European DNA

How much influence is neanderthal blood?

Are black people technically more human than us?

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There was migration back into Africa too. The "white people have more neanderthal blood than others" meme is pure Cred Forums bullshit.

I'm less neanderthal than 90% of you.

yes technically they are the purest human human
that is a very select black people, not just all of them or some of them but those that didn't mix for the last 50k years or so, exceptionally rare but they do exist

but there is little influence because neanderthal blood is not just some hybrid blood it is left over from the exodus of the time line, so it is not just derived from mating with neaderthals if it did happen it is from being "pruned earlier"

Except it's not, and that's not what Cred Forums claims. It's that Europeans, Asians, and Amerindians have more Neanderthal DNA than sub-Saharan Africans, which is demonstrably true.

ie, earliest fruit fall furthest from the tree


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the only difference was h.s. didn't always live in caves

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Humans refers to two things.

1) our species
2) our subspecies

That's why when you actually look us up we're Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Our Genus is Homo, species is Sapiens, subspecies is Sapiens. Yes, you might consider it confusing, but that's how it is.

It is true that we have interbred with neanderthal, (who are also humans in species, but not in subspecies -- Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.) So while it simply doesn't make any sense to call people with neanderthal DNA less human in terms of species, maybe they are less human in terms of subspecies.

But considering how well those of us with neanderthal DNA have done, maybe it's some pretty good DNA.

they are also considered a separate species as well h.neanderthalensis

the naming conventions is not so important because there are no extant members, what is overlooked is that they share 99.7% of our dna that is to say the remaining .3% is what separates the two sub-species, that is the admixture is within that .3% and the admixture is still 1-4% of that .3%

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The vast majority of humans have neanderthal DNA. Having an extra 1% of it doesn't mean anything - it's just noise at that point. Besides, neanderthals are directly inferior in everything that makes modern humans civilized. It makes no sense that a higher percentage of such inferior genes would correlate to developing such a large portion of human discoveries and developments.

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>Besides, neanderthals are directly inferior in everything that makes modern humans civilized.
sounds like a very large claim.

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pure humans are directly inferior in eveyrthing that makes modern humans civilized as well

basically its the combination that helps. Its like how you can see better if you look through a pinhole

Did light eyes and light hair come from neanderthals?

Also do basques have more neanderthal DNA since they are native to Europe?

If African non neanderthal blood is the definition of human, this means everyone else in the world is superhuman.

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are you saying neanderthals and the egypt civilization exicted in the same time period?

Reminder that it's Asians who have the most neanderthal DNA while blacks have none or next to none.


I've read red hair has been found associated with Neanderthals in Spain, I don't know however if this is related to contemporary gingers.

That's actually pretty ineresting