ITT: Post Terrorist Attacks from your country?

ITT: Post Terrorist Attacks from your country?

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>terrorist attacks
what are those?

Something your country experiences everyday

They were all captured for terrorism back in 2007 I think
The only dead was one of them that died carrying a bomb
The creation of brazil

Do you really want us to flood this thread ?




Never had any famalam





Where do they keep getting grenades from?
And perhaps a better question, why are they so ineffective? I only counted a handful of casualties in there compared to the dozens of explosions.

Some anarchists put a bomb in a shooping center and wounded 10 people. Worst terrorist attack since the 90s

State terror attacks

Jews got btfo

the most funny thing is they were all from las condes or near, for outsiders,rich kids

do school shootings count?

>be Brazilian
>get shot

>Done by Chechens
Fucking rude. We haven't done anything to them, it was the Russians they should be attacking.

every goddam time

portuguese is such an awful language

No shit.




The only real terrorist attack to occur on our soil was by the French.
>Je suis charlie, je suis bataclan.



Fun fact: this was closer to theft consider most the tea was stolen and sold as opposed to being dumped in the harbor

In Ryazan it was a sugar, not RDX.



If that faggot didn't rush back on a sinking boat to get some photos he wouldn't have died.

our invasion in 1989.

>yfw Canada has been subjected to terrorism in multiple occasions




I plan on visiting GB only to smeer shit on Harris grave.

I'll do the same.


Makes me smile every time

"women are the main victims of war" Hillary Clinton

sousse attack


i really like how the internet has the ability to appropriate history

not to say that WWI wasn't horrifying but maybe true appreciation of it's victims comes from enjoying the freedom we have today

god knows what horrors may come tomorrow


My Mukhosransk

Christ, this one is absolutely terrible. Same with the attack on the Pakistanian school this year (or last year?)

I wonder how completely fucked up you have to be to target kids specifically.

It was kinda strange seeing this one "live" on Cred Forums, for some reason.

I remember when the iconic "legs guy" picture first got posted and so many people seemed legitimately concerned about him. It was pretty weird.

Yeah and turned out he had no legs to begin with... Really strange bomb.

1980 Bologna station bombing

Wouldnt know what those are.


It's just business as usual.

>Page not avalible in swedish

Also, I didn't know there was this many attacks.
The only ones that really received mainstream attention was the attack on the police buss and the one that killed that 8 year old kid.

the only one. The police killed them all so effeciently, that no other foreign terrorist organization ever choosed Portugal to commit their attacks.

That kids is far too old to be clinging onto his dad like that

Talk shit get hit

>caring about some Portuguese hippy faggot
The French did nothing wrong.

by hindu clut

Madrid train terror attacks. 2004

Those screams... Give me chills

Commie underground terrorist organisation in western Germany, 1970

> The Armenian-American newspaper Asbarez in its editorial referred to the militants as "freedom fighters and the heroes".
Armenians are truly subhumans

It's not hard, all you have to do is be muslim.


It was bytovoy gas, not FSB.


South American rich kids want a revolution while the poor only want a better paying stable job.

With religion, anything is possible

Only the terrorist got hurt

What the shit spurdo, story?


Our PSP is pretty fucking badass. We have some of the best snipers, too, mostly because they spend their whole day training since there's nothing else to do.

3 members of a new 10-element EU squad against terrorism stationed at the Greece/Turkey border are Portuguese.