Why are slav women so cute when the men are so ugly?

Why are slav women so cute when the men are so ugly?

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why are germanic man so handsome when their woman look like shit?


ugly slav man gets with ugly german girl, live in slavland

pretty slav girl gets with pretty german man, live in germany

this was the german scheme all along

Western men are cucked so hard, they care how beautiful other men are.

Why are latin american women so cute when the men are so ugly?
Why are germanic men so handsome when the women are so ugly?

Ukrops,Russian come to Poland so no qt slavs for you cheeky Jew

This is true and idk

Reminder that there it is one American mobileposter who keeps making these shitty threads, and has been at it for days now.

Sage and ignore, do not interact with him. In fact, do not interact with anybody that posts pictures with the filename "image.jpg". Thank you.

Proving his point

>the women
>the men

Actually it really isn't down to slavs being ugly.
It's more that we are deliberately unkept and unfashionable.
You see, in slav culture trying to look pretty is a woman thing.
A man needs to look tough and strong, not good.
Getting a fancy hair cut instead of a practical easy to maintain one = faggot.
Picking out fashionable cloths = faggot.
Clean well maintained skin = faggot.
Well smelling perfume, table manners, experimental outfits = faggot, faggot, faggot.

Woman on the other hand are expected to be perfect in those regards, are deeply concerned with looking good.

wondered this too op

honestly youre proving him right


wtf, i love slavland now

I am slav by heritage and can assure you I am quite handsome :)

Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself.

And don't bullshit about "muh slavic culture" because there is nothing outside of language that truly connects all slavshits together.

Slavic men aren't ugly, ugly are fingol men which dumb amerifats think they are russian ethnically just because they are living here

She looks so deformed in all her pics but at the same time I would empty my balls inside her every single time I would come close to her.
It's weird

only a fag wouldn't

spoken like a faggot

This doesnt even consider beauty in russia
Only asians, niggers, and other nonwhite like blonds

I could break you in half.

That's just a meme.


All the alpha manly men died in wars and only the betas were left


im pretty good looking imo

Why are both English men and women so hideously ugly?

>t. tyrone

Anastasiya Kvitko


Don't looking bulgarian

>clipping nails
>washing hair
>getting fresh haircut

Filthy perma-virgin detected

you could break my dick in half between your asscheeks



My ass is hairy and muscular.

you have no idea what you are talking about then, mongolbro

Balkan people can look from Greek/Spanish/Italian type to north European type.Its pretty diverse

slav women are overrated
but look better than german women

nice nigger nose

Slav men aren't ugly you fucking faggot.

they are reverse black?

Germanic men have deplorable bodies and overly feminine faces.

You're confusing masculinity with ugliness.Also, male grooming is considered gay in our part of Europe.


If that were true, Slavs would've died off centuries ago.

God mestizo women are so god tier but mestizo males are seriously ugly, but I think that's because women are genetically more predisposed to inherit European traits so they're just the perfect mix of races, mestizo men just look like mongrels.



More like Neanderthal, but whatever.

He does, Balkan Slavs are highly varied in appearance.

nigger, I bet you look like a bitch compared to me

Why are greek women so cute when the men are so ugly?


I'm a mudskin and I like pale blond and ginger girls.


if you don't shave your cock and armpits, don't take showers every morning and every night and don't wear good perfume, you should kill yourself

fight me, i bet you scared

Nice hand :3

Bulgarians have dark hair, dark eyes, other facial features
More like cockhole, polish or russian

Women age like milk, men age like wine. Even Mr. Universe.

fite me irl and see what happens

t. cavern men

>deliberately unkept

I see, taking a shower and not loudly farting at the table makes you a faggot.

Makes sense.

I can see it now.

>Polish man strangles Mexican to death with his leg hair

what, fucking shave that

Balkan have many nations, all are dark, only croats/bosnians can have light hair, bulgarians are dark, albanians are dark, greeks are dark, serbs are dark+ ugly hooked noses

Not entirely true.

You are beta from 4ch, I sayd about normal guys

Slavic men have too much feminine traits, Germanic women have too much masculine traits.

I've seen Bulgars that, look like ruskies, turks, arabs and churkas.
The mongol meme is proven USSR propaganda.

Most Bulgarians and Serbs are dark, but there is a substantial number of them who aren't.

t. someone who's actually from the Balkans.

>dark hair

mostly yes

>dark eyes

its like 30-40% light eyes

>other facial features

which part of diverse you didn't understand

They have feminine features, and they have feminine features

Looks like a bro.

>hairy knees
hobbit DNA

post knuckles


>hobbit DNA
I have a lot of DHT and testosterone desu.

Thank g'd I got thick hair from my mom, so I won't go bald.

also don't forget to put on your make up shave your vagina


I've found that when countries are more sexist the women are more attractive than man, as they become more equal the men get more attractive and the women uglier.

>its like 30-40% light eyes
meh, unless we count light brown
Otherwise I agree on the diversity.

>he doesn't shave his cock


there is a reason for it

he is not slavic

I have done it one time and t.bh I didn't liked it

should call this map biggest liars tb h, the state makes us say 5 hail marys if we lie here

>No data
>means small

polish intellectuals everyone
also hair makes your penis looks smaller so I don't see the logic behind this


literally the best feeling in the world is to have smoothly shaven crotch

also, chicks fucking hate bushes

No reason to shave it when you're not going to use it.

yeah I know if I was normalfag I wouldn't be here

Lol. Volgograd


na maika ti putkata dragliva deeba i pederasa deeba

samo pomisli kolko golem pedal si kato si mi zapazil snimkite i se prestruvash na mene

she looks deformed because she's like 80% plastic

just found this
but obviously you shouldn't believe any of these maps

t. Miro

that's not him


girls refuse to lick balls if they don't shaved

nice try, Miro

here's what you should believe though
only measured peepee size, no self reported

>tfw 17cm
feels good man

A thread about girls ends up with you lot talking about penises.
Good job faggots


18 here
feels i have never used it

>tfw 13 cm cock

it eventually gets better, r-right?

>tfw 14cm cock
It's not that bad 2bh

hot damn

coz menz aR not faggotzzz

R8 this slav

Slavs get their women by looking tough instead of pretty. They adopt the battle scar approach.

Source: my ass

and where was the information derived?

seriously, how.

>generic henchman from Steven Seagal movies

Asian male
180 cm
16 cm when fully erect
Non Virgin

Am I doing it right?


This bitch is pretty but she's 100% fake
There's NO way those curves are real

>нeиpoничнo дa cи бaдкa
>yбий ce

I was wondering where India went lmao


Holy shit I am laughing

looks like a man

thats sad actually

It's the generic bouncer looking bulgarian again. How old are you mate?

I agree

Because it is beautiful to you, it's full of garbage for us. I am in my life seen a 2-3 beautiful girl from Russia. Much more attractive I've seen guys, no homo

Both Slavic males and Slavic females have deformed faces due to radiation and fetal alcohol syndrome. Only difference is that females use makeup, so they can look like retarded anime characters. And this makes greasy virgins very horny.

Slavs have it right. Women are supposed to be the beatitude ones. This is not an excuse to be fat and ugly but still. I feel like slavic women are attracted to different qualities than western women are. A feminine looking man in the west will get almost any girl he wants, in the east he will get the shit kicked out of him.

You just look in wrong places.

You look like the sort of person who would say "what the fuck are you looking at?" if I looked at you for longer than 2 seconds in the street.

My suspicion in alcoholism, I know people from that part of the world who are ripped but don't drink unless its a birthday.

Get a better haircut fgt

the fuck is wrong with buzzcut, gaiboi?


>shaving your amprits
faggot detected

Women always look better than men.


Damn why does Jake look way better than his sister.

it's just an exotic factor, it blinds you.

I don't know why people think she is not attractive, I have high standards when it comes to judging the beauty of celebrities and she's ok in my book desu

Aй дa чтo ты пиздишь. Mнe и oчкo лизaли, кoтopoe я нe бpил никoгдa.

It's not that she's unattractive, it's that Jake is way fucking hotter and they have the same parents.

Wtf I hate genetics now

me at the right

The eternal hun strikes again!

This thread got really gay really quick

>post more extra large slav racks

post your cock size or fuck off

Post pics of your legs, Cred Forums

hey I'm not ugly actually

not slavic/10


D-don't do it user! That's gay!

>slav women so cute
Good taste tovariszch


3rd worlders got ugly men beautiful women

t. urk

D-don't do what? :0

what do we call you? Leb-user or Lebanon-user?

post lewds

They aren't. And neither are Nordic women for that matter, just plain average like 99% of places.

t. Russian in Norway


because I'm about to have a wank anyway so why not

Do you think my legs are cute or something? You do realize I'm an Asian male, right?

cute enough, sure, and asian male sounds good to me m8

Are you gay?

no, I'm a woman

pfft where do you think we are, of course I'm gay

Ok. I don't have Lewds but you can jerk it to my feminine lips instead

woah a little too feminine for me m8, but you're pretty qt

>tfw slav living in america and can't get a woman because i'm too ugly

I had only 1 Polish gf(well have since it's the current one) besides that it was always foreign girls.

So either looks don't matter that much or I'm handsome because my ex-gf were kinda hot.

Wait, she's not wearing any underwear?

You'd look good with a real haircut

that buzzcut shit is for children


Can I fuck your girlfriend while you're at work?

t. Feminine Asian male

wow her teeth matched her hair :3

I agree, "el hombre debe ser feo, macho y borracho"

What is the Bulgarian name for Chad?

We use Batka, which is a very bastardized version on brother.
.t not the OP

>from el salvador
>bagging on fellow brownies
>such a low iq that cant into genetics

kek fuck outta here shitstain

I'm also mestizo you dumbass, but why tell lies?? The average man here is a 4 at best. Our women are a lot more beautiful in average, everyone here knows that.

Also all Avar and Mongol half asian rape babies

you look like a henchman from a 60s spy movie that is trying to play off of the fear of communism.


only russians and maybe bulgarians since they literally came out of Asia


The Presence of Asiatic haplogroups in the collective Slavic gene pool is beneath 3%, with the most recent markers being 3000-3500 years old.

Also, that statistic involves the entire Russian population, including all non-Russian minorities.

I like when pale snowhite blondes are BLACKED.

Slavs look like aliens

Meanwhile having some fun with your naked bros is not gay.
Such is the life of manly men :-D

I wouldn't mind to be abducted by such female aliens.

>type to north european type
yeah no
>30-40% light eyes
hahahahah shut the fuck up shitskin

That's a picture made by a random forum user with no reputation whatsoever. Why does it keep being reposted?

those numbers were taken from different researches you stupid monkey, not from the top of his head

He made those 'statistics' by looking at group pictures of people from those countries. It was made by a fat Bulgarian, who never left Bulgaria and probably never saw a foreigner with his own eyes.

Plus his blog was deleted. This should tell you how much reputation that autist had.

kys retarded cunt. people like you are fucking cancer.
You're nothing but a waste of space.

Sexual dimorphism.

>less than 50% light hair
meme data

armpit hair is disgusting


Christ Almighty she's hot

I wonder what it feels like having air currents breeze along your snatch or honey buns

Ugly Slav men produce ugly Slav offspring, both men and women. Handsome Slav men produce good-looking offspring, both men and women.

im a girl from sweden and russian men are the hottest guys

He is Austrian so it's basicaly the same thing.

western slavic and slavic men from the balkans are handsome. only russian nen are ugly as fuck. hohols are so-so

t. Chechen

Men aren't supposed to be pretty.


Women look for in this order
1) Wealth
2) Power
3) Self confidence
4) Humor
On a man

dunno mate but i profit from it

>Women look for in this order
>1) Wealth

>2) Power

>3) Self confidence

>4) Humor
That's the joke

Sauce ?

American girls are about the same if not, uglier.