I just ate pesto for the first time

I just ate pesto for the first time.
It's fucking disgusting, fuck you Italy.

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It's pretty good on tomatoes with mozzarella.

I bet you sat there with a straw because you thought it was some vegetarian drink

Pesto is amazing

Pesto is good you google


I ate it on a sandwich with salami and turkey.

hahahah faggot

have you tried it in pasta? it's literally god tier

Why rude? I meant google it, pesto is good

What's a google?


You have shit taste, bud.

>in the u.s.a


>meriga only eat GMO plastic lol XDDDD

Sorry there was no gravy and meat balls in it, Bob.

Mane, yuo won't know how to cook pasta properly even if i teach you

Not even italians can cook a proper pesto without being laughed at by the genoese

Why do we allow landlocked states to access the internet?

post that picture of that amerifat woman and broccoli

I love pesto wtf


Not OP, but fuck off.

>I ate it on a sandwich with salami and turkey
What the fuck are you doing

Pesto is the only good thing that came out of Italy in the last 500 years

>It's fucking disgusting

You probably ate some shitty pesto made by some dude named Johnny "100% italian" al Pacino


pesto is god tier, fuck you

Pesto apesta

You're retarded

>only good thing that came out of Italy in the last 500 years
That would be chicken alfredo.

Faggot. That's not how you eat pesto. You serve it over cheese tortellini with Parmesan and garlic bread

Do Italians have pesto pizza or is that another Haram Americanism?

t.Bob Guidolini, proud italian american and expert on italian culture



did you gammawave it for DNAs?

Problem, Weegee?

Pesto is great

Why are Chileans so passionate about pesto?

What do you eat pesto with? I just make macaroni with pesto, really delicious and easy to make


I like putting a thin layer of pesto on my pizza before putting the rest of the toppings on. its a nice kick in small quantities.

salami & turkey sammich ofc

Anything you want, don't let the fascistos keep you down

I can accept this but i can't accept salami+turkey+pesto. I just can't.

wrong, you should eat it for breakfast in the morning with a spoon

>have genoese family
>parents grow their own basil
>nonna makes the pesto
>girlfriend learns the recipe

This is easily one of the top 300 feels of all time.

all italian argentines moved to chile when argentina got invaded by bolivians

Try adding it to a crumb with a bit of lemonrind and bake on salmon

GOAT way to eat it


Even with the proper food that shit is still nasty.

Do you make macaroni since its easy, i know a certain pole who does that. I'm going to make some spaghetti with pesto in a few hours and have it for breakfast i think.
*smacks lips* ayo dat sheeeit nasty *smacks lips*