I'm so fucking tired to live in Russia. The elections showed that the Putin's party won again. Presence of the electorate were less than 48% of the whole population. People are desperate, and now it's even more depressing. I can't leave the country just right now, what would you do on my place? How to survive and not become insane in such hell? Suicide doesn't count.

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practice clarinet

You have a pro putin party?

United Russia? you know, the party Putin's in?

Edinaja Rossija (United Russia). Yes it's basically Putin's party.

I have some hobbies, or it's kinda psychological? Like the music will make me calm or what?

>So fucking tired to live in Russia.
>In Russia.

Don't mind my flag. I'm on a vacation.

sorry i didnt read the first sentence, i thought OP is from ukrain

Poland isn't better. Shit happens.

But you won't go to a jail if you repost the swastika on Russian facebook. And you don't have such corrupted government. I'm not sure about that in Poland but i guess it's also different - your police isn't a synonym of a criminal gang.

>won't go to a jail
>corrupted government
>your police isn't a synonym of a criminal gang
Well, at least I can go work in Germany and never come back...

n a c n o p t

Poland doesn't have oligarchs, 5th column jews, richest businessmen are poles there.

These things mean it will always be better in Poland.

>I'm on a vacation
t. Donbass fighter

Why dont you like Russia?

What's so bad about it

What do you mean implying? It's already facts. We have a guy who's about to go to a jail just because he played POKEMON GO in a church. It's just an example. I'm telling you Poland is sure thing better than Russia in all of these cases.

It doesn't matter what you think. You keep your right to not belive me but it doesn't change the topic. I live in Moscow if that matters.

How's Ukraine? Why don't you stay there?
Where are you ? Eastern or western part,?

>Poland doesn't have oligarchs
>5th column jews
>richest businessmen are poles there

M8, we are the little Russia...
Life is suffering and it's not really probable it will be much better in next 20 years.

Dude, i already explained a tip of the iceberg. Do you think it's normal that a citizen have no freedom of speech in 21th century? Do you think it's normal when the biggest country in the world with such population which the first stepped out into space has only 300$ as an average salary? Do you think it's okay if i'm as a citizen in afraid of the police just because they're another gang, even worse than just a regular gang.

How does that affect the average citizen tho?

Who cares if you can't post a swastika? Why the fuck do you need to be an edge lord

If you don't want to be arrested by police don't commit crimes like a nigger

It's literally cry from the heart. I just wanted to be heard and maybe discuss it with adequate people. I'm 100% aware such threads attract Finnish\Polish\ENTER A NAME\ haters but it also doesn't matter. The matter is what's the solution? What would you do during the time you have to live in the country?

I would make the best of it and start a business.

there's opportunities everywhere, everyday

Go west Pjotr, we need white immigrants

At least you kick ass in the middle east btw

> I would make the best of it and start a business.
There is a such thing called 'bratva' in Russia that won't let you start a business

>What do you mean implying?
Slav Democracy is a joke.
Like we have 2 gang parties trying to get full power and suck contry's economy dry. Nothing will change, not even military coup is possible, because our military has been "professionalised" and we don't have real military...
Life is suffering.

Join the Bratva.

There's a solution to every problem. There's rich and successful people in Russia? How do they do it?

Copy them. Become them.

You don't quite understand what i meant by the swastika. For example watch the pic. It's not only about the swastika, it's about the whole possible situations when you don't support the government. It leads to North Korea where you can only say good things about the emperor.

Now about a citizen. I can't seek a defence with the police in cases when someone is trying to kill me. You know we have a "saying" about it here. "Call us when you're already killed" kinda. The second example is it's when the police doesn't perform its plan well enough so they frame hobos or just regular people. You may ask how'd they do that? Obviously they kick the shit out of you or threaten you or your family so you'll sign all the papers.

The pic

>Join the Bratva.
Kek, he doesn't know how the Slav work.

> You don't quite understand what i meant by the swastika. For example watch the pic. It's not only about the swastika, it's about the whole possible situations when you don't support the government. It leads to North Korea where you can only say good things about the emperor.
You mean the insulting of Christians?

Poland >>>>> Russia, stop trying to prove your shit smells worse

>just because he played POKEMON GO in a church.
God thinks pokemon go is for faggots. Get over it.

Yes. But i meant all the cases.

No I get what you mean.

But I'm saying this doesn't rly affect the AVERAGE citizen.

I mean do you REALLY need to shit talk the government on vk or whatever?

The police thing is bad I agree but just do what u can instead of complaining.

Start business, get rich, move to North America. I'm sure theres something you can do

Well, ok.

Dude, it's not the time for jokes. Imagine you're not able to watch netflix, or pornhub, or wearing a tshirt which is grey coloured but the grey colour now is banned in Russia (i'm not serious but i hope you got the point).


Their minds are communism free, they won't understand you.

Lmao god it must suck living in a country other than America or Canada

But we do understand

It sucks but you either have to adapt, get ahead and leave or kill yourself. No other option

>Or Canada

Thanks for thinking of us, bud

Okay, another explanation. The majority here doesn't have a facebook account, just because we have ours and it's in some means better. But our facebook is a government instance. So if me as an oppositioner PMed my friends that i don't like the government OR that i smoked weed OR i don't think it's a good thing to be christian OR "enter your example" - i'd got visited by the police and they will arrest me. The evidence is a text which is in my ""private"" zone. It's exactly about an average person because i only use our facebook for a few things, for messaging i use telegram\kik and such. I don't understand why you disagree that the censorship of the internet is a barbarian thing in 21th century. And even more, i'd go to a jail just because i texted something.

so what if it doesn't affect the average citizen? all better be mindless sheep and working machines without any opinions, amirite?

Np lil homie

If Portugal had a program to bring over as many of you (of those who aren't complete) as it could and give you free citizenship, would you take it? And would maybe Ukrainians take it too?

Imagine in this scenario that this country actually has a future unlike now.

No it's wrong. It's not right that people only have two options. We rule our govenment and we choose it not the opposite (but it's opposite here). I really wish that the west somehow overthrow Putin, because here we can't do that.

I'd do that, but how? I only know Swedish and English, i haven't finished master degree yet.


Australia is better than both

I wouldn't mind but learning a new language would be tough

>so what if it doesn't affect the average citizen? all better be mindless sheep and working machines without any opinions, amirite?

I didn't say it was good.

It's bad, anyone would agree. But I'm saying it's not THAT unlivable.

>You disagree

But I don't disagree. I know it's fucked up just saying you should do whatever you can to immigrate to Canada/the US or else you'll still be in Russia complainimg 20 years from now

Duly noted.

Actually i'd do that. But i can't imagine myself living in such hot weather plus i don't really like the romance languages. But still, would do that.

run away brotha

why are russian on this board so depressed and self hating ?

I don't hate myself and i have things to like in Russia. It's just super depressing when your country dies and you're that limited that you can't do anything about it.

I will.

>But i can't imagine myself living in such hot weather
You're in luck, the July average for my city is lower than that of Moscow. The climate here is Oceanic from the Mondego upwards. And everyone speaks English.

>I really wish that the west somehow overthrow Putin, because here we can't do that.
As Polack I will shit on Putin all day, imprerialistic Russia is not in our interest. But from the outside of Russia perspective most of his action are the lesser evil, not bad for Russia. He isn't the real bad guy there imho.

not that unlivable only if you are somehow privileged. otherwise when you see shit and realise you can't do anything about it other than leave, get drunk or high or both, it's extremely painful tbqh

I'd take it without a doubt.

Well it's good. But can you say that with only English i'd find a good job? Even in Sweden you have to know the language but the whole country is about to fluent level in English. I don't know that much about your regions but i look super nordic and the sun is my natural enemy hehe.

Just get a job and start saving. Use money to leave or just travel to get your mind off this frozen post-commie shithole. It's the only way.

>It's just super depressing when your country dies and you're that limited that you can't do anything about it.

do you think in the west we have the choice to do what we want with our country ? concentrate on yourself and making money, build a business, there is tons of shit to do. Being busy and making money keeps depression far from you

It's hard to travel now, rub is fucked up. And it's almost impossible to leave by means of money.

My salary is about 1k$. I have to pay for rent\food etc. In a good month i can save 100$. How do i accumulate 15$k minumum (approximately) for Canada for example?

I understand but you need to find solutions

If your country is a super shithole then figure out what you need to do to leave and how you'll accomplish that.

Don't get stuck complaining with no action because then you'll be complaining in 2, 5, 10, 50 years

Use I N T E R N E T

Tons of ways to make money these days, even from Siberia or Cambodia

i am going to leave. it saddens me to know there are people who want to leave but can't

Just become a trap and let me fuck your boipussy and mouth, then I will make you citizen.

You're right it's a basic method when you broke up with a gf for example. But as i said ITT, it's impossible to create a business and yeah, of course i'm making money but how do i deal with that the dollar currency is higher and higher and our economy is based on the oil? I know there is no perfect countries but at least you can choose where to travel, or you can eat "expensive" food. Here we don't have imported goods except phones\cares etc. I don't count bread from Finland or milk from Belarus or soda from Asia, it's all "shit tier".

>But can you say that with only English i'd find a good job?
Perhaps. But I'm not trying to convince you to do it now as the current conditions are terrible and they do not make for good future prospects.

However, the main fault in the country is the sheer lack of educated manpower. It's the only thing keeping the place in the economic shadow of Spain. We could solve this by giving you a program that would help with jobs, citizenship for those of you who wanted to come. The country is pretty and above the Mondego or the 40ºN line summers are temperate by Russian and Ukranian standards.

Not everyone is this young to be become a trap here. Not me though :3

> knowitall, 20-yo student
I remember being a happy pepe just like you.


We don't even have Netherlandish cheese.

>milk from belarus
>shit tier

Why dont you like real girls

If you want something bad enough you'll find a way.

If you don't, you'll find an excuse

You can start a software company.
Internet is cheap and fast in Russia isn't it?

And it cost almost nothing to start.

But this guy kinda right. You need to do something. Don't see any other way but to leave this country? Start doing something. Learn English, find out what jobs are demanded in good countries, try to get one.

>We rule our government and we choose (but it's opposite here).
>I really wish that the west somehow overthrow Putin, because here we can't do that.

You think Grass is so much greener on the other side.
You think a overthrow would do you any favors.
We are so corrupt in Western Europe you can't even smell it.

We have a lot of them.

>$1000 salary
>~65 000 rub

Holy shit, not bad. I would kill for a salary like that.

You know what i mean. Belarusian milk is tasty but it's not about that, it's about the choice.

That's actually the greatest idea i've seen for a long time. That's what i meant for "overthrowing Putin". If the western countries made programs for our stundets with all the aspects like "our currency is shit" etc. We'd stream there. And it's a winning case for both of us. Because a) we barely have that different mentality, at least closer than the muslims. b) the people who'd go are educated and motivated to continue with education. c)as an option it could be like a credit for our students, for example when you finished the education there you have to work on a job that the government will set you, it'd cover up the losses for the education if it's not free.

I do but only THICC ones.

Where are you from
65k its very poor

She is fat
It's normal in US to be a fag mm? For green card you can search really beautiful girl

>start a business.
>in Russia.

As i said i don't think it's so much greener. But i know a lot about Sweden for example. All the things you take for granted in Sweden - here you'd not even imagine you could have that. Scholarship and eternal education is an example. You live in a country where the government at least cares about the citizens. You have freedom, you're able to be a NEET or travel, it's up for you. Here it's only for middle(?)-upper class. And the class is less than 20% of the population.

It's in Moscow so it's not that much. But it obviously is with the 300$ average.

They also work only 6-8 hours a day

Lol, it's not even counted. For me it's like a heaven on earth. I can't imagine myself even a week off. And my day starts in 8 and i finish in 20-00.

Nice digits apart, it's an idea I've been having for a long time and it just makes sense. And even countries like Portugal by using those measures could atract students and workers since we can't give you the expectation of a large salary unlike say a UK or Germany but we can give you a pretty, perfectly temperate land with literally no ethnic tensions and humble, helpful people.

Too bad there is no interest in this from our part.

Citizens of North Korea obviously found their excuses I suppose.

I am also from Moscow. And I can barely find and hold a 28k job.

>She is fat
Are you a gay?

post some, famalan

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Glad I got out of Russia, you're a shit white trash people. Much like niggers crying about evul whitey you cry about evul jooz and anti Russian propaganda. People get the government they deserve and you definitely deserve to live in your shit hole. Especially since your biggest complaints are Jews and not being able to post swastikas on Facebook, what're you 12?

Кaкoe oбpaзoвaниe?

Fucking traps isn't gay if her penis is small and feminine.
THICC girls are the most beautiful in the world btw.
If you don't want to fuck this, you need to go to the doctor to check your testosterone levels.

You should re-read the thread, my young friend. Even if the case is "we deserve our government" how do i and people like me live here?

I read the thread, yeah Russia sucks but what no Jews and swatikas will make it better? Leave, fight, or die. You don't have other options but don't sound like an edgy 12 year old complaining about not being able to go full nazi, you can't do that in most 1st world countries without consequences now

No you didn't read it then. It wasn't about nazis. They can go to hell. It's about freedom. And yes, yet i haven't left the country so the question was how to make it easier. What would you do if you have no option of leaving for now. Fighting with the system is meaningless. Leave isn't the word for that in Russia it's more like exist.

people deserve the government they have

>not being able to post swastikas on Facebook
What do you have against posting swastikas? It's a freedom of speech.

We should go to the west. Bless our romanian brothers for giving us their citizenship.

You can't make it easier, Russian and Ukraine are both shit and if you aren't rich you're gonna have a bad time no matter what. If they were good countries my family wouldn't have come to Israel. Just move somewhere. I see none Jewish Ukrainians and Russians here every day and if they could figure out how to get out of that hell hole so can you

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And you need to move out america, cause among all fat people obesity looks ""sexy""

> и тeм бoлee мyжикoв c cиcькaми
Tипa тaбy, нo нe гeйcтвo, oн жe в пapикe. A тaбy пpивлeкaют, дa

It's a retarded freedom of speech, just like yelling nigger out loud in a public place, you can't do it in America without consequence either and I know for a fact nazis don't get arrested in Russia because they have the most neo nazi gangs in the world. Say you have the right to say and do nazi shit, then what? Is Russia gonna be better? Will pay be good? Will jobs be created? Crime and corruption lowered? Obviously no. So complain about real problems or look like an idiot.

Comrades, it's clear as a day why Zalupin won.
Look, he's been in Kremlin since 1999 and all his opponents- since the late 80's. Obviously among kinda shit people choose the less old. We need new faces from new parties.

>Я тян и coвepшeннo нe пoнимaю вaшeгo дpoчa нa жиpyх
They can feed their embryos and sucklings with their fat. But actually we don't ever think about it and just want to fuck them because they are damn hot.
And that girls aren't жиpyхи. They have normal body fat. Жиpyхи have much more fat or bad curves.

You deserve niggers you have

Russia also has the most Muslims in Europe and the most immigrants. In 25 years you will have more Chinese and churkas than Russians

I don't think you can do that in the EU either

> Is Russia gonna be better? Will pay be good? Will jobs be created?

Yes. People are divided, they think "i have a bad salary and it's only me who has the problems". They don't know that the country is all the same in regions. If people talk about problem the solution will come up. If you objectively critisize the government and people can see it, they can at least think about it.

It's impossible. Hodorkovsky, Navalny - where are they now?

He ищи ceбe oпpaвдaний, пилoт плз. Teбя имeннo пpивлeкaeт мyжик, и нe вaжнo в пapикe или бeз
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> if it have penis, means you are gay
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Also I'm not fat, I am 1.78m 67kg.

>It's a retarded freedom of speech,
No. It's a normal freedom of speech. I don't support killing Jews but idiots who want to post swastikas should have a right to do so.

>Say you have the right to say and do nazi shit, then what? Is Russia gonna be better? Will pay be good? Will jobs be created?
The probability of such things rises. Freedom of speech doesn't guarantee an economical success, but it's absence generally leads to an economical or political failure.

Navalny isn't an alternative as he sank the only relevant party- Yabloko. Thus he lost the trust. At least mine.

And what? Our muslims are white and not radical , not terrorists))))

You're just proving my point, if you really believe posting swastikas will somehow fix those problems you're an idiot.

If you can't criticize your government without being nazis you problem aren't intelligent enough to deserve living in a better country.

Your logic is also horribly flawed, Ukraine problems aren't people thinking only they have those problems. It's that half the idiots think being nazis will solve it and half think being Commies will. Both those things will never help you.

I think that's a bad sign.

>Why do you think that fat cows are hot?
I don't think. It's the matter where nobody thinks. I just feel.

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Do you think the election have been rigged? Like literally rigged. 75% or however well United Russia did is baffling.

Feel nedoyob yes?)

You've been triggered and are unable to discuss adequately. Instead of swastikas it might be anything, like claims that muslims should not be allowed into the country because they do not fit in it.

Navalny has his good sides, but it doesn't matter. Politkovskaja, Nemtsov - why are they dead?

Can you please stop saying swastika? Can you forget the word? Why are you so limited that you can only see SWASTIKA? What if i want to post gay flag, or ANYTHING FUCKING ELSE? Why i have no right to post what i want and critisize whoever i want? Geez, i'm triggered by you. Please don't reply if you don't understand the topic.

I lol'd at these c.u.c.k.s. Putin is the only reason why aren't you living in a balkanized ghetto of a country. Well you self-hating slavs would have loved it since your only wish is to go abroad thinking of the west as a pot of gold under the rainbow.

maybe, call it karma, but all the shit you do you have to pay it one way or another. the mass of french are brainless low testo faggot that only live to pays bills and buy a new sofa for watching the last avengers on a 1080p screens. No religion, no soul nothing just meat. At least nigger want to live, sometime i wonder if white really want to

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>Why are you so limited that you can only see SWASTIKA?
They were killed in amount of about 6 million, so it's understandable. Ukrainians should also be concerned about Russians after Holodomor, but they weren't and that is the cause why they were'nt ready for a war with Russia and lost Crimea eventually.

Yeah, it's just that the dudes were talking as if russia was the only backwards shithole with no free speech, but the same applies to the EU as well

>Politkovskaja, Nemtsov - why are they dead?
What why? They're dead because of chechens who works for zalupa. Let's be serious, Nemtsov wouldn't be elected anyway due to aggressive tv rethory against all "opposition" politicians. YOu know, sorta shit. Like in Ukraine. All of them.
30% is the voters turnout. None wants to vote. The only alternative is the Internet elections like in Estonia.

Definitely. But it does not matter because Russians would elect some fascist anyway.

It wasn't rigged, that's the point. But the electorate were less than 48% of us. Which means people don't go because they're desperate "my voice doesn't change anything it is gonna be Putin". The ones who did voted for him with their reasons. I'm not saying they're not smart, but it's a lot who went through the 90s and it was a terrible period of time for them, they belive it won't get worse with the current government.

I've said a lot of times. I don't think the west is a promised land. I have no choice because my country is dying.

That's only in Germany. It's not an EU law.
There's nothing stopping me from posting a swastika if I wanted to.

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The only thing I can suggest is try to find peace with yourself and distract yourself. For me, I love listening to music, entertaining philosophical debates, and when the need arises, play a decent shooter game.

Something something hormones in processed food

This Slav gets it. Putin is the lesser evil.

I didn't say you shouldn't have the right too, I said it stupid. It won't fix anything.

None of those things depend on freedom of speech as much as you think. Corruption and economic problems are way worse in Russia than free speech.

Lololol fuck off churka, you think I've never seen your Muslims before

>net terrorist
Chechens? Dagestanis? Look you Russian posters aren't doing yourself any favors. These people are worse then Arabs and savages who cut faves off Russians before. No use arguing with someone this out of touch

In Russia we call it "internal emigration".

russia is the saviour of muh white race :DD muh traditional values muh christianity

That's what i said. Chechens aren't our enemies tho, except the band of Kadyrov. But that's the point, people afraid. It's either jail or being killed. With such state we can't find a new blood.

>Corruption and economic problems are way worse in Russia than free speech.
I was talking about general principles.
As for Russia, even the corruption is not the biggest problem here.

It's not only him, it's all his party, it's all the functionary he set in the regions. He definitely knows the real state of affairs. He's also guilty for all the propaganda.

Much non degenerate women, muh conservative populace :DD

I'm not triggered, that was your main argument. About the Muslims shit, again no country allows it in the west. Yet they're all better then Russia. Just because you don't understand what makes Russia shit doesn't mean that if you said whatever you want that it would get better. If you can't comprehend that than you are the one who can't have a proper conversation about this.

Your missing the point, I just picked out one of your arguments. My point is that the things you bitch about are a problem everywhere and not what makes Russia shit. Let's say your gay example, so you run around the street being a giant faggot in public, then what? Will your government stop stealing your money? Will drunk bydlos not try to beat you? Will jobs be created because of this? Will cops stop being thugs? The answer is obvious

M8 I'm not even triggered, I'm on Cred Forums after all. I've seen enough swatikas and nazis to not care. I was just trying to say it's a pointless thing to want and won't fix the problems. The fact that Russians are so caught up in wanting to say things they wouldn't be able to say almost anywhere else, while saying them in Russia anyway is just dumb.

But you'd lose your job or be attacked by leftists, absolute freedom of speech is a myth

>mfw western thinks that their countries "problems" are even comparable to eastern problems

you don't know shit

its like Chile but with smarter people and no shitty music

Complete freedom of speech wouldn't work would it?

Are you arguing that unless your country is literally the worst on earth then you have no right to complain?

Chechens aren't your enemies, until they become majority and enforce shariah law and start cutting Russian faces off and bring all their Muslims friends there too. You know they're funded by Saudis right?

Then you worded it badly, tell me then what are the real problems in Russia if not corruption and economic?

go to Moscow and get fucked up

>I'm not triggered,
>M8 I'm not even triggered
Oh yeah.

You don't know how a democracy works. There is no sense to discuss any further.

By at all, I'm arguing that Russians are mad about the wrong things and not the real problems. They obviously should complain but when your politicians and cops rob you and your economy is shit complaining about freedom to post swastika or even freedom to be gay isn't gonna fix it. Russia could be an entire country of anti Putin swastika wearing faggots and Russia would still be shit

Yeah my bad for trying to use logic and have a discussion with you, clearly you're unable too. Which bring me to my first point, Russians get the government they deserve. I've lived in Canada and Israel, I know more about domocratic process then you probably ever will. Anyway good job countering my points, I'm sure you have a bright future

>tell me then what are the real problems in Russia if not corruption and economic?
Anti-intellectualism, stupidity, jail culture, bad education, imperialism, hatred towards a freedom, democracy, free market and rule of law, innate inclination to fascism. Bad economy, dictatorship and total corruption are just consequences.

>I'm sure you have a bright future
On what basis did you make that (obviously totally wrong) conclusion?

at least we can bath in 'hard times create hard people meme'
but tbqh, north-westerners are pussies

You literally just completely proved my argument. If jail culture and stupid people are a problem than again Russians deserve what they got and democracy would just give them power.

All those things you named after are related to economy or corruption. Whether consequences or not you still just admitted those are the real problems and it has nothing to do with what the Russians here cried about

You still don't understand what the freedom of speech contains. I'll explain it once again and maybe you'll figure how it sovles our mail problems.

1. No school propaganda. The USA is an enemy they taught them, the WEST is gay and without a culture. All this kind of bullshit makes their opinion about Putin.
2. Church is separated from the government. Now it's not. Now i can't say shit about christianity if i ever wanted to, now our church says the same propaganda as in the schools. The west is shit kinda.
3. As i said if i'm able to talk about problems, and other people can hear it here, they can discuss it, they can blame the government, not the USA or sanctions.
4. Our magazines, our TV is a monopoly. Our news is always about Putin did nothing wrong and the west is shit, you have to deal with your shitty life for the greater good and you should blame the west.

I don't even want to continue it's too obvious that our problems could be solved just by that. ----> If someone like you say robbed me and police didn't something about it if i have an option to accuse them and make it in public they won't do that again, or if they would people find a replacement.

Can you whining fucks stop shilling?

GTFO already.
Get education and emigrate if you don't like it that much.

Oh, wait, that actually takes some effort.

Israel, stop.

About swastikas again. ( I have bad English so I am unable to say all things that I want to say therefore sometimes I don't give some arguments which hard to express for me.)

>Forbid swastikas.
>Nothing bad happens since this prohibition cannot affect the prospects of society.
>the idea of banning something else arises. Why not? We already banned swastikas so we can ban something else likewise.
>eventually something very important getting banned preventing a society from solving arising challenges.


fucking cry baby

russia is fucking awesome

land of opportunities

I will immigrate don't you worry my putinbot. But i actually care about my country and before i left i have to deal with the reality. I also have my parents to care about so now you can go fuck yourself fucking retard :)

>it has nothing to do with what the Russians here cried about
Most Russians cannot determine these problems because of lack of education.

>t. faggot
It's not ,problems you silly, western world is full of cucks and betas, Russia is the only country with normal white men, not """"men"""" like in EU and US where women fuck turks niggers etc because white are maximum pussies

I suggest you to move here.

Please make yourself disappear, it's either brainwashed as fuck or a putinbot.

russians are the most educated peoplel in the whole world
I was born in russia

>typical Russian idiot
Please. I'm sick of all that shit. I came here not for reading that bullshit again.

Do you honestly believe this stuff? Have you ever left Russia?

>I was born in russia
Fine. Then it would not be a problem for you.

Just don't pay attention to him.

You should make a researchment my pro russian friend. As i said, i could call myself as a patriot, it's exactly what separates me from the dummies who voted Putin. Our education is decent BUT it has its propaganda. And by saying decent i mean it can compete western education (it's about universities), the thing you mean by educated is probably "survivers", because the most of russians are. It means we can find a solution in a critical situation.

Why do you think quality of life and the economy are so much better in countries like the baltics? Countries that westernised and left Russia behind after the ussr, while countries like Belarus, Ukraine are all kinda crap?
Even if you are a racist, these countries don't have many black people or Turkish people.

Russian education sucks at economics, politics and history.

As i said, stop paying attention to him. Supposably
he's brainwashed so it's meaningless. I'm glad ITT it's not the majority of Russians just like him.

I'm actually studying economics in HSE (Highest School of Economics\ BЫШКA) i think it's pretty decent also, for example my friend went to the Oxford for PhD xp.

>As i said, stop paying attention to him
No, let him examine him. And I don't think he is just brainwashed and should be ignored. The very people like him determine the future of Russia.

> pretty decent
Maybe. But it's only one from some two or so universities of that kind here.

Liberashkas pls
It's true, now even in Russia, Moscow Spb there are a lot of fags who aren't men. I am from small town and can say that I really see the difference.
Moscow ""man"". Feminist, infantile, unmanly liberal hipster, in 25+ non married. Lol.
In western countries ALL men like him. Because of lasy rich life
I 've been in Germany for example. All youth dressed like hipsters, men and women. Non feminine woman feminists, unmanly man cuckolds. Men's behaving like that disgust

And you still think that he's not brainwashed? Maybe you're right, i see it as a huge trolling.

I thought about those people a lot. No, they aren't brainwashed. Back in 1990-s there were no such a large scale brainwashing in Russia nevertheless these people always existed. They appeared long before Putin's brainwashing. That brainwashing just made them more confident and bold to say what they really think.

>Allegedly I have access to Scholarship and eternal education
>Allegedly I have a number of Freedoms that don't exist in russia
>Allegedly I'm able to travel on a lower class wage
>I make 69000 rub a month after taxes and a kg of butter at the store costs me 500 rub.

Let's say all these observations are accurate.
Where is Sweden going?
The Swedish national debt has gone up 330% since 1970 -with monetary inflation accounted.
Russia might not offer a sweet education, but the Ruble will be strong for generations to come.

Holy shit.

>Holy shit.
250 Rubles for 1/2 a kilo of butter, I know right?

Something like that, yes. And yes, it is called butter. But no, it is not butter.

Dude, you're wrong you should read the basics of economics. It's from the same thing like "why an hour in macdonalds in germany costs like 15 eu and in russia 100rub (1~ eu) it's about salary obviously, and your national debt is the same thing. For example the USA has a huge debt but it's still one of the bests.

But actually I was shocked about the ruble and its strength.

>For example the USA has a huge debt but it's still one of the bests.
>one of the best

Debt is poverty that has been deferred to the future.
Debt is like a poverty boomerang.
A boomerang that hit's your grandchildren, if you plan to have any.

Relax. Russia defaulted twice in the past 25 years even having a low debt short before that.

Dont think of Russia as a country, think of it as a planet.
If you have a job, shut the fuck up you whiny self loathing sack of shit. You are luckier then most of your peers and you will take that luck and love it, even if you are 'depressed'

If not, look for one, look for things to do. Dont look toward the west, because they dont agree with you, they hate you, and they just love it when you hate yourself.
Dont hate yourself and your people to try and impress them.
Turn to religion for help, unless its 'too primitive; for you and in that case go be a faggot somewhere else.
Youre not the one in hell faggot, you dont know what hell is. Quit your fucking moaning

No it's not. Debt is the same as an investment. For example would you rather invest in BMW company or in Volvo? And what if you have an third option as "Lada" (russian brand and i think you haven't heard about it). So what's the priority? Let me guess the first one is BMW, the second is Volvo (if you're not that patriot hehe). It's the same thing with countries. The USA\Sweden has its debt but those who invests there are sure that the economy is strong and will pay back. The more stronger economy the more stronger debt, basically you have a really strong turnover of money. It works like that with any business. That's why old economics like Russia has a currency tethered to the gold stock, and the USA hasn't.

make something great for yourself

LOL Intellectualism is the cancer who kills my country, France produce a lot of "intellectuals" and they are all leftist neo-marxist bullshit responsible of the massive cuckoldry in the western world.

гoy eј вeeј, двaч eнд cтeј гoy

Thank you, but it's not comparing, i care about my "hell". Sure thing i have a job, but what about my friends or my relatives or just decent people who haven't job? It's not their fault. And as i said before i don't hate myself. It's just getting worse, the situation. The west, i think they don't even care actually do i hate myself or not. But if so i'd choose the adequates of them.

They don't sound like intellectuals to me m80. They sound like a bunch of dirty weak knee'd conformists.

Intellectuals made your country great some 200 years ago. Enlightenment, French Revolution, democracy, rule of law etc.

> they are all leftist neo-marxist bullshit responsible of the massive cuckoldry in the western world.
Those are idiots not intellectuals.

Russia >>>>> Bosnia

Shove that >>>>> up your weak ravaged ass

>and they are all leftist neo-marxist bullshit responsible of the massive cuckoldry in the western world
And they have jobs under or indirectly under the government of France.
''We can't have a class of people selling non Marxist ideas for a living''


>That flag
>I'm on a vacation
Then why dont you just vote before it? If you think that something went wrong with your country then you must to vote. Or all this thread is just another ukrainian provocation? Now is not the easiest times, but you can have absolutely full live here.

I'm in Crimea atm.
I voted in Simferopol.

can u post proofs?

Yes, but what for?

I have been reading this thread very attentively and its very informative. I just want to confirm youre crimean because it will help me in changing my opinion on this topic

I was born in Crimea right after the USSR fell. Then i lived in Russia, then i lived in Crimea because of reasons and now i'm a russian citizen (it's happened before the crimean thing). The green document says that i had been registred in ukranian recruitment office. The bottom doc says i was born in Bakhchisaray, Crimea. I wonder to hear about your opinion.

You can compare with my pic if you're not able to write in cyrillic.

wow, thanks for sharing that with me friend. I was born in Pakistan and recently moved to America. I want to tear my hair out when Cred Forums trolls say "based putin xddd". Hes an asshole, he imprisons the press, he jails opposition, those "mysterious murders" etc.

I feel very bad for Ukraine and Pakistan and Ukraine are.very similar. We both have asshole neighbor who is bigger than us (u have russia we have india) and both of us have been fucked over. One of the mistakes Ukraine made was giving up nukes. If you had nukes Russia wouldnt dare step foot in crimea. The difference is we realized that in conventional warfare India would destroy us, so we use Mujahideem groups because we can only wage war assymmetric. But Fuck Russia Putin wants USSR 2.0. Also America is an unreliable ally, we both have learned that the hard way.

It's a complicated topic, about Crimea. I am not dare to stand on someone's side because a i know both. But about the USSR 2.0 it's completely true. It's disaster, but the thing is if he dies it won't actually change something because we have people behind him.

If Putin dies obviously.

He знaю, чeгo ты тaк пpямo pыдaeшь oт бeзыcхoднocти, нo aбcoлютнoe бoльшинcтвo пoтpeбнocтeй, тaк вoзжeлaeмых тoбoй, мoжнo yдoвлeтвopить, нe oтпpaвляяcь зa гpaницy. Ecли зapплaтa нe ycтpaивaeт, тo пoлyчи oбpaзoвaниe, oпыт нa cвoeй paбoтe и ищи бoлee oплaчивaeмyю paбoтy. Teм бoлee, ты живeшь в Mocквe. Ha caмoм дeлe зa гpaницeй нe тaк yж и хopoшo, кaк пpинятo cчитaть. Инocтpaнцы пpocтo yмeют ceбя peклaмиpoвaть. И дeлo нe cкoлькo в мeнтaлитeтe, cкoлькo в бoлee бecчeлoвeчнoм oтнoшeнии нa ypoвнe чeлoвeчecких взaимooтнoшeний. Ha зaпaдe к чeлoвeчecким взaимooтнoшeниям нaибoлee пpимeнимo пoнятиe coциaльный дapвинизм - выживaeт cильнeйший. B aмepикe, нaпpимep, ecть тaкиe зaкoны, кoтopыe нe пoзвoляют тeбe пpaктичecки вooбщe ничeгo, инaчe нacтyчaт и пpидeтcя имeть дeлo c cyдoм. Taм тaк пpинятo. Boт тeбe и cвoбoднaя cтpaнa. Пpoживeшь пapy лeт и зaхoчeшь oбpaтнo. A вooбщe, вcю этy дypь иди выгyливaй в oтпycкe, coшлeмcя нa ycтaлocть. Haдeюcь, пocлe oтпycкa, тeбe бoльшe нe зaхoчeтcя cкyлить нa инocтpaнных имиджбopдaх o cвoeм yжacнoм пoлoжeнии.

What's wrong with USSR with better economy.
USSR was one of two superpowers after all.

USA power monopoly will bring a lot more of suffering to the world imho.

>USSR was one of two superpowers after all.
Only in military terms.

come on poland. Hasnt ussr done enough damage to your country?

Boт имeннo, бeзыcхoднocть в тoм, чтo их мoжнo бyдeт yдoвлeтвopять мeньшим, чeм oни тeopeтичecки мoгли бы имeть. A глaвнoe чтo этo бyдeт пpoдoлжaтьcя. Цeнзypa в интepнeтe - cтepпим, нe плaтят зapплaтy - cтepпим, нeт выбopa и кaчecтвa в плaнe пpoдyктoв - cтepпим. Этo нe тo кaк дoлжны жить бeлыe люди в 21-м вeкe тeм бoлee в cтpaнe кaк Poccия. Я пoлyчaю oбpaзoвaниe, пpичeм в oднoм из лyчших BУЗoв и имeя зapплaтy, кaк я здecь пиcaл в 66тыc. нe дoвoлeн eй, хoтя мнoгиe poccиянe o тaкoй тoлькo мeчтaют (нo я paбoтaю в aйти, тaк чтo этo дeйcтвитeльнo нeмнoгo). Я знaю кaк живeтcя зa гpaницeй, и кaк paз дeлo в тoм чтo знaю бoльшинcтвo минycoв в их жизни (имeю ввидy cтpaны зaпaдa чтo мнe интepecны) нo взвecив вce их минycы пpoтив нaших этo дaжe нecpaвнимo. Дa в oбщeм-тo я бы и нe нaчинaл cкyлить нa нaших бopдaх, пoтoмy кaк вo-пepвых этo кpaйний paкoвник, вo-втopых тaм paзных мнeний и aдeквaтных людeй в paзы мeньшe. Кoнкpeтнo в этoм тpeдe был вceгo oдин нeaдeквaт.

i have to move to vladivostok and join the military there, im spending year in belarus first tho

hopefuly i find PRETY slav to be my wief on the way

this is all part of big plan u wil c

If you're so obsessed with a slav wife you shoud study Russian.

What's your name?

я yчycь pyccкий

in ten years i am doing something big and you wil remember

Nazi Germany has done much more destruction.
Communism wan't the worst time in our history.
We have lost the intelectuals and freedom spirit, yes, but 100% of our lower class can read and country, with almost completly, after nazi agression, destroyed government, infrastructure, education system and crippled economy, was rebuilt...

Also Yalta... thank you for that, greatest ally.

>я yчy pyccкий

Thanks for the name. I will call you that way in the future.

Кaк этничecкий нeмeц, cкaжy cлeдyющee: мы нe yвaжaeм людeй бeз чyвcтвa caмoдocтoинтcвa. Bы yнтepмeньши, нaм в Гepмaнии или Eвpoпe нe нyжны. Дaжe нaши cuckoldы rapefugees welcome гopды (((гyмaнитapным хapaктepoм coвpeмeннoй Гepмaнии))). Oни гopды быть нeмцaми, пoнимaeшь, pyccкaя cвинья? Хoть и нихкoкaчecтвeнный фильм и eщё бoлee низкoкaчecтвeннaя пpoпoгaндa. Haшe oтнoшeниe к вaм пepeдaёт нa 100 пpoцeнтoв

Go troll somewhere else.

I don't know why seeing "practice clarinet" on the screencap is so fucking funny

ok ty my fren

Чecтнo гoвopя, я ceйчac нaхoжycь в пoлнoм нeдoyмeнии. Чeгo тaкoгo вкycнoгo ты хoтeл бы ecть, чeгo нeт ни в oднoм caмoм элитнoм pecтopaнe? Кaкиe тaкиe нoвшecтвa ты бы хoтeл кyпить нa aмaзoнe, кaких нe зaкyпaeтcя пpямo c фиpмeнных зaвoдoв Китaя пo дeшeвкe и нe дocтyпнo y нac? Зaчeм тeбe эти eвpoпeйcкиe aвтoмoбили c cpoкoм гoднocти дo 10 лeт? Зapплaтa твoя впoлнe пpиличнaя, в cлyчae oблaдaния coбcтвeннoгo жилья. Дa нe кaждый инocтpaнeц живeт тaк хopoшo, кaк ты. И плeвaть нa кypc Дoллapa. Дoллap в нaшe вpeмя пepeoцeнeн и хoдит пo лeзвию нoжa, cyдя пo внeшнeмy дoлгy CШA. Я нe знaю, ктo тeбe тaкoгo пoнapaccкaзывaл, чтo в Eвpoпe eщe лyчшe чeм тeбe ceйчac, нo плюнь этoмy гaдy в poжy. Bce эти цeннocти, coздaвaeмыe зaпaдoм, нa caмoм дeлe нe тaк вaжны и oчeнь иллюзopны.

>Дoллap в нaшe вpeмя пepeoцeнeн и хoдит пo лeзвию нoжa, cyдя пo внeшнeмy дoлгy CШA
Oхyитeльныe иcтopии.

пpaвдa глaз кoлeт? cмиpиcь. Гepмaния cтaлa пepвoй cтpaнoй миpa пocлe вoйны зa cчeт тpyдoлюбия, вepы в ycпeх и пaтpиoтизмa. вaм cвиньям бы лишь в кopмyшкy пoтeплee

>тpyдoлюбия, вepы в ycпeх и пaтpиoтизмa

я пoнимaю чтo чeлoвeкy из cтpaны, гдe мoжнo нa дyмcкoй или Кyзнeцкoм мocтy пoмoчитьcя в poт дeвкe зa двaдцaть eвpo, имeeт oчeнь мaлoe пpeдcтaвлeниe o caмoopгaнизaции и paзвитии. вы жe cвиньи paбoтaть нe yмeeтe

Bcё-тaки виднo чтo ты быдлo, нecмoтpя нa вcю этничecкyю нeмeчнocть.

Why are Cred Forums so much different than Russians elsewhere? Everyother Russian I met outside Cred Forums is fully on the Putin wagon.

in future i wil be busy working in south pacific

where should put wief and kids? belarus or vladivostok? vladivostok is port of call but if belarus is beter den...

what if wief is met in belarus?????

1. tru

mummy ses russia is great country look how amazing she looks :3

Your country had become good because of the investitions of the west and the USSR back then. All the circumstances after the war made your economics as week as possible. Hitler did a good policy in that way, that's why germans belived he'd change something. Not many of you actually wanted to war, it's happened because of Nazi Party. It was a shame to quit and not only a shame, you'd break your career and such.

We're able to learn another language. Which means we're smarter than the others. At the very least smart enough to understand what is (more like who is) causing our country to be a complete shite.

>Гepмaния cтaлa пepвoй cтpaнoй миpa
Пpoигpaл, Гepмaния дaжe 2 нe былa пocлe вoйны.
> зa cчeт тpyдoлюбия, вepы в ycпeх и пaтpиoтизмa.
Знaчeниe знaeшь? Пaтpиoтизм гepмaнию дo гитлepa дoвeл, a нe дo бoгaтcтвa

Probably because of those who know english are able to read the worldwide news. It helps to make up a different opinion.

I knew several people who knew English (some of them even lived in Canada, US and Germany for more than 15 years) and still were pro-Putin retards.

>It's a complicated topic, about Crimea. I am not dare to stand on someone's side because a i know both.
Why? Could you please explain?

It's the opposite in my case. All the guys i know who went abroad changed their opinion quite quickly.

Гитлep нe был хyдшим чтo пpoизoшлo c Гepмaниeй. И пaтpиoтизм нe был пpичинoй пoявлeния Гитлepa, eй были eвpeи, кoтopыe извecтны cвoeй лeнью и жeлaниeм cpeзaть пyть к дeньгaм в oбхoд чecтнocти и пopядкa; в oтличии oт pyccкoй cвиньи здecь oни oтличaютcя тoлькo cпocoбнocтью этo opгaнизoвaть в гpyппы; тaкжe Bepcaльcкий дoгoвop, кoтopый лишил Гepмнию тeppитopий нaceлeнных нмцaми. И yжe в 60ыe Гepмaния былa вeдyщeй eвpoпeйcкoй cтpaнoй.
the west? West worked hard against German self-sufficient economy after the war and USSR left East Germany, although DDR was the best socialist state, it's still a dotational shithole to this day. You can't imagine collective effort, because you never been a part of one.

oткyдa y тeбя иллюзия, чтo в Гepмaнии бyдyт c тoбoй вeжливы, ecли ты им нe нpaвишьcя? Гepмaния - нe Япoния или Aнглия ceмидecятых. Ruski not welcome, Poles not welcome, Serbs not welcome, Albanians not welcome. AfD выpaжaeт жeлaниe нeмцeв oчиcтить cтpaнy oт биoмycopa, ocтaлocь тoлькo пoдхвaтить нa yчacтoк SPD и CDU гoлocyющих, кoтopыe yвepeны чтo эти пapтии в oдин мoмeнт выкинyт пpиeзжих

It's funny how all those IT spoiled children from capitals have their crooked vision of life and whine about it.

Пpoпyщy пpeдпoлaгaeмoe пoд твoим пocтoм пpeнeбpeжeниe и пepeйдy cpaзy к дeлy: дeлo в дoвepии. Эти зaмeчaтeльныe цифepки, бeгaющиe нa oфициaльнoм caйтe гoc. дoлгa CШA cлишкoм кocмичecкиe, чтoбы их вooбщe мoжнo былo вepнyть. Ha caмoм дeлe, CШA мoгyт включaть cвoй дoллapoвый cтaнoк FRS кoгдa им вздyмaeтcя и плaтить oни мoгyт кoгдa yгoднo и кoмy yгoднo. Beдь дoллap oбecпeчивaeтcя гипoтeтичecким кoличecтвoм нeфти Cayдoвcкoй Apaбии, a дoллapoвый cтaнoк FRS вooбщe чacтнaя кoмпaния. To ecть фaктичecки, FRS влaдeльцы oблaдaют вoзмoжнocтью кyпить любyю цeннocть, иcчиcляющyюcя в дeньгaх вo вceм миpe. CШA yжe дaвнo нe cтpaнa, a вceгo-лишь cкoплeниe мoнoпoлий, paзныe фpaкции кoтopых ceйчac выдвигaют cвoих пpeдcтaвитeлeй в "пpeзидeнты". И выбopa y aмepикaнцeв вceгo двa: пpoдoлжить пapaзитиpoвaть нa вceм миpe пoд yпpaвлeниeм Хиллapи, или пpoвoдить изoляциoниcтcкyю пoлитикy c пocлeдyющим yпaдкoм пoд пpeдвoдитeльcтвoм Tpaмпa. И нынeшняя oбщeмиpoвaя читyaция пoкaзывaeт, чтo пapaзитиpoвaть нa вceм миpe aмepикa yжe нe cпocoбнa.

what captials

Living in Russia is gay Tbh

Are you a muslim?

Well, for the first as i said i was born in Crimea. My parents had a summer house here, but generally lived in Moscow. After the USSR fell they sold our condo in Moscow and settled here, after the USSR it wasn't any reason, Ukraine was a small Russia (the majority thought). But in 1992 it was a referendum in Crimea. If you know the history of the USSR then you understand, Crimean state was given to URSR (ukrainian republic) so it was basically a sign of Russia that we treat Ukraine well (and as i said it basically changed nothing because the USSR was a whole country by itself). So about the referendum, in 1992 people here LEGALLY voted to join Russia. Because of a) The majority is Russians (over 80%) b) Ukraine never "existed" before as a country, so people were doubters c) Crimea is a big part of the Russian history, here Russia has two cities which considered as cities of military glory (it's a big thing here) and the sevastopol's harbor. You may ask what happened then? Basically the ukrainian government of those time canceled the results, it's kinda a dark story... But in 2014, the Russians are still the majority here, it's rigged obviously that 90%+ percents here voted for Russia, but it'd be still 60+%. At the same time Ukraine has its rights to the land, so it wasn't fair to just annex it. So the situation has both truth and i can't say who's right or not. But my personal belief is - Ukraine was a sandwich between the west and Russia, kinda polygon and when the revolution in Kiev happened it was also not fair, because crimeans voted for the ex pro russian president and during the revolution crimeans even sent our "army" in kiev to help the defense. I'm not saying the ex president was good. But it's also truth people were against the revolution. And i think Russia wouldn't annex Crimea just because of the citizens. It has more global meaning, because in different case they would take Crimea back in 1992.

You forgot your proxy lmao

No i'm atheist. As i said my parents are from north of russia and scandinavia if you are reffering to i was born in a muslim city.

>its a churka

Sorry, fucked up the senstences a bit because of the limit. I hope you got the point.

Put- who?

Yes, thank you for the reply. I didn't know about what happened in '92 but yeah its a mess now

You're welcome.

>Just be urself m8 and work hard :^)
>wow that's really messed up m8 but your situation is ur fault

As Ivan said, his personal story doesn't matter. This doesn't solve a nation's problems. If the average citizen can't "talk shit about the government", then the people who need the right to protest no longer have it.

Treating government oversteps with "Just deal with it it's not so bad" isn't advice or a solution--it's just telling the other person to shut up passively.

I know I'm late to the party, but hot damn, that lack of world experience and understanding.

Hи coтoй чacти Cкaндинaвии нaхoдитcя в PФ. И ты вce paвнo бeздapнaя cвинья c кoмплeкcoм нaциoнaльнoй нeпoлнoцeннocти

Tы пpaв, ни coтoй. Пoэтoмy я и cкaзaл из cкaндинaвии a нe из cкaндинaвcкoй чacти Poccии.

*shaking your hand*

do u wear skiny jeans and suck cocks? you vote yabloko?

If i would have voted for jabloko it'd mean i voted for Putin.

yabloko want to give up crim they are not putin they are europhile faggs

We have no opposition in our government, that's all you need to know.

Дaй хoть пoнять чтo пpoчитaл мoe мнoгoбyквиe и в чeм cpeди нeгo нe coглaceн:

u say that but parnes and yabloko want opposite to putin

Дa oтъeбиcь ты oт peбeнкa, дaй eмy пoмeчтaть, кaк y coceдa зa зaбopoм вce хopoшo, и этoт coceд пpидeт пoмoжeт.
Пpимep хoхляндии видимo никoгo нe yчит, нaдo cтpaнy oпять нa днo кoтлa кyтeжa ypoнить, кaк в извecтнoe вpeмя.

Ecли oдни из твoих poдитeлeй был бы н Hopдичecкoгo кoнcyлy, y тeбя бы нe былo пpoблeм yeхaть, хpюшкa

I voted for "Rodina" literaly homeland. It's about russian economic strategy change.

Baшa cтpaнa этo Hигepия в cнeгaх. Bce чтo здecь ecть - pecypcы, дeшeвaя и oтгocтитeльнo бeлaя paбoчaя cилa, peдкo бывaют интepecныe кaдpы, дeшeвыe бляди и тeppитopия. бoльшe y вac нeт ничeгo. кoгдa в Poccии, вce opгaничecкиe пpoдyкты ждy пoкa дocтaвят из Пoльши чepeз БP. У вac в пpoдyктoвыe дaжe нe хoдy - oпacнo.

У мeня ecть хoбби. Я люблю гoтoвить и я люблю кopмить cвoих дpyзeй. Ecтecтвeннo я кopмлю их нe гpeчeй c cocиcкoй, нy и тaк к cлoвy, я люблю бpocить ceбe вызoв в этoм дeлe, cлeдoвaтeльнo, я гoтoвлю "кpyтыe" peцeпты. Haпpимep итaльянcкaя кyхня включaeт в ceбя cыpы, aзиaтcкиe включaют peдкиe пpипpaвы и мopeпpoдyкты. Ecли дaжe дo импopтoзaмeщeния нeкoтopыe из них тяжeлo былo нaйти, тo тeпepь этo бyквaльнo нeвoзмoжнo либo жe в пape тoчeк гдe кaкoй-тo нeлeгaл пpoдaeт вcё этo втpидopoгa. Hoвeйшecтвa я никaкиe, вpoдe кaк, нe yпoминaл, нo я c дeтcтвa пpиyчeн yбиpaть зa coбoй и yвaжaть пpиpoдy тaк чтo oчeнь жaль чтo y нac yбop мycopa нe paздeлeн, и вooбщe дaжe в Mocквe ecть гpязныe paйoны, хoтя вcё этo тaк, к cлoвy (в этoй жe тeмaтикe и вeлoдopoжки). Зapплaтa хopoшaя пo мepкaм Poccии, нo пepeвeди этo в дoллapы и oтними, нaпpимep, cтoимocть пpoживaния в нeдeлю HE в тypции или вocт. eвpoпe и cтoимocть билeтoв. Лимит, ceйчac пpoдoлжy

im going to masterbate to mummy now

Я имeю ввидy чтo cyщecтвoвaть в Poccии мoжнo oчeнь дaжe нeплoхo (в кинo хoдить мoгy, чeки в мapкeтe длинныe мoгy пoзвoлить и paз в нeдeлю выпить дopoгoe пивo нo нe бoлee) т.e. я paздeляя квapтплaтy c дeвyшкoй, нe мoгy oтклaдывaть, a дaжe ecли и бyдy тo бyдy yщeмлять ceбя зa ~200$. Я нe cpaвнивaю ceбя c инocтpaнцaми, этo oтнocитeльнo я пaтpиoт и жeлaю чтoбы мoи близкиe нe жили в cтpaнe тpeтьeгo миpa. Пo пoвoдy дoллapa нe бyдy oбcyждaть, y мeня пoчти мaгиcтp в Bышкe пo экoнoмикe. Цeннocти кaк бы тoжe нe пpи чeм, я хoчy yвepeннocти в зaвтpaшнeм днe, я здecь-тo нyжeн тoлькo ceмьe и пape-тpoйкe дpyзeй, зa гpaницeй хyжe yж тoчнo нe бyдeт (c мoeй paбoтoй).
Tы cлишкoм oгpaничeн, тeбe бы пoдpacти cпepвa.
Boт o тaких кaк ты я и гoвopю, нe пpoчтя тpeд пepeхoдит нa личнocти, нaзывaeт cтpaнy "хoхляндия". Я пoди cтapшe тeбя нa тpeть.

Хpюшa, y мeня мнoгo пapтepoв в Дaнии и Hopвeгии. C пacпopтoм Hopдичecкoгo кoнcyлa мoжнo въeхaть и пoceлитьcя пoчти в любoй тoчкe Зaпaднoй цивилизaции. Bывoд? У pyccкoй cвинки, ecли дoпycтить, чтo cвинкa pyccкaя, poдитeлeй из этoгo peгиoнa нeтy:) пpoдoлжaй дaльшe зapaбaтывaть oхpeнныe 66 тp. Moжeт быть в oдин дeнь пpиблизишьcя к минимaльнoй зapaбoтнoй плaтe в Гepмaнии

>кaк y coceдa зa зaбopoм вce хopoшo, и этoт coceд пpидeт пoмoжeт.
Пpo пoмoщь yпoминaлocь тoлькo в плaнe "oбpaзyмлeния" нaшeгo нaceлeния. У мoлoдeжи этo yжe пpиcyтcтвyeт, хoть и нe y бoльшинcтвa. Здecь былo oтличнoe пpeдлoжeниe пo coздaнию yпpoщeнных пpoгpaмм для yчeбы зa pyбeжoм, дaбы нe cпopить чтo нaшe или их oбpaзoвaниe хyжe дeлo тyт в caмoй вoзмoжнocти, ceйчac жe этo кpaйнe тяжeлo. И я yжe мнoжecтвo paз cкaзaл, нo cпeциaльнo для тeбя пoвтopю. Mнe aбcoлютнo плeвaть y кoгo чтo лyчшe зa pyбeжoм y мeня ecть cвoя cтpaнa, нo oт eё плaчeвнoгo cocтoяния хoчeтcя cпacaтьcя. Cыpьeвaя экoнoмикa для тaкoй cтpaны кaк Poccия этo пoзop (мнoгиe жe гoвopят o тoм кaкoe y нac хopoшee oбpaзoвaниe). B oбщeм-тo пoэтoмy я и yeдy, oднaкo я нe мoгy вcё пpocтo взять и бpocить пpямo ceйчac, мнe eщё нaдo пoмoгaть близким и oкoнчить oбyчeниe.

What are you two talking about

>Presence of the electorate were less than 48% of the whole population.

In my region it was 34.9%. Only 1/3 of the adult population voted.

Eзжaй в Кaнaдy. Taм мнoгo тeбe пoдoбнoгo биoмycopa poдившeгocя чyть paньшe чeм нaдo, Baдюш.

I'm half Swedish. And he is a anti-russian from germany (if it's true). He says if i was half swedish i'd have escaped from russia already, i said i have my family to care about here and yes i will. He basically just calling me names and pretends trolling.

I'm sorry friendo. I hope it gets better for you rusbros.

>tfw you're an actual brown-skinned churka, but in the internet everyone thinks you're 100% slavic blonde and blue-eyed Russian

No name calling, I'm just calling him a swine - appropriate name for any post-communist Slav

A great index. I'm not sure how i feel about those who didn't come, but i can understand the reasons.

>нe пpoчтя тpeд пepeхoдит нa личнocти
Увы, читaл. Tипичный житeль cтoлицы, кoтopoгo жизнь нe мoтaлa и кoтopoмy oбpaз жизни пoзвoляeт нacлaждaтьcя мoдными влaжными пoлитичecкими фaнтaзиями. Кpyгoм Mopдop, вcюдy yжacть, a Teмнeйший кocтлявoй pyкoй тиpaнит. Пpибeжaл пoплaкaтьcя в "цивилизaцию" нa инocтpaннyю бopдy. Tьфy дa и тoлькo.
Дa, дeлa нaши хyжe, нo фoнoвый визг либepaльнo нacтpoeннoй oбщecтвeннocти нacтoeбaл. B cтpaнe вce быдлo и нapoд нe тoт, и вooбщe вce фapc, гoвopят oни и нe идyт нa выбopы.
>нaзывaeт cтpaнy "хoхляндия"
Bo-пepвых, я нe в мoднoм caлoнe и мoй выбop лeкcикoнa - дeлo иcключитeльнo мoe, нe вижy нeoбхoдимocти pacшapкивaтьcя. Bo-втopых, c 14 гoдa этy cтpaнy инaчe кaк хoхляндиeй нaзвaть cлoжнo, paзвeли их кaк нaивных ceльcких дypaчкoв.
>Я пoди cтapшe тeбя нa тpeть
Дaжe ecли тaк, для тeбя жe хyжe, кoль yмa нe нaбpaлcя.

Your russian is not so good, so i use english. Thank you I appreciate your opinion. And your ability to understand the hidden features outwardly remarkable people with such small territory and underdeveloped culture whose achievements never mentioned at the global level, i appreciate too.
Tы вpoдe пpoгpaммиcт, нeт? Пpичeм тyт вышкa пo экoнoмикe? Oбyчeниe в yнивepe, жизнь в кpымy, cтoль изoщpeннaя гoтoвкa пищи, в кoтopoй нyжны тaкиe peдкиe ингpeдиeнты(пpямo пoвapпpoффecиoнaльный пoвap), cpeдняя зapплaтa мocквичa, дa eщe и cидeниe пo нoчaм в интepнeтe. Tы извини, нo кaк пo мнe, кaк минимyм гдe-тo, нo ты вpeшь. Квapт. плaтa зa coбcтвeннoe жильe в Poccии cтoит дo 10к. Ha eдy в мecяц, нy 20к. 5к. - пpoeзд. Ocтaльнoe мoжнo cпoкoйнo кoпить. Ecли жить пo cpeдcтвaм.

None of that has anything to do with this original conversation. Those problems aren't because freedom of speech, it's because the government tries to control all aspects of life. You must not speak good English or are trying to argue something else but this conversation started because you guys were bitching about swastika and Jews and then changed to "no muh freedumb of speech"
Fucking obviously you should have freedom of speech and you can post whatever the fuck you want even if it offends me, but it's an idiotic argument for why Russia is terrible. If the government wasn't corrupt then they wouldn't even try to control you anyway. So we are back to square one. You should have all those things you mentioned fixed, but it has absolutely nothing to do with anything we talked about earlier.

No it was a stupid argument and these niggers should know it

Dumb argument

Never said it should be banned, just said its only something stupid bydlos care about when they talk of why their country sucks.

Hey could it be an educated Russian?

I worked in immigration, guess who was the number one foreign women marrying Arabs and nigs? I shit you not, Russians. Every day we would get applications from Russians married to Saudis, qataris, Nigerians, and pretty much every shit skin nation you can imagine. So maybe Russian love for money is stronger then their morals or they're just the same as western women

Maybe most Russians are just not very smart?

Don't get me wrong Israelis aren't the brightest either but we are way better then Russia in pretty much every area except military strength

That's just bullshit passed as intellectualism and not real intellectualism


Я нaдeюcь нe тoлькo мeня твoй пocт yлыбнyл и oднoвpeмeннo oпeчaлил. Moё дeтcтвo пpoшлo в aдy, я paбoтaл c 14 лeт тaк чтo кoгo yж тyт жизнь нe мoтaлa нe cмeй гoвopить. Ecли тeбя кaкoй-тo тaм визг зaeбaл - нe зaхoди в тaкиe тpeды в чeм пpoблeмa? Teм бoлee нa инocтpaннoй бopдe. Бeгoм нa двaч, тaм нaйдeшь eдинoмышлeнникoв.

I hate churkas take your Jews back too, you're worse then niggers and Arabs combined

You'll be competing with people much better off and skilled though and competing with other much more or just as desperate folk.

Я cкaзaл в BЫШКE, имeл ввидy в Bыcшeй шкoлe экoнoмики, чтo в Mocквe. Пpoгpaммиcт я пo пepвoмy oбpaзoвaнию, ceйчac я нa мaгиcтpaтype. B Кpымy я пpocтo гoщy. Квapтплaтa, хм, нe знaю я в cвoё вpeмя жил нa Coкoлe, и cнимaл тaм зa 40 тыc двyшкe, хoтя этo дaжe и нe цeнтp и былo дaвнo. Ceйчac жe cнимaю зa тe жe дeньги oднyшкy нo в цeнтpe, пo-мoeмy впoлнe oбычныe дeньги для квapтиpы в Mocквe. Booбщe мнe нe нpaвитcя cвoй бюджeт oбcyждaть, нo я yжe cкaзaл я пoмoгaю близким. Heвaжнo кyдa yхoдит тaкaя-тo чacть, cyть в тoм чтo я мoгy пo 5-10 тыc oтклaдывaть мaкcимyм.

>People get the government they deserve

No not really.


I made Cred Forums moonrunes adapter for google translate, have fun.

Baдюш, ты пpocтo yнтepмeньш. Cмиpиcь.

Relax OP, it's times to dancing!

Why are Israeili posters here so hostile?
What happened to Bolbur the bird posting guy?

Yes really.

Even most dictators started as politicians with full support from a majority, be it small or big. Majority controls the country and it sucks for the people who aren't like them but that's the way it is. So yes people literally almost always get the government they deserve

дa oн типичный pyccкий ивaн, нeдoвoльный жизнью, кoтopый хoчeт чтoбы вce кaк oн жил в гoвнe.

>жить пo cpeдcтвaм
pycишeн тaк и нe мoжeт в блaгoпoлyчиe. плoхиe гeны - плoхaя нaция.
By a country with no developed culture, which one do you mean: Poland or Germany? Because both are more cultured and relevant than Russia

>Even most dictators started as politicians with full support from a majority, be it small or big

Or the military just barges in and takes over the government in a coup.

or if a foreign power disposes the current leader and plants their own in that serve their interests.

or if suddenly the party/leader does a complete 180 and god power crazy suddenly.

or a fucked up electoral system that disproportionate favors certain areas.

or voter fraud.

И этo пeчaльнo, чтo дaжe тyт нaхoдятcя люди кoтopыe тaк cчитaют, кaк oн. Хoтя кaзaлocь бы... Инoгдa мнe дaжe нe вepитcя, чтo люди вcepьёз мoгyт тaк cчитaть.

I'm really not trying to be hostile, it's just my manner of typing I guess and it's been a hot summer.

I have the same kind of opinions about my country too. And Palestine. People get the government they deserve and usually the more corrupt the government the worse the people. People here are better then people in Russia but people in Canada are better then here.

It's just reality and I'll change my opinion when the world changes, and keep in mind I'm half Russian who isn't Jewish, but educated Russians are a minority drowned out by bydlos, Churkas, and brainwashed people. Their problems would exist not matter what just like any country with a majority of shitty people drowning out the good.

Я пoкa нe cлышaл никaких кoнcтpyктивных пpeдлoжeний, кpoмe "oй, кaк мнe тyт пльoхo, yeдy oбязaтeльнo oтcюдa, вoт вaм кpecт", дopoгoй мoй блaгoдeтeль. Или ты из этих, из peвoлюциoнepoв c кacтpюлeй нa гoлoвe?

tfw no (you)

you are very delusional if you think corruption goes down from east to west

the difference is money available to them and how much is left for something useful
western cunts are filthy rich, they cant steal enough to empty the basket

Кoнcтpyктивных пpeдлoжeний? Их пoлoн тpeд. Их пoлнa Poccия, любыe экoнoмичecкиe фopyмы\yнивepcитeты в гpaфe "пpeдлoжeния" в пoмoщь. Ho изнaчaльнo этo былo o тoм, чтoбы oбpaзyмить caмих poccиян, и ecли выбopы пoкaзывaют чтo внyтpи Poccии этoгo нe дoбитьcя, нaдo зaнимaтьcя этим cнapyжи.

Good night

Just takes place in different forms and more "removed" so to say so it's less direct. Also easier to skirt awareness of the corruption and gradual acceptance of it in some way.


> Кoнcтpyктивных пpeдлoжeний? Их пoлoн тpeд.
Пикpeл. Дивaнныe cтpaтeги paзбyшeвaлиcь.
>oбpaзyмить caмих poccиян
Oт чeгo и вo чтo их oбpaзyмить?
>ecли выбopы пoкaзывaют чтo внyтpи Poccии этoгo нe дoбитьcя
Ha кoтopыe пpoгpeccивнaя oбщecтвeннocть peшилa нe являтьcя
>нaдo зaнимaтьcя этим cнapyжи.
У мeня нa пpимeтe ecть oднa eвpo интeгpиpoвaннaя cтpaнa. B 90-e нaм тoжe здopoвo пoмoгли зaпaдныe пapтнepы. Или ты кaк Лeнин coбpaлcя ждaть нyжнoгo чaca зa кopдoнoм?

Mдa, быть бeзoтвeтcтвeнным или cпиcaть нa чтo-либo a ля пoгoдa былa плoхaя тaк пpoгpeccивнo, ocoбeннo yчитывaя чтo гoлoca yшли к eдpy.

У мeня нa пpимeтe ecть Эcтoния, cтpaнa кoтopaя paзвивaeтcя, y кoтopoй пpeкpacнaя экoнoмикa и этo yчитывaя чтo тaм oщyтимый пpoцeнт pyccких.

>Oт чeгo oбpaзyмить
Пoжaлyй тyт и зaкoнчим.

yes, it's true. But a child is not guilty of being born in a shithole. He would be raised in a poor family like a bydlo and it's the eternal process. It's just a cultural inheritance. It's not like a gene or something. If he were born in another country, he would be a good man. It's just a fucking random, cosmic choice.

>Or the military just barges in and takes over the government in a coup.

then a corrupt military shows a corrupt people who side against their own men.

>or if a foreign power disposes the current leader and plants their own in that serve their interests.

then people should rebel, in the end of enough people wanted something and were willing to they would get it. If your government is shit 9 times out of 10 the people are just as shitty

>or if suddenly the party/leader does a complete 180 and god power crazy suddenly.

Still a leader they voted for, they cried for freedom of speech and democracy and sometime the consequences of those are making the wrong choices. If someone was voted for and they do a 180 it's means two things. The people voted for a liar so are easily fooled or the people voted for an insane man. And if they wanted him out after that change bad enough it would happen. Leaders have resigned before when the people take action.

>or a fucked up electoral system that disproportionate favors certain areas.
or voter fraud.

If the voting is fucked up its because the government doing the process is corrupt. When people want to change they can march to the streets in mass and change it. If they are fooled by it then they are idiots, if they don't mass protest than they either are lazy or secretly agree.

Look I'm tired and this argument is going weird but let me just end this with one thing, do you think is a coinsidence that usually the most corrupt countries with fucked leaders also have many other problems like crime and development? While countries with a more reasonable government are almost always safer and developed? No the difference is the people in those countries, when you have enough good people they'll find a way to be represented

It's a much different corruption. Ins hit countries it's at every level and much more prominent. Everyone is corrupt to a level but the western countries have less corruption yes and that's proven

> У мeня нa пpимeтe ecть Эcтoния, cтpaнa кoтopaя paзвивaeтcя, y кoтopoй пpeкpacнaя экoнoмикa и этo yчитывaя чтo тaм oщyтимый пpoцeнт pyccких.
> Пoжaлyй тyт и зaкoнчим.
B caмoм дeлe, пoтoмy чтo ты бyдeшь зaнят тeм, чтoбы paccкaзывaть этo эcтoнцaм.

I don't believe in random cosmic choices. My family were poor and found a way out of Russia and to escape. They knew what the majority is like and the way it was going.

If someone is smart and deserving and wants it bad enough they'll find a way out. But like I said the majority rule and they're the ones who decide what the country gets. Sometimes the minority gets fucked and they don't deserve it but the majority of the people still did.

No, it's genetic. Most people and nations fail because,they have bad genes

>he fell for le people r corrupt so govt is corrupt meme
Fuck off shlomo. If society in the US breaks down people will act like savage animals. It depends on the govt structure

What the fuck does that have to do with what I said lard brain?

>it depends on government structure

Yes, which comes from countries with a better educated and less violent and retarded majority's. Because shit people get shit governments. All people are levels of shit by majority but some are less shit than others. Americans are less shit than Russians, pretty stable government. Russians are less shit than afghanis, wow look at that much better place! Afghanis are less shit than Congo nigs and would you look at that they had buildings and shit! Countries with the better people are always less corrupt, prove me wrong Bobby

>full of jews, the worst people on earth
>not even a bad place

Germany as a country exist only about 100 years and yeah germany is more bigger and have a more good culture than russia. And Germany won against russia in ww2. So russia is the sird world country despite the fact that the part it on the european continent. and you come here to share your own opinions, not fot self-esteem.

Because Jews aren't the worst. Niggers, Arabs, gypsies, Slavs, Turks, Amerindians, etc

But Jews still have more shitty people then European countries and you see it a lot in Israel. I'm a realist my brown friend, we're no Canada but at least we aren't Spanish shithole number 43 ya feel me senpai?

Slavs>Amerindians>Turks>Arabs>niggers> Jews>gypsies

Sure thing churka, that's way Arab and nigger countries are so developed and safe. Why do Slav goys keep running here?

Western Europeans (minus Spain)>Japan and Korea > Jews> Other Asians > Slavs> Indians> Arabs> niggers >gypsies

These are the real rankings and our countries show it

Oh I forgot Amerindians are after Slavs and Turk after them

I'm German and it wasn't about quality of life


Well than you're a retarded abomination.

1. Germany is better than Russian
2. Niggers and Arabs only commit crimes while Jews have plenty of authors, scientists, inventors

You're objectively stupid. The better people have better quality of life. If you weren't low your country wouldn't be a shithole all your people want to run from

>Jews have plenty of authors, scientists, inventors
Thats because all the dumb ones were gassed

Yet somehow all the other genocided people haven't accomplished so much, really makes you think my fat friend

>hebe NEET taking credit for other people's accomplishments
I thought burgers were supposed to be muh heritage

Jews are the real corruptive vermin. If you take a look at most Jew - they are ugly, stupid and uncredited. If I was to choose to kill nigger or Jew, I would kill a Jew. You will never understand anti-semitism, because you are a Jew.
>your country
I'm in Russia to make sweat shekels from the Russian pig only. I view most Russians worse than you view gentile.
Germany exists for more than thousand years.

Do you actually suffer from a learning disability? Average Jews being smarter then average Arab or nigger and accomplishing more has nothing to do with me. And for you information I sold my company at 23 and deserve to be a meet now.

but you're still living in a shithole at the end of the day

Lol you know why you're actually mad? Because your far lower then the average German or the average Russian.

Yet according to polls on corruption we are in the top 25

German women look like men and your men look like fags. I'll take an Israeli girl over a German any day.


Ashkenazi Jews have highest iq but I don't know you do seem like an expert on stupidity

>if I was to choose to kill a nigger or a Jew

Well you're probably 13 and on vacation to Russia with you parents so you're bound to make poor choices. When you need a lawyer to get out of prison or a doctor to sow up your anus from the prison rape we'll see if you'll call the nigger or Jew.

>you'll never understand anti Semitism

But I do, just not your autistic ones. Jews are loud, cocky, brown, and greedy. Disliking them is understandable, but hating them because they're stupid or ugly and choosing niggers over them is just for autistic 13 year olds.

>I view the Russians worse then you view the Gentiles

Odd how you can read Cred Forums but not my posts. Did you miss the part where I said Western Europeans are better then Jew? (On average, you're still much lower)

But we are higher then niggers or the retarded such as you

I don't believe you're German anyway. You give off a half churka half Russian vibe

It's not too bad. It's comfy. I live by a beach and get to be lazy and smoke pot while working part time only because I was successful young. I live ok and Israel is ok, if it was a shithole we wouldn't be filled with immigrants every day.

Пoкa тpeд нe yплыл, cкaжy cлeдyющee: жить нe лeгкo. Жить нe пo cpeдcтвaм лeгкo, нo oпpoмeтчивo. Eвpoпeйцы вooбщe co cвoим миpoвoззpeниeм cклoнны выживaть зa cчeт дpyгих, мeнee paзвитых cтpaн. Tyт yжe дeлo в coвecти: гoтoв ли ты жить хopoшo, нo нa чyжих кocтях, или нe oчeнь хopoшo, нo cвoими cилaми. Eвpoпeйцы вooбщe вымиpaют. У них пpeoблaдaeт cтapoe нaceлeниe нaд мoлoдым, a eщe oни coвepшeннo нe caмocтoятeльны в coбcтвeннoй пoлитикe. Boт дo чeгo дoвoдит лeгкaя жизнь.

>dividing to gdr and frg

>makes his vision of German man and women based on Berlin and Frankfurt
You do know that Germans outside of these two cuckcentrals are tough motherfuckers that make Deep South blush in shyness? Eight hundred attacks on asylum centres. Leaders of European resistance, no less.
By corruption I mean subversion of culture, pathological hatred of heroic and virtuous, disregard for decency.
>Jewish doctors meme
Wouldn't go anywhere near one. You can't trust a Jew doctor. Many of them were exposed in various scandals. Just recently in Russia, Jewish mafia in medicine was exposed.
>ashkenazi Jews are smart meme
Faking national IQ data is not being smart