1. You're cunt

1. You're cunt
2. What are your thoughts on Illyasviel von Einzbern?

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I like the parts where the sexually abuse each other

Decent president, he anticipated we would be China's bitch

its anime therefore garbage

That's right, anime is haram brother.

Salam aleikum.

Would [spoiler]hold hands[/spoiler] with.
[spoiler]No spoilers on Cred Forums[/spoiler]

She's a slut, and you're a slut, too.

She's very cute! I'd love to make her my gf

She's supah kawaii


1st season had a nice op. otherwise, bit naff

piss off leaf scum

I was about to puke when I read the first chapter.
I guess the anime must be way worse.

Eat shit ahmed

ching chang chong

Pls stop.

All of you stop your shitposting right now and post Illyas.

kil yourselves fucking weebs

Post the brown one

haha you fucking non-country scum you think I wouldn't scroll the index without seeing your shit reply? Say that again and I'll make your non-country a gone-country

pic related

Photo: He has given up but he has 4 balloons. Others have just 1 balloon.

Maybe his job is to give up balloons?

once he gives every globe he will go back to being useless ;_;

Kuro is too lewd!

she shares her route with wormslut so she is by association also a shit

I've never watched any of this, but I've seen several WEBMs of it from Cred Forums to /x/.

Is this really a spinoff of that King Arthur being an anime girl?



Erry time

Breddy gud

2. pic-related

Illya is my daughter so I'm going to have to ask you all to be respectful towards her, thanks.