Why do Americans wear shoes in bed?

Why do Americans wear shoes in bed?

Maybe the bottom of the bad is full of bacteria so they don't want to lie in bed barefoot or with socks.

To be ready to fight the communists

they don't want to slip in the butter when they get up in the morning

Quicker, more convenient, and also more comfortable

>mfw europoors don't have bed-shoes

Why don't Americans eat meat pies?

Because they realise that they are disguised mooncakes

I've always wanted to try a meatpie
It's mostly an Australian thing right?

Nah I think parts of UK and definitely NZ love that shit too. Make sure to get a proper one from a bakery and not the frozen poverty type.

They don't?


>North Korea
>Islamic countries
>Muslims around the world
>Commies around the world
If you had this manu enemies you would always be prepared too user.

To keep our feet nice and cool, duh.

you brought that on yourself tbH

Are we the enemy? kek

nope. completely foreign t.b.h.

Well I suppose if I'm ever in a better anglo country I'll have a good meat pie

Yeah, shit's unsanitary.

a pot pie is a kind of meat pie and i eat them all the time. They are fairly common

Nothing beats the feeling of a cool, warm and soft blanket against your tired and hot feet when first climbing into bed.

Make sure you try it if you come here. There's nothing like being in a good country pub enjoying a nice steak and kidney pie with a pint on the side

ok, sure "chicken pot pies"
and people only eat the frozen ones, anything more and its a sure sign of a u t i s m