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>Rasheed edition



first for having small meat and being proud


The only place this is even a possibility is the Muslim world. Marrying too young is retarded, the optimal age is 25-30 but by then a western girl has been through the wringer so many times her pussy is desensitized and needs a Tyrone.

How small?

Used to practice facial expressions in the mirror back in secondary because I was so stone faced. Then I read a bunch of books on body and facial behaviour so I could read people and act out what they wanted to see.

I'm a literal sociopath now and I can't turn off this way of thinking even with my family.

Do you still have you boi hymen?

i can make an exception for slavic qts

Why is it only americans who are obsessed with cucking?

i'll sign this yeah

Gordon Brown texture like sun
Lays me down with my mind he runs
Throughout the night
No need to fight
Never a frown with Gordon Brown

Every time just like the last
On his ship tied to the mast
To distant lands
Takes both my hands
Never a frown with Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown, finer temptress
Through the ages he's heading west
From far away
Stays for a day
Never a frown with Gordon Brown

(La la la la la la la la leeeah)

Never a frown
With Gordon Brown
Never a frown
With Gordon Brown

browsing /brit/ can't much help with my essay writing ability

why do you retards think interracial is cucking

the inherent idea that black aren't humans is still deeply ingrained in their culture even if it is unsaid

do the whole thing as an action post

good song, bad post


5-6 inches

well hello

That's the depressing thing, there isn't a single cause. It's like a perfect storm of fuck ups and machiavellian politics at the worst possible times.

The last 15 years or so has luckily seen pretty good times for the most part in subsaharan africa

my boi hymen is haram.
I dont like blacks, sorry

it's just a fact of life in Burgerland

>used to work in an office
>almost entirely women work there
>they all gossip and make up shit about me for some reason

ah yes the so-called women


>supreme gentleman nu-male edition

queen runtess thinks she smoking hot

good song, good post

starving lads. send food

needs colonialism x

have a decent sized willy
it's a shame not many have been able to experience it

I'm keeping mine for a British (true) man.

>not wanting to have sex with your gf before marriage
literally muslims tier

>HR lady speaks talks about how constantly pointing out something, even if you see it as a good trait can be seen as bullying
>always points out that I'm quiet

Ah yes, women, truly these people are equal to me.

lads, i've shagged my arse so much with large toys that my hole is just too loose now

if i walk downstairs or jump slightly the force causes me to fart, or even worse, shit myself

is there anything i can do to re-tighten my arsehole?


Girl at work who wears tights is also gutted that she's being moved desks. They're putting her next to the most boring cunt in the office. Saying she'll miss all our banter and that we have to have lunch together every day or else she'll go crazy

should have thought of that before you killed all the kulaks in a blind rage you dumb yokel

shame indeed.

tonight the world diiiiieeeeesss iiiiii dont miiiiiiind



amputate your body from the belly up

what say you

to a game

to a

>working in the same building with women
ew, western society is so degenerative.

Women are far worse when shit talking about other women. They're very very jealous and pathetic creatures and always two faced

I swear there's something subversive behind these memes

in there like swimwear lad

would be better if we were separated imo
women cant sleep to the top that way

*sprints out from the bushes to warn the other runts*

But I was one of those kulaks, dumb nigga

>Women are far worse when shit talking about other women. They're very very jealous and pathetic creatures and always two faced

shall be stealing this

why do Sydney-siders have the best lingo,

or as I've taken to calling them, Gaerls

*ups the amount of fluoride in your tap water*
nah man it's just a meme haha

why does that yank reply to me? is he secretly in love with me or smth?






they literally are though

oh it's a song
i was really worried for a moment

killing yourself helps



found this post quite sinister

alri genghis

>forcing women to work
>get assblasted when they spend all the earnings on the hot and poor Pajeets
it's like you digged ur own grave

is your banjo string intact?

t. secretary slut

how did you know I'm in Sydney
*covers the walls of my room in aluminium foil*

shit like
>Haha when the KFC bruh give u 25 nuggets in a 24 pack lmfao 100 100

MUST be made by marketers

but memes like

>when u in the club and u take the whitest photograph possible lmfao

and the caption is

>lmfao look at the white ass niggas

and the comments are all self depracating white people commenting things like

>lmfao me xD xD 100 100

nah it's all cool mate chill, no apocalypse tonight promise


you've never talked to a woman have you lol
Even girls who are best friends have a lot of shit to say about each other

Why is Gordon the ultimate alpha name?

t. rasheed


the runts are close


might bum you later x

uganda be kidding me

*punches him in the face*
Gordon? Heh, more like POODON, fucking nerd
*kicks dirt in his face*

lads I'm at uni and everyone's talking chinese

fucking help

post african qts

get in there like swimwear

>forcing women to work
>get assblasted when they spend all the earnings on the hot and poor Pajeets
>it's like you digged ur own grave

*dobs you in to the rozzers for growing wacky backy*


lads im in bed and everyone is screaming in chinese

fucking help

learn mandarin

*I materialise in front of you, seemingly from nowhere*
mind if I measure your chest lad?


what is happening in this image

That's average

Congrats on getting into Cambridge

taking a nap lads
see you in a few hours x

Any Leeds lads coming?


bit gay

good post, liking it



nothing better than a fat cock twitching in your mouth as a hot load of spunk trickles down your throat

biiiit gay

tiny bit gay


>got a german bf
>he pays me for being a housewife
wow german must be tired of strong and independent women XDD

im feeling a bit jealous, i thought the runt trap i built was solid but this one takes it to a whole new level,

good post, GREAT feel

unironically like the idea of a cock in my mouth except that i don't want to taste another mans wee

*scratches at the floorboards of your bedroom when I hear you eating something loudly*
*breaths heavily and loudly from a hole in the pine boards in want of food*


do not care it's so hot

good lad

you don't taste piss, in the moment it doesn't matter anyway

go and take pictures




love the feeling of a warm, throbbing cock in my arsehole

chekken fahetters

the rug

>got a german bf
>he pays me for being a housewife
>wow german must be tired of strong and independent women XDD


what does it taste like then

matters to me it's absolutely revolting. the idea arouses me but at the same time disgusts me

m-mummy ;_;

>uni fresher's
>Speech made about creating "gender neutral" bathrooms
Ah yes, liberal brain washing


he's probably blessing it

>not going into battle with a blessed AK-74

so glad I went to uni years ago

shits gone down the pan



really ties the room together

how many layers of irony are you lads on right now?

a cock doesn't taste of anything

cum is just warm and salty, stop being such baby and just suck one


tbf you will do almost anything in the moment
I'm extremely OCD about hygiene (like actual OCD not meme OCD) but I'll kiss my girl right after she's sucked the spunk off my willy that was just inside her

why can't they just let me be a neet in peace

>shits gone down the pan
yes but the important part is it went down a pan that could be used by anybody x

my old college at uni used to be girls-only, but they changed to accept both genders in the 1980s or something - so all the toilets were already built just for one gender

literally never had a single issue desu, gendered toilets aren't necessary

i have a girlfriend unfortunately i can't just go sucking cocks

they tried to do this in my last year but lads still went in one and ladies still only went in the other

heard they got rid of the lads toilet just to force everyone into one, bit stupid

When I was last at uni I had to tick a box confirming that my gender was the same as assigned at birth. My uni had gender neutral bathrooms years ago.

There is no going back.

propose a threesome

quite good lad

quite good indeed

French women for englishmen 2bh.

could never share my girl with another man, i'm too jealous

They explicitly said it was to accommodate trans students though

gimmick idea: action post in real life using cut out asterisks

"Girlfriend, I think we should widen our circle, sexually"
*invites a mate round and sucks him off infront of her*

ah yes, what could possibly go wrong

stop roleplaying you bender

The gf told me when we started dating that she's uncomfortable sending naughty pictures

Today we had this conversation
Me: I'm buying you some sexy underwear and you ARE going to send me pictures
Her: yes daddy


find a gay man for a threesome

invite a gay man then


are you really complaining about that?

Things that didn't happen for $500 x


Why do Brits put so much sugar in their "tea"? It's disgusting

your daughter, apparently

youre out of your element

this is suck a fucking choon


*action posts in real life using cut out asterisks*

just copyrighted this aswell

Looking for willies to suck on Grindr

one of her best m8s is a handsome gay man and she told me he thinks i'm handsome too


do you have to reply to those birthday messages on facebook? what's the protocol?

I don't put anything in my tea.

You sure she doesn't have a weird relationship with her father?

go for it, you mad bender

I just disable my birthday and posting on my wall so that only my close friends who know when my birthday is can message me or use the group chat

that's his """idea""" of a """""stealthy"""" boast

I like any on my wall and thank any messages
not that there's much haha


only women and children do that, Ghengis
I'm sweet enough already x

Just like them each and do a "thanks to everyone for the birthday messages! :)" post


the lefty squealing types at uni can be fucking annoying pushing "issues" like this for trannies, etc (is there even a single tranny in the university? who knows) but in reality genderless toilets are utterly unremarkable and you shouldn't wind yourself up about it.

Please collect this runt immediately, if you fail to do so in the next 2 days he will be destroyed.

DO IT you won't regret it

I despise the daddy kink with everything I am. It's a personal thing

Well it did happen so sucks to be you


I am not sure of that

>job centre phone me up offering me two weeks of unpaid work at tesco
>they already have me doing two weeks unpaid at a call centre

Thought she was joking. Can't even wrap my head around these people.

the gf

That's retarded, trans people are a tiny minority and they would rather use a bathroom of their preferred gender anyway.

>I despise the daddy kink with everything I am. It's a personal thing
Daddy get a little handsy when you were younger lad?

bored out of my fucking mind

what can i do

business idea:
Campaign for runt rights

how can you tell?

>unpaid work
alri janny

Maybe if you wrap something around your head instead you could get a job in a corner shop

ah yes girlfriend do you mind if i suck off your best friend from childhood? thanks

why are you working for free?


She'll say "go for it, then we'll have even more in common"

Nah, dated a girl who based her whole life around her daddy kink and she cheated on me and I have major issues.

i have a thing for chavs 2bdesu

If I don't I'll get my bennies cut.

hid my birthday but still got a few posts weirdly

take the tesco job


>unpaid work
>four weeks

i'm guessing they count bennies as salaries except it's below fucking minimum wage for a month

got a SPLITTING headache lads
don't think I'm gonna make it x

Lads bit of a problem:
It's fresher's week, and I don't know if I should go out tonight. I'm fucking wrecked because I got fuck all sleep and still need to go the gym anyway. What do? Should I just leave it and go another night?

Correct. Slave labour for the private sector.

doing a grindr

get some stimulants in you lad

staring at a screen isnt going to help is it, you mong

ah yes, that is quite the conundrum
*walks off and locks the runt shed door behind me*

take an LSD

>using up your time in a thankless job for free
literally slavery

I'd take the NEETdom

you only get one freshers u cunt

this is some ridiculous bullshit
you should probably throw a pipe bomb in the parliament to send a message

I'm always weary of headaches since the last time I had a bad headache it turned out to be a mini stroke

>Unpaid work
Literal fucking slave labour, why are bennies so hard to get these days?

does anyone get offered a job after those trials?

staring at screens actually helps to relieve pressure in the skull and is the most effective headache remedy

t. scientist

I'll give you a mini stroke in a minute you woolly woofter

fair enough then

how'd that happen

Thanks, doc
*gets out a second monitor and goes cack-eyed trying to look at both of them*

if anyone told me to do unpaid labour I'd kick their teeth in tbqh

>unpaid work
is that even legal


*feeds on your cold intergalactic deluge*


(no i won't be going because i am an autist x)

>he unromantically watches molyneux and sargon


Do you have epilepsy? Click here and find out: youtube.com/watch?v=atkD-beZ9oI

because it's been approved by law makes and constitute some sub-law of some kind

Really makes you think

Thanks Doc

I would never do that.

Ps. I'm serious GCHQ I'll never do that
Pps. Just kidding, I probably will snap one day

>does anyone get offered a job after those trials?
Absolutely nobody gets one. Already asked around and not a single person has been hired from this scheme.

pretty sure you have to be on them for quite a while before you get sent on mandatory work experience

no worries frienderinos

if you have any more science questions i will be happy to help

appednwnweifwefbiebnfiw fiew iwefwief wefw23r2339

70% UK land is owned by 0.6% of the population.

We desperately need a Land Value Tax.

I have hypertension and am genetically prone to strokes.

I had a headache and figured a wank would be a good idea. Obviously it wasn't since I had a mini stroke and i'm fairly certain my long term memory is a bit fucked now

just showed my gf this post and she burst out laughing saying: "HAHA BET HE'S GAY everyone knows it's better to feel hot spunk shoot in your womb!!!!"

can't read icelandic

Hey guys can some one teach me how to banter?

All land belongs to the Crown?


L-Leave nature alone

alri the refugees can live in the places no one lives for a reason

Serious question:how does anyone here get on bennies long term? Surely you have some kind of qualifications and you'd get a job offer?

Yea technically but the legal claim over the land.

*trips you over*

what are you doing in france. noncing?

>have a stroke
>have a stroke

they don't really feel it in my experience

100% frog born and raised

thats because ar*bs all have the same names

>Tfw someone is trying to revive a gimmick you started many moons ago



Thanks doc

okay different question

what are you doing in /brit/

filled out a form for a free information pack on Islam a week ago but they still haven't sent it


Experiencing flashbacks from my short time in university.

Not good.

hey I've been down there
fell down at one point too and almost sprained my ankle

not anymore
*forfeits your nationality*
*disowns you*
*cuts both you hands with the guillotine*
alri runt

actually no

the european court of human rights overruled our parliament in regards to forcing job seekers to do unpaid work but the government is refusing to comply and appealing again
so basically they're dragging it out for as long as they can before they HAVE to comply

>tfw you're getting fucked up the bum and he slides his full length inside you for the first time

>inb4 you get a post bomb

hey i live near there :)

>tfw you can just about see my house in this picture

ah yes, the so called benders
or as I've taken to calling them, Gaelordsh

I know that feel. So good.

another frog eh?

and what are you doing in france/what are you doing in /brit/?

>Tories wanting to give free slave labour to business
wow who would have thought it

the runt meme is not funny anymore
ruined by normies yet again

just showed my gf this post and she burst into tears saying "he came up with the gimmick?!! good lad!!"


why is the English countryside so beautiful?

lucky cunt

have to send a nailbomb by mail to clacton on sea

*find a frenchman calling for help from a crevasse*
*turn around and walk away*
He wasn't there, lads. I suggest we search the mountains

Lately /fr/ has been a shitty circlejerk without the irony so I've come here seeking greener grass
Also I want to hike the UK so that post triggered me

i'm a semi regular on /brit/ desu
real frog too

eurocucks desu lads

>tfw starting uni
>Tfw no excitement or even energy for meeting new people or going out or doing anything
Ah yes, crippling depression

the french are the new italians

it just is x

(you have beautiful nature too x)

you guys are just ironic benders r-right?


then he starts going faster, and faster, and grabs your hips, and grunts, and.....

really fancy this girl in my flat
she said she likes horror movies
might ask her to go see the new blair witch movie

Gods own country, that's why lad

I think it looks rather dreary and depressing, though that may just be because of England's perpetually cloudy skies.

pls vote FN. thanks m8s

>be literally in europe
>not european somehow

ah yes

Because horizons for days

I can't say if it's a good thing or not

>voting for literal fascists

are you implying the netherlands is any different

That looks amazing, maximum cosiness

How can that possibly look dreary to you

because it's england and everything's just fantastic

French women are exclusively for English cock tbqh

>voting for controlled opposition

we've had this discussion

forgot to quote x

chest pains
which side is the heart on?

>wales feels european
>votes to leave the EU


y-yeah, imagine liking big juicy cocks inside you, h-haha

how can you identify as European? There is no unifying European culture

on the left hand

>Thank you for your interest in this position. We would like to invite you on-site for an in-person interview.
>The interview process will take about 1 hour.

A fucking hour? Am I going to get casting couch'd or some shit?

heart is where the home is
i'd suggest you look in your cumrag

I am in the continent of europe and thus a european?

it's not rocket science you dumb mick

right side

Be literally in the Americas
Not American somehow

>(3.97 MB, 4320x3240)
Shan't be opening this I'm afraid to say

Do you think a black or paki is English because he lives in England? Of course not

it's in the middle

Why the fuck does everyone have to "identify" as shit these days?
Can't we just get on with it?

how is that dreary?

this is dreary (but also comfy)

Nah, Dutch countrysides can be pretty depressing too... what little we have.

It does though. I like the landscapes of Southern France more but, once again, that's probably just the weather beautifying what's practically the same landscape.

canada has no real national identity

imo britain is in the best place socio-economically right now since forever

inb4 muh empire

hmm that's not what the question meant though

simple, you identify with a formless, cultureless and multicultural semi-facist hegemony


meaningless word and a bogyman

How long do you think an interview takes? That's around normal.

Or is it too long for a NEET to be out of his runt nest?

I do.


>do you feel european

not sure what else it could mean

You can fuck right off with that Pahjeet


there's either a presentation of the company or tests
i had """interviews""" that lasted four hours between all those things

With my last job, the interview lasted like 20 mins max.

ah yes very dreary

It's what dumb right-wing morons call globalisation.

Why yes, I am a hat poster. I have no genius and innovative ideas for quality content, and never had. I am deeply unimaginative and mediocre in every single aspect of my life. I will never be one of those revered /brit/ influencers, a trend setter, a visionary the likes the world seldom witnesses. I'll never be going hand in hand with them, crossing vast swathes of land and expanses of water in perilous journeys to concert and conveys to each other their latest finds, the rarest jewels born of a profound reflection on human nature. I am condemned to be the runt of the litter, ignored at best, despised and squashed underfoot at worst, I am in every single parts if my being inferior and unworthy, but deluded myself that I contribute in a major and wonderful way, despite all evidence to the contrary. I carefully select a hat picture that with my very limited brainpower I feel has the potential to elecit vivacious reactions from my captive audience, and once I send it, using for my ridiculous purpose thousand of kilometers of precious copper wire, the peak of technology and human achievement, my whole body shakes as if climaxing, for this pitiful act repulsive to all others is for me the sweetest nectar and the greatest of triumphs.

how is canada different from the US in any meaningful way?

that's clearly wrong, just look at scotland and wales

English countryside is comfy but I legit don't get why so many peopel fantasize about it
I mean it's great but it's something you can find in a lot of other countries

Trying too hard to get fedora'd 2bh

the posterior

Unironically envy NEETs on bennies desu, I can't crack daily life

globalism is an ideology globalisation is a process
reel your fucking neck in


>(2.55 MB, 6000x4000)
Shan't be opening this

in before he mentions the Queen

i did an interview for a Christmas supply room job Harvey Norman that took over an hour
wouldn't mind but all the job involved was lifting shit in an out of trucks

We aren't a nation of traitors founded on butthurt

>being against globalisation but also a capitalist

errr... what?

i'm trying to get pasta'd but i sorta botched this one in three places


but you wont get the A U T H E N T I C I T Y

make a new

Imagine unironically being Scottish

the amount of rain our country gets results in very luscious growth everywhere, everywhere else is a bit more arid and the colours a bit more saturated, if u get what i mean. we got our own flavour of countryside


*a wild new appears*

You alt-right memesters are pathetic. The left was warning about the dangers of globalisation 50 years ago. The right-wing supported it and actually believed in all those Neoliberal fairy tales that workers would be better off.

As usual, the left realise something then the right realise the same thing decades/centuries later.

>being against globalism or capitalism


frenchmen seem to love going to iceland, though.
awful and inconsiderate drivers who will stop in the middle of the road to take photos of horses. saving frenchmen who have gotten lost or stuck is a daily occurrance as well

got an interview lined up with a massive multinational corporation

mcdonalds lol

Oops I did it again
How about this

>very luscious growth

show me yours i'll show you mine xx

making a new thread

nice flag though

make a new thread



We are living in Thatcher's/Blair's Britain and it's shite

is that supposed to be nice

How is any Anglo nation substantially different from America?
>We have a different government and civic structure
>Very different history
>Different collective identity
>Different accent and sometimes language
>Different views on human rights and our role in the world

That's why I call myself a Conservative Socialist.

Capital always seek to dominate foreign markets and expand globally. Only socialism can prevent this. As Capital moves abroad, immigration and multiculturalism becomes common and conserving the nationhood you once had becomes important.

Red Pill: Conservative Socialism.

>(1.17 MB, 1200x803)
Shan't be opening this either

Of course not, Nice is a proper city user


don't be a spacker

of course that looks nice

>That terrain colour
It's like a dirty browny green, disgusting.

that's just the pakis

>founding colonies
leave that to the anglos, we celts are much better at taking over colonies with mass immigration :^)

Well yeah the mountains nearby look like this, that's what happens where it doesn't rain 24h/24h

Well, it is surrounded by mountains from pretty much all sides. I think its airport was built because prior to its construction the only ways you could reach Nice were by boat or by passing through the mountains.

I think you and her should have fucked about the same. If she spent her youth fucking many athletes all the time, and you strugled to have, like, 3 long shitty relationships, then its totally unfair with you. Woman have sex when they want, men, when they can... My solution is to become Chad and fuck about the same, by brother got ripped and now he fuck all the bitchezz, i am about to do the same

>Hilary's IT guy asked reddit for help deleting emails and has now been caught

could there be anymore of a meme election?