What are your thoughts on Paris Cred Forums?

What are your thoughts on Paris Cred Forums?


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It's an African shit hole filled with commies and anarchist numales

That's gonna be all of Europe in a couple of decades.

It's the future you chose.



The outer city is a facade for a giant pond filled with waterlillies that the frogs all sit on and croak out their frog songs.

That's what my ma told me, anyway.

>all the white girls with non white males
>the whie males are gay

couldnt be any more hevy handed

I cant stand how he stares at us right into our soul and asks us "Why?"

Im so sorry. I like Finland


>wake up
>Polish question hadn't solved

you had your chance, now go back read some historic book before you start spreading your cringe propaganda

What does it say?

I dont speack barbarianese


Brussels is a white Utopia compared to Paris

"Islam is very similar to our belief/ideology/view of the world" or something like that

>TFW you will never fIght for Germany, Fuhrer and Western Civilization.
We defeated the wrong enemy.

you have the wrong helmet my dumb friend

No one cares about the opinion of fence riders, Poland


what "fence rider" mean?

someone who doesn't pick a side because they don't have any balls

Why do niggas love paris so much?

So why did you call me like that?



>Today we receive at Disneyland Paris @anne_hidalgo (mayor of paris) and kids from recreation center from Paris


>I might be illegal...
>But I am not a criminal
fucking people

Oy vey delet this before I call the thought police on you

>tfw I used to go to Disneyland Paris all the time in the 90's
>full of wogs now

Come to Parc Astérix instead, it's better in every points

murricans act like NYC and LA aren't that far off from being like that. Mixed "couples" everywhere.

I think it is wonderful that europe is getting diversity

>no small world

I would love to go to Paris, though I think I would only do touristy stuff and then leave.

It looked god-tier during the 1960s.

American isn't an ethnic group. It's a meaningless title.

But no more France? No more French.

The french themselves say being french is a state of mind not an ethnicity, guess they deserve what is coming to them.

You guy are scum. They're just people trying to live their own lives.

>Sprüche, die Himmler nie gesagt hat


haha this, as much as i hate seeing whats happening to Europe a part of me exclusively enjoys seeing it happen to France.

Fucking this.

that pic is in china tho

also isn't london just as bad?

That's in China, imbécile.


So many KANGZ WEing as Europeans these days. Don't they have any shame?

I feel that when this saying started it was a reference to Italians and other Euro's, not miscellaneous Africans.