1. Your cunt

1. Your cunt
2. Your favorite console

N64. it had everything.

ps4, it has bloodborne

young ones does not know this feel


Can decide which is my favorite(unless pc gaming counts)But I have buyers remorse with the wii.

I fucking hate you

Sega Mega Drive 2
Hands down

PC, videogames are for faggots

>it had everything
What? No it didn't.


I had a N64 but really?

It lost hard to the PS1.


only because they switched last minute to cartridge when they said they would do disk and games were already made for disk so sony picked them up, if nintendo went with disk ps1 would have died like sega

N64 has only a handful of great games. Not even in top 5 honestly. Super Nintendo was the best system in history and it's not even close. This is fact.


My nigga.


lost to what? it didn't have as good games.


My waifu's game is on it

>it didn't have as good games.

This is what weebs actually believe

GameCube cause Smash and Soul Calibur

>gamecube but I loved my gameboy more

The PS1 didn't have good games?

What about Spyro, FF7, the Resident Evil series, Chrono Cross, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Tekken, Megamen X series and many others I can't remember right now?
The PS1 library was magnitudes larger than the N64.

The N64 had some great games too, mainly by Rare and Nintendo, but it lost.

Both systems were in that shitty weird early 3d era but PS1 definitely has the better library easily.