Who will you be voting for this November?

Who will you be voting for this November?

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Trump, like the rest of the world

Hillary for anti-Trump reasons

stein > gary > other

no-vote best vote

What is the Green Party all about?


>even america's backup choices are insane this year

free education and so forth

neo-liberalism and not actually doing anything seriously helpful for the environment

Either one of the two in pic
Might just flip a coin, I've stopped caring, and just want to put my voice out there against the two main parties.

>Justin "Free Love" Trudeau

Justin is cool. At this point you call him terrible just because he is nice to other people.

>These fake smiles.
Jeesus Christ, it's cringy.

TRUMP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JOHNSON > CLINTON > STEIN

>Johnson at all




probably won't desu, voting's too much trouble

Just vote for the one that comes closest to your ideals. Better than not doing anything and making it seem like you would be okay with the situation.

no i mean it's too much work leaving my room to vote

Pretty sure you can get an absentee ballot sent to you.

Vote for trump you fuck

I would fuck that granny tbqh