're full.

It happens in every country thoughout history when a sudden noticiable influx of immigrate somewhere but it was completely fine once everyone got used to it.
Once the gypsies came we all started resenting them tigether.
You probably dont understand any of this because who the fuck has ever wanted to immigrate to poland.

>You probably dont understand any of this because who the fuck has ever wanted to immigrate to poland.
We have officially 1+ milion ukies here, unofficially it's probably twice that. Your cunt's not the bellybutton of the world lad.
>Once the gypsies came we all started resenting them tigether.
Gypsies are a different case tbqh. They were here for ages and they were always resented, these niggers just don't assimilate. And Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Balkan cunts have it even worse with them.

No one really hated Poles here, just annoyed they were taking jobs. This is the first I'm hearing them leaving though.

My explanation for brits going bonkers about Poles but being silent about pakis and indians is that you're taking the jobs they could have. Indians/Pakis/Arabs I've seen them having lots of restaurants/takeaways with ethnic food and surely no Brit knows how to make a traditional Chicken Jalfrezi or whatever. Dunno if that's true, just my presumption.

Almost none.
First leftards were happy about it, then the ones having to live next to them started to think otherwise and try to send them in poor areas
>i-i-i'm not racist, this city is just too difficult to them they must go to less rich areas where they could integrate better and having more stuff to buy with their money.
Top cucks

Maybe because native brits are now brown with a funny hat on their head

You mean like this?

I thought you had too many jobs and needed cheap labour?

Sensationalism sells. And one upping each other sells far far more than discrediting each other (which is how media deception is expected to be avoided).

Thing is, the Brit's corporations are moving East with their offers. I'm working at a UK-based corp and they are currently firing loads of *supposed* (have seen lots of pakis but also Englishmen/women) Brits and hiring loads of Eastern Europeans, as we get paid almost half, but still nicely. Brits don't need to worry about us stealing their jobs, but about their corps offering them to us.

I should specify, by hiring us I mean they are physically moving their business in Romania/Bulgaria/Poland, not hiring whatever Easterners are in the UK.

>tak tak tak

>Indians/Pakis/Arabs I've seen them having lots of restaurants/takeaways with ethnic food
And poles work in picrel, but I doubt a bong would lower himself to work there. That or plumbing toilets. Apparently anglos really love plumbing their toilets since they are so unhappy about poles doing it for them.

Some do as a part time job, like 'Muricans working at McDonalds or whatever. Dunno what Romanians are working in the UK tho.

I can assure you most Brits don't want them. But London is full of pakis and SJW students.

This stuff would never fly here, it sort of gives me hope that whenever India develops it has a chance to go in the right direction, both this, and nsa shenanigans.

I read somewhere a couple of year back that a large Italian communications firm fired 6000 or 60000 workers and moved to Serbia because they could get the same quallity workers but can legaly pay them less.

>all those flags for the FSA

WOW it's like they're PROUD of their ignorance FUCK