Your country

>Your country
>When was the last time you Sipped™©?


I sip first thing in the morning, but I sip throughout the day too

Back to fit faggot.

Fatass finn

Maybe you should try some Monster Ultra Zero instead of slurping cum in the sauna you gay faggot

I just paid $15 for 4 of these

literally the only good monster

forgot pic, fuck

Is it any good? Recommend?

That's bretty good too

Bring back monster rehab tea+lemonade. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

you don't have rehab there?

its the shittiest monster tb h, you can take it all

It has less sugar than the others and it doesn't contain aspartame, which I'm allergic to.

it tastes like fucking fatna mixed with nestea tho, why even bother drinking monster at that point

The lo-carb tastes worse.

lo-carb tastes exactly the same as the regular monster, but without the fat

monster green tea was teh best one out of the tea joints. Too bad it got canned.

>tfw never had Monster

I don't think I've ever seen it in a shop, that or I never noticed it.

>Is it any good? Recommend?
I've only had the regulars, the blues, and the dubs and it's definitely the best out of them.
Sometimes it tastes like candy apple shit but most of the time it's leagues ahead of the regular.

>uni doesn't sell energy drinks
>going through hell

The withdrawal is worse than what I experienced from SSRI's

have you tried... going outside of campus?

I heard that you have to be 16 or older to buy those in Europe as teens there are addicted to energy drinks.

Is it customary in your cunt to offer Monster™ Energy to the dead?

monster tastes like shit, I usually get me a doubleshot.

That's pretty cool actually

Is that guy famous at all? Or just a random guy