I see this kind of ample vellus hair on children here, even little girls like this picture...

I see this kind of ample vellus hair on children here, even little girls like this picture. That's literally a moustache if the hairs were any darker. Do meds have the same? What about asians and africans?

Same girl. You cant even see it further away.

It's somewhat common only in north and south europe, it's rare elsewhere in europe. Girls hate it and get traumatized easily here because, like you say, it's literally a moustache if the hairs are darker (and they often are). You can and should use euphemisms, but that's what it is.

It's also the origin of the "memes" of [insert here southern nationality] girls having a mustache, in the case of Spain being the portuguese ones.

This is the kind of woman that gets absolutely awful when growing old, by the way.

We have the same here, it's just Spanish moor genes.

>moor genes in Finland

I'm just speaking for my country here, I don't know why Finnish girls have it, I guess they're snowmonkeys after all.

>Girls hate it and get traumatized easily
So sad.
Why? Don't say something like that. I should have used some euphemism too.

>What about asians and africans?

It can't be a moustache. Terminal hair isn't only darker, but also thicker and longer. It looks completely different.

Growth of that type of hair is induced by testosterone, so she's most likely going to have a moustache.

I don't get why are some people grossed out by peach fuzz. It's cute when girls have that kind of fine hairs.

All females in moortuguese mother's family got the little moustache.

Any pictures?
Yes not saying it is just that it would look like if the vellus hair were darker. Which is why I'm asking how they look on people with darker hair.

Portuguese diaspora fag.

When the girls here hit ~11-13 they go threw an awkward period of having a full on 5 o'clock shadow. It's pretty funny, but they wax it off as they get old. Some of them retain serious sideburns and horrendous arm hair though.

*so she's most likely NOT going to have a moustache.

I mean just children and vellus hair.

Still funny though.

I don't know, then. I'm not usually that close to kids to notice peach fuzz. I don't think my little cousins have it.

I don't think you understand.

Mustache = terminal hairs.

When you touch your moustache, you can feel that it's rough. It just feels different.

I don't even like how it looks on men (most of the time), so there's no way I'm gonna like facial hair (or anything resembling it) on woman.


It looks like it's impossible to explain the difference between vellus hair and terminal hair to you, so I just give up.

Good night.

Plenty (maybe even most?) of med people have blond body hair and it turns darker as they mature into teenage ages and adulthood. It's not that rare for the head's hair. Some like me even retain the blonde (in this case ginger) beard.

Or is vellus hair translucent white for all people?

Hmm. Sometimes just really noticeable on prepubescent kids here.

Yes? I know. Again, I didn't say it's a moustache just that this kind of common thick coating of vellus hair just looks like that up close. Maybe my problem was I thought darker haired people have dark vellus hair too if that isn't the case.

I know the difference yet it still is (or can be) visible hair on the face, which I don't like. Can't be that hard to grasp, lad.

Arm hair is kinda a turn off, I had a friend who had very hairy knuckles. disgusting.

I've always found the sideburns hair kinda cute, but lip and arm hair is kinda not my thing, obviously.

Not as much as children. Whenever they get closer and past puberty it becomes a bit noticeable so they either start waxing it off of blondening it artificially depending on strenght. It's rare that we get the case of naturally blond hair that's big enough to be noticeable but too small to hide it, so you never see girls with moustaches.

By menopause when they stop giving a shit they could sail the seven seas with the moustache.

It's near the opposite for me. I don't mind arm hair at all as long as it's not man tier, but I dislike anything on the face (including easily noticeable sideburns). But hey, it's my opinion. Also some haircuts may disguise it and make it look good (the sideburns).

why are you observing our lolis user?

LMAO tragic angle.
Ah ok so vellus hair is translucent for everyone. Thanks.

>implying its the angle

I have a ginger beard too, and pitch black hair.

Isn't that the definition, though?

Just my sibling made fun of my neck beard so I made an observation about vellus hair. Honestly it's just really noticeable up close and in some photos for white children.
Lighting + angle. Still hilarious.

Ah really? Well I'm just dumb then. But I haven't seen an example of it on asian or african kids yet.

I think the actual amount has to do with the male counterparts.

As in, you always have all the hair follicles in place to have a beard, and testosterone activates it and makes them real hairs.

So, Asian and African men usually have less body hair, so women would follow suit, I guess.

But that's weird, because living in a hairy male country, almost all girls I meet have less than , so either she comes from a very hairy family, or my theory is off.

It's just the lighting under the circumstance. LOL if it looked like that all the time she would have done something about it.

that's how humans are

She's got a better beard than many men I've seen