Post those fridges

>Post those fridges

Just got back from the local food shop

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i am of poor, pls send foot

Could my fridge pass as local in your country?


That's ok mine used to be worse

>that first sip of the day

>pesto rosso
>no ajvar




My parents gave me the turkey burgers when I last visited

Well, it's not even mine, it's my gf's.

>frozen veg

no wonder the meme of american children hating broccoli exists


Hi, dudes

This is holodilnik. Rate me iNt

>not a single fresh food



Which one; the one in the kitchen, the one in the garage, or the one in the basement..?

>pickled peas


what wrong with pickled peas?

Who doesn't put their eggs in the fridge?
Retarded anglo strikes again

Where's all the alcohol?


what isn't?


red salad

aлo дoцeнт, couldn't you pic a smaller file size?

I can not believe that someone does not like pickled peas

I don't drink anymore. My last time getting drunk I exploded on Cred Forums

I don't drink anymore


>da, crasni salat

No. Fuck off, jewscum

go earn some rubles and put something in edible in that fridge, commie scum

>No milk
>no juice
Wtf Russia is shit now

And tell that suka mom of yours to make some plov

Why ur grand-father did not burn at 1942?

>No milk
u love sex with ur eyes?

Good jew = burnt jew.

Like ur ass

I don't understand

I only have time for one meal a day so it's better and more economical to bulk freezer food to cook rather than let shit expire or constantly make trips for more food

Milk at the bottom right.

U fuck so much in the eye that can not see?

He did, and he proceeded to make a career out of it. What did your faggoty grandparents do, Igor?

Im a fucking retard. Meant to write he "fought". Oh well, sorry grandpa, guess you made a career of burning

moloko on the right, you srs?

I can't read moon runes

Pls no bully

My grandparents save sly jews ass from Hitler. Mainly may be


Moon runes that to japan.
We have high-minded slavrunes!

Only thing they saved were potatoes from the rats. And from that picture of your fridge, the menu hasn't changed much.

I'm made a mistake, OK

Lol. That we call: nice butthurt!

>nice butthurt!

Certainly in vain, caddish Moisha.

It was necessary to give him burn all jews, and only then eleminate

There's a reason

It was necessary to give you all dictionaries, so you could use proper syntax

>no anwser
>point to syntax
True jew way

>no answer
Because there was no question. Too much vodka?
But come on, Ivan, let us be friends.
There is so much I wish to learn from you: how to make disgusting food, build ugly cities, and fail at democracy.

Only can let u to suck my penis. In gratitude. Are u ready?

I wouldn't want to steal that privilege from your mother

My fridge is a walk in fridge.

... Is it the great outdoors?

From ur mother, u mean?


If you'll be nicer, I'll give you the thing every single Russian wants more than anything else in this world: a visa to some less-shitty country.

>A visa to Israel

I was gonna tell him to come out as gay, and then he'd get a refugee visa anywhere he wants


is it powered?

are you retarded?