Whats your favorite brazilian state?

Whats your favorite brazilian state?

Sao Paulo

Rio Grande do Sul


le odour and aggress meem


I can't believe it's not Argentina!

Absolutely right, my white friend

Brasilia seems pretty comfy, so whatever state that's located in.

Brasilia has the second largest favela of country, yes it's really comfy



Santa Catarina

Is Rio safe to visit if I went there on vacation

Sure, as long as you aren't one of those "I want le true favela experience" or "I bring my five iExpensives to the beach" dumbfucks.

Lol i'm going I don't drink, fall for scams nor do drugs so I think i'm more likley to be ok also i'm black(ish) and don't look rich so my only risk is prostitution which I will probably dip my toe into but it's legal so eh

Don´t worry Albetro all we know you belong to the brown master race.

this is wrong
"t. alberto barbosa" is aimed at Portuguese
it makes no sense, other than the last panel, that is fine

t. Alberto Barbosa

t. Alberto Barbosa

whichever has the airport
so I can get the fuck away

I've lived in a medium-large city in MG, capital in MG (BH) and a medium city in SP. So far, I prefer MG to SP, even though the city I lived was relatively more developed. I'd like to live in SP(capital) one day to compare, and maybe in a northeastern capital or in floripa.

t. Albeto Barbosa

>not ceará cabra da peste

The best state, meu bixim