The world would be better without Slavs and muslims

The world would be better without Slavs and muslims.

i feel sorry for this kid


my sides

every tiem

That kid looks like a finn

that kid can really hear.

fucking racist


Is tru though


fuck s*edistan

>I am Greek.

that's not how slavshits look like though

shoo shoo

maybe without those huge ears and that stereotypical slav haircut

Yes he clearly have some slav in him, he still looks more finn than slav though.

Fringe says Russian
Eye shape says Finn

Those ears can imply he is actually wrestler.

i always feel bad for him, what can you do when you lost the genetic lottery

I'm a slav muslim.
What are you gonna' do about it, Hans Cuckszel?

educate your children and integrate them into german society to the point where they dont recognize you?

also known as the ole meta-cuck

when you come home one day and your little boy is staring up at you after school, obviously having been crying. And he looks you in the eyes and asks in perfect german "daddy why don't you talk normally?"


I do too.

I have no children.
Not sure what you are trying to say, Tyrone Shartberg.
The moment I came here I put effort into learning the German language. I now speak it more or less fluently. Stop making retarded assumptions.
Also, at least my kid would recognize me as his or her fsther. Yours would be confused because your """""wife""""" cucked you on a daily basis even she doesnt know which Tyrone is the father.

well, at least you're not breeding and muddying up german waters.

and so what you're saying is that you integrated? wow, that's rare.

Is this the Morrowind HD mod?