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I'll fucking batter anyone who spams AAAAAJ in this thread

you have been warned.


What've you got against them? You a fucking Norwegian Jap?

Yoga 710?

Thank you mods.

May your rage spread through /lat/.

A considerable improvement.

the last thread went from 150 posts to 35 before it was deleted
the mod is going fucking nuts

lads... I don't have a dynamic IP. what am I supposed to do

>Brazil has the largest Japanese community outside Japan

significant jap population in peru too

why did Japs go there?

There's loads here too

fleeing trial for war crimes in WW2

thailad why have you never fucked a ladyboy

how did you post this?


unsure, probably after the meiji restoration to find a better life?

Ex-PM of Peru was a Jap too

We barely tried any Japanese for war crimes because most of the guilty did seppoku when they knew they were beaten

Also we didn't really give a fuck because they did most war crimes against koreans and chinese and filipinos not against europeans like the nazis did

America is a european civilization and is populated by european people

Why would it be better than a real woman?

phone. WHY THE FUCK DON'T I HAVE A DYNAMIC IP everyone else seems to have one. I want to be able to spam shitposts and when I get banned just reset my router

>People and companies pay a premium for static IPs to host servers and whatnot.

>People think they have one just because resetting their router doesn't change their IP.

Learn to use proxies

It isn't hard you can look it up on YouTube and watch a 2-minute how to video

guess you're fucked bud
better get writing on that appeal and make it extra sappy.

btw posting about your ban is AGAINST THE RUUULES

please stop posting this munter
she's hideous

how about it hasn't changed for 3 fucking years, even across new routers.
trying to find unbanned proxies is like trying to find atlantis

Enlighten us hoplites then, Mr. Big Brain

when your sister is a dyke but her arse is 12/10

>how about it hasn't changed for 3 fucking years, even across new routers.
If true, then fair enough.
It depends, my old ISP I had to change my MAC address on my router to force a IP renewal.

jus grabbin a few drinks bru

>my old ISP I had to change my MAC address on my router to force a IP renewal.
tried this too. might call my isp tomorrow and ask why the fuck I have a static IP

have you tried unplugging it for several hours?
leave it unplugged overnight

>leaf steals my webm filename
not a fan

Hi lads

yes. I've tried everything

Wouldn't hurt, you could at very least ask for them to assign a new one if you really do have a static IP.

how do i change the mac address?

Michael Jordan was such a mentalist
I miss the 90s


>Michael Jordan
Basketball is a pretty based sport, its intense and fast paced.
I like it and Baseball

Fuck off Yank

>I like it and Baseball

alri Tyrone Rodriguez

>star citizen update

boring as fuck

I'm not even a "sports guy" I just enjoy watching a action willed game or something with a lot of stuff going on.

fucking insomnia


Fuck off Toff.

yeah that's why I like hockey. shit like soccer and football are way too slow

I don't care much about hockey because its too meme tier here

the gf

thats not a paki lad..

wonder how that mexican felt about having his spic friends here earlier

you should ask him when his power comes back on..


look at this
he was insane
he got me obsessed with Basketball as a young kid

then I gave up when I realised I was uncoordinated and white and moved onto rugby

lovbe this webm


Ayee mate


He looks like Pablo Escobar without the moustache.


>a blind navy seal


>gf is 21
>"user how old am I"
>"36, just the way I like em"
>"she gets all huffy, that it was a shit joke and I should know better"




>have Tyrone's baby
>expect the taxpayer to pay for it

Ah yes.


>paying taxes



Might have a pre-work wank



just got LA noire today

gonna go play now



I have this game but have played around 5 minutes of it.


(X) Doubt

I've barely played any videogame in months

only thing is maintaining my dwarf fort

No seriously, it came in a pack of other games. 2 of which I was interested in playing. Then the games I actually liked circle scratched, now I use my xbox as a stand to make the television slightly higher and nothing more.

just fucking with ya thailad

How do I figure out my hat size lads?


how many hours would i need to invest into dorf fort to overcome the learning curve
how many girls look like that in bangkok

put the hat on your head, if it fits, thats your hat size?

get two a4 (or whatever yanks call a4) pieces of paper, sellotape (or whatever yanks call sellotape) them together into a cylindrical shape. Place it upon your head and post picture.

I'll send the picture off to the boys in the lab and be back to you within 3 business days.

not many
its difficulty is a meme, its only as hard as you want it to be.
just get your industry in order.

I'm moving to London soon

Anyone want to hang out or be friends?
Any tips on how not to get ripped off?

Have an early morning Yui for good luck /brit/

litre of boost a quid a pop total bargain m8

which places in england have the most asians

the cemetery

It's 12:40am here in Chicago, have a good night /Brit/ I'm off to sleep.

How do I get a qt British gf?

I need an answer asap

being myself haha

wanna hear a sp00ky story about the cemetery near me?

wow Janny really is pushing shitty boring thread editions on us

also don't (DO NOT) want to go to work today.

really DO NOT want to go to work today haha

oh well only another 40 years to go

>only another 40 years to go

You're 45 years old?

>the janny


Same tehe

Back in work again, wondering how to make it through the week.

LOL imagine
you know you still have options, take advantage of them while they last

I can't wait to quit my current job in a month
going to do it as respectfully as possible to keep them as a valuable reference.

Worked all weekend, this is Thursday.

>hour commute to work


Why on earth are you moving to London?

Because everywhere else in the UK is shit?

alri lads. do NOT want to go to work today

>people who sit for an hour in traffic both ways

runt lyf

I wish I could quite but I have a lot of bills and shit I need to pay.

I'd be pretty fucked without my job and there are no others in my area that need my skill set.

Also don't want to go to work

t.londoner who has never been outside london

But london's even worse

I have debts man and not from a rich family and I'm still leaving the country.

>wageslaves are getting up

really DO want to go to work today

t. nobody

i like london. there's shit bits but that's the same as any city really tbqh

t. spent an afternoon on oxford street once

>Exposing your bare buttocks in public has been officially made a crime in the Australian state of Victoria.

>First-time offenders face up to two months in jail while repeat offenders could spend six months behind bars.

>The act also outlaws singing "an obscene song or ballad" and behaving in a "riotous, indecent, offensive or insulting manner".

I actually enjoy my job once I go in but I do NOT like being up this early. Wish I could do it at night instead.

Hate how the word jail has replaced prison here.

rate me please

I want to get out of the US and London doesn't seem to bad for a foreigner

also I want to get into the local music scene for London. I want to start a band or something 2bh

>riotous, indecent, offensive or insulting manner
they literally outlawed being australian the absolute madmen

>that breakdown at 1:30

latest match

looks like /blackgf/ may become a reality haha

>behaving in a "riotous, indecent, offensive or insulting manner".

ahh yes so any australian behaviour that doesn't involve a limp wrist

local music scenes are a bit shit in london lad. very low attendance at smaller shows compared to the turnouts in towns out of london.

What is she hiding behind that hat?

I bet she's doing a Gabrielle

Decent bum but professional porn is boring

That's mainly due to oversaturation. Too man things happening at once, so you don't get the crowds that come from being the only game in town

baka desu senpai

>also I want to get into the local music scene for London. I want to start a band or something 2bh

>Many of us take free wifi in cafes for granted. But there is a trend for smaller ones to experiment with switching it off, in a bid to beat the laptop table-hoggers.

>With so many people now working as freelancers on the move, is this really a good long-term strategy? Video journalist Dougal Shaw investigated the issue.

My hard earned queenie-dollar at work. THanks BBC

yeah exactly that. it's why brighton for example has a much better local music scene than london

Really? that's a shame, I have gotten bored of the Los Angeles scene lately. I was kind of hoping something was happening in London

What city in the UK preferably England had a good music scene right now?

Liverpool & Madchester

grimsby and horsham

anglicised asians are fucking filth. i want to travel to japan to meet some pure qts but i'm too poor to get a flight and too dumb to learn runes

hartlepool and faversham

you sound like an absolute fucking normie runt. fuck off back to facebook you cunt before I smash your fucking head in

Can you guys post music from those cities?

Durham and Middlesbrough

>Prince George refuses to high five Trudeau

>Autistic people like anime

Cutting edge journalism

You sound like an absolute fucking autist

yeah okay. go listen to some skrillex you fucking hipster faggot. I can envision exactly what you look like

They didn't have to rub it in.

>William's hair
especially compared to Trudeau's luscious mane,

Skegness and Cleethorpes

>yeah okay. go listen to some skrillex you fucking hipster faggot. I can envision exactly what you look like

>I'm not rich therefore I vote labour

Don't understand people desu. What do labour do other than perpetuate people's poor living standards with gibsmedats

Mind the gap

In here lads, this thread was posted first.

dude just got back from a los angeles rave dude it was fucking mint XPP I'm all about that bass bro hahah XD fuck the haters bro, dubstep for life

Everyone's posting here, why split the thread?

We'll go to that thread once we're done ITT.

Morning boys

that wasn't me
but desu I don't care what you think lol
also I'm not going for electronic music

if I'm a Buddhist can I fly this Buddhist flag and not be called a racist?

Only if you shave your head so you look like a Buddhist

the swastika is pretty aesthetic desu
I'm glad the WWII and baby boomer generation is nearly dead so its not considered as bad now.

I think you mean Hindu, but yeah.

She's qt af

guess I better get out of bed lads haha

why do Orientals love Hitler so much?
is it because Orientalism turns people into Fascists?

Hitler doesn't carry the stigma there that he does in the West

The orientals appreciate a good strongman whereas in the West they're pretty much hated

basically this:
It's a pretty interesting time in history, for most people it's just about the same as people wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt or something, it's egdy and that's cool!

pity honestly
even the most democratic of the Ancients appreciated individual strength and dictatorial power.

*walks towards you*

reee brothers taking ages in the shower

Varg Vikernes is the Fedora King

He burned down a 1000 year old church and murdered his friend because he was a leftist

>reee brothers
good band name

this thread isn't very British

Get in there with him

Fuck off underage

no evidence that he ever burned down a church, and he killed his "friend" because that friend was insane and was plotting to kill him
if you're going to talk shit do it right

this album only gets better the more I listen to it goddamn


neither me nor my brother is underage

alri Varg haha

Fedoras are idea men only
Varg is the real deal alpha

I started listening to Channel Orange yesterday.

Super Rich Kids is so good damn.

Heh, you aint seen nuffin yet, kid.

thailad why do you listen to grime? are you a paki?


I don't listen to grime, I did when I was at secondary school because all my mates did and I wanted to be cool too.

Not so secret club anymote huh

has to be one of the most forced memes ever

why did you link me that big narstie clip a while back then

Just been sick

They were on that pretty quick, they must be lurking Cred Forums constantly.

>Cred Forums is being taken seriously.
This won't end well.

>people actually write articles about the retarded jokes people post here

It's amazing what people who are desperate to pump out another article will resort to writing.

because you were talking about grime? idk

What time is the presidential debate on?

I can't miss it, Cred Forums will fucking explode.

what did it taste like


They know about it because Cred Forums fucking shitposts on reddit and Twitter

I'm astounded by the fact that people are getting paid to write such shite

2:30 AM Tuesday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

just microwaved some spaghetti o's

probably too long haha

If you say so.

They called Spaghetti hoops m8

that was my article....you fucking skype

I do
Look at that article there's a tweet in there

I'm still reeling from the Pepe news report on CNN.

It's insane how much of a shitshow this presidential race has been.

Uh oh spaghetti hoops!

t. heinz shill

>the debate
holy fuck I nearly forgot
gonna be MAD bants
debating buying some liquor for it but I already have a drinking problem

what's ur skype mate? we'll fucking talk this out RIGHT NOW

Gonna rain lads

don't get upset lad
It's fantastic.
and proud


really? again?


I honestly can't believe it myself

The more I think about it the more convinced I become that I'm either dead and in limbo or that the singularity has happened and I'm living in a computer simulated universe

>get up early and leave early to get the early bus
>get on the early bus
>don't have my bus card thing or any cash on me
>have to get off

ah yes, excellent, very impressive


wagecuck problems lol

delete this image please

Delete your account


i am so confused. yanks are the first ones in line to argue how important this election is for the world, yet this is what they're focusing on hahaha literal memes.

memes are truly the future.

A lot of web comics I read these days are overflowing with women and minorities getting one over on very insecure white male characters, why has this become so common for these people to write about?

I'd say it was a self insertion fantasy but almost all the people who write these scenarios are white guys themselves. Makes it seem like they were bullied by their dads or something.

cannot imagine living in a tropical shithole where it rains all day for months straight

dont let it get you down

morning lads

jealous, wish it would rain for a few days but i get magic mushrooms in the cow paddock near my house when it does

Simply amazing
you can have it.

ahh yes america

delete this one too mate.

i invented the actually deleting your post when someone tells you to delete it gimmick, what madness hath i wrought?

>tfw usual bus is late now
>tfw gonna be late

VERY impressive



Why do silent farts smell so much worse?


yeh u?


been having VERY bad farts, borderline sharts, all evening

if it's silent then it means it all came out at once and is therefore more potent

Efface ça

yeah I'm alri

genuinely made me think

>Efface ça
sorry m8 don't speak rasheed


J'aime les mecs Français

going to work bye

t-toi aussi

>sound dies randomly
>net freezes
>random dialog boxes pop up
>photos won't open
Ah yes Windows 10 extremely impressive


i'm riding windows 7 for as long as possible desu haha



have a nice day

Vous êtes un garçon mignon

windows 10 is the worst

>have problem
>search for solution
>all the solutions are for the old windows UI

Why even get Windows 10?

it came with my laptop

oh god just fuck off thailad

reading the Epic of Girugamesh

>4pm at work
>gf starts messaging me, all emotional and sad
>have to spend an hour texting her instead of getting my work done before 5


Install Ubuntu


fuck drumpf


>Voting Trump is subversive

hmm dont think so

this still makes me laugh hard

got it on virtul box

Remember seeing this on Cred Forums years ago

and Hillary is?

honestly he definitely is subversive.

One of the greatest tragedies of feminism is how they convinced women that raising a family and looking after the family home is slavery.
There is no more important task mankind has than raising a child

>One of the greatest tragedies of feminism is how they convinced women that raising a family and looking after the family home is slavery.

desu women have become an even bigger commodity than ever before

Blacks should be above the law imo then we will finally stop racism

>and Hillary is?

Hmm yes black and white thinking, a false dichotomy if you will.

>why yes I DO let women crush my nuts

Even the republican party didn't want him as the candidate. If that's not subversive then what is?

winners don't use drugs

wieners don't use drugs

Agreed but it shouldn't be about raising your husband too though. Which is what it turned into.

Good old vista, people give it bad press but I'm never upgrading.

well there are only two options bud so it is a dichotomy

Or drink alcohol

He's right though

If you look at the founders of the feminism that came about in the 1960s (Gloria Steinham et al) they were all lesbians who proclaimed a visceral hatred of men while also wanting to be like men so rather than uplift femininity and womanhood as things to be praised they decided that women needed to become more like men and that meant joining the workforce as opposed to raising and caring for children

Might pull a sickie, not going out in that fucking weather

Vista is just Windows 7 with loads of bugs.

Oh yeah Michael Winner died three years ago

unironically agree with Muslim feminists desu



Wasn't serious mate

Just back from the gym lads haha

Yes but you missed out the 'false' part sweetie :) x

There is another choice. Both aren't subversive or both are subversive.

Need a bf lads

bamboozled again.

Maybe I'm just not cut out for this whole Cred Forums thing.

Got an 8 ball of speed lads

look at the state of that.

right up the shitter?

>There is another choice
what, taking yourself out of the democratic process? not really much of a choice. for someone who want's to be active.

vote for a third party? way to throw your vote away and both of the relevant ones in the US are not even close to subversive either.

all you're doing is waking off as usual then trying to act impartial when Hillary gets called to account.

Bombing it

Hello xx

Im your new bf. Gudday.

Not sure what you are ranting about mate now desu. Neither are subversive and that was my original point to the picture I posted.

>vote for a third party? way to throw your vote away


What a bloody stupid name

Gudday=g'day m8.

Sorry but this isnt working out.

Be my gf

Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll land among the stars.

2016 man's gimmick isn't really 'current year' . he is more like 'straw man arguments' man

>burns to death in the solar corona


Ill need to down all this before i start to think im a gril. Join us, we can be grills together

nearly 4 AM

indeed, right and left use the same fallacies. as bad as one another desu. that's why I'm a centrist

>That movie channel that always plays something good but finishes at like 2am.

why is no brits up???

I'm up senpai.

Some are at work and the NEETs probably won't be up for another couple hours.

god dam his wedding ring is almost going to fall off his skinny finger in the next pic.

im up frienderino

just been to the gym, might go to legoland later ahaha

fuck the police

today's a holiday m8.

Such a waste of perfectly good tea.

it didn't actually happen you know that right



I don't get bank holidays off so I never even pay attention to them.

beginning to get bored of the chon

hopefully this feeling lasts and i can finally be gone from here for good




the most pathetic meme on forums and discussion boards is and always has been the turning a thread into a virtual 'pub'.

even worse than anime nonces

Might apply for an easier job within my company with lower pay.