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That one's not even that hard though

vocaroo me your best shot
are those even words? looks like you've made some spelling mistakes

>anglos can't roll their R's


Calm down Thailand

Neither can Dutch

>tfw i can because of dora

get fucked faget


>tfw I can



i am pretty sure i have rolled my r's all of my life

pleas delet yuor post


that ahkgh sound is not rolled r

Dutch don't roll their R's, you guys have a gutteral clearing throat type of R sound. You can't fool me I have Dutch relatives.


>i am pretty sure i have rolled my r's all of my life
What kind of wacky village dialect do you speak?

>implying there is just one dutch dialect

vocaroo me your """rolled""" Rs then

when i say "are" i sound like a pirate

btw none of you can pronounce Ы

off course i exaggerated a bit

>wacky village dialect

pretty sure the only people with a french R are Br*banders

le Slav caveman grunt

wikipedia just says it's the same as the /u/ sound in "rude" in a southeastern britbong accent

sounds shit, only languages that should be rolling their Rs are Spanish, Italian and Russian

stick to your phlegm hocking clog wog, it suits you better

not even close lad
pretty good

I doubt you can do it correctly, it's a very specific movement of the jaw that takes practice to master

never claimed it was pretty

also your family is probably catholic scum

where are they from if they don't roll their R's?


wow so hard

that's not B and L cunt
thats Ы

cyka Ыyat

t.professional russian

>Arrf! Arrf! Grrrr!

You sound so cute!


Try pronouncing Щ and Ъ

>foreigner comes up to me and asks me a question in english
>pretend i can't understand them even though i can just fine
>they keep repeating themselves over and over again and getting more and more flustered
>keep saying "what?...uh, sorry, could you repeat that?"
>in the end they just give up
>walk off with a smug pepe face

This NEVER happened

Sorry mate...I can't understand your accent.

oi lad u w0t

ahmed plz
Ъ doesn't have sound dummy


t. cunt that invented bad accents


I hate the word "rural" in english. It sounds retarded as fuck.


>mfw it makes fucking sense

vocaroo it boland

what does it say?

Cant, I am at phone
Name of small town in Poland

>no one posted any german nouns



can you write it phoenetically?



дeды вoeвaли хэлoy

>я в шкoлe yчил нeмeцкий))))0

Shame it's a Latin word, then.