Irredeemable racist bogan shithole

irredeemable racist bogan shithole

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> t. dong wiao chen

Our fathers

The funniest cunt tho

Our greatest Oceanic ally since New Zealand went full hippie retard.

I hope Malcolm himself rapes you tonight, cunt

Your fathers was Siberians.

Fuk u

Never mind. Thanks for letting us base there again greatest ally :^)

>melbourne will never be quarantined from the internet

fels bad man

>not forcible relocating the population of Melbourne into the outback without food or water
Basic tier

>no right to free speech, hate speech laws out the ass

>downright draconian gun laws

Self-explanatory. Most types of firearms are banned in cuckfailia. Most guns people own are shitty .22lr bolt action rifles or fuddshit double barrel shotguns.

>need a license for fucking air rifles

>need a fucking license for paintball guns

>airsoft is banned

>LASER pointers over 1mw are banned (effectively banning the vast majority)

>fucking YO YO WATERBALLS are banned

>novelty toy-like lighters are banned

>smokeless tobacco is banned

>toys containing beads are banned

>need a helmet to ride a fucking bicycle

>plain packaging on cigarettes

>absurdly high taxation on alcohol and cigarettes

>many violent games and movies banned or censored even after the R18 was introduced
>video games are expensive as shit
>cannot carry anything for self-defense

why are strayans so racists?

ahh yes a classic copy pasta that has been rebutted many times.

Nope. All sourced straight from government websites and agencies.

>"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." -CS Lewis

Ausfailia is one of the biggest NANNY STATES IN THE WORLD.


You're just jealous you dont live here senpai

>free speech hate laws
Fair amount of controversy over 18C recently, but most people are okay with them since our poor defenceless minorities don't want their feels hurt

>gun laws
These have worked extremely well and are one of the most successful pieces of legislation our government has introduced, that being said you can whatever guns you want by just showing up for your courses unless it's a handgun. Literally nobody cares about owning guns here except for firearm enthusiasts so more power to them, Americans just don't get this and probably never will

>air rifles, paintball, airsoft
Dumb bullshit that needs to be changed

>laser pointers
These laws are to prevent retards shooting down commercial aircraft, there's legislation in every country
>On November 2, 2009, Dana Christian Welch of Southern California was sentenced to 2.5 years in a federal prison after being found guilty of shining a hand-held laser light into the eyes of two pilots landing Boeing jets at John Wayne Airport.

This causes no harm to anybody except supervillains

>yo yo waterballs
I don't know what those are and don't care either

>toy lighters
who cares

>smokeless tobacco
who cares

>toys containing beads
Prevents children from eating them and dying in the most embarrassing way possible, once again, good legislation

>helmet for bikes
The police don't want you to kill yourself by hitting a pebble and splitting your head open on a wall, good for them. If you can prevent stupidity by making people weigh up being retarded against getting a fine then so be it

>plain packaging, high taxes, etc
God bless Australia. The war against smokers isn't going to end anytime soon but our youth haven't touched them in years and it's been one of the most successful campaigns ever. You wish you didn't have to pay taxes to keep these fuckheads on life support, but we can't all live in great countries

Dumb shit

pasty british criminals living in a fucking desert surrounded by giant jumping rats and toilet spiders would turn anyone into a bitter angry person, atleast they still have their ability to banter.

hello I am an australian you can trust me

i hear your natives have an IQ of 60, which puts them on par with pygmy people

just how dumb are they

is it something you can understand without experiencing first hand

We genocided them down to 2% of the population but they know how to make pieces of wood that return after you've thrown them so they must be pretty smart

>who cares

Fucking kek this doesn't make you any less of a massive nanny state.

>shooting down aircraft

Protip. Nobody has ever brought down an aircract with a laser pointer you fucking idiot. We ban pointing it at planes but we don't ban the laser pointers. Where are the mass ISIS laser attackings on planes happening? Oh right. The ban was retarded hysteria.

Smokers save more money because they die earlier.

You are the only western country to mandate helmets on bicycles along with NZ. Western Europe doesn't and their healthcare expenditure arw lower than yours. Canada and the US don't mandate it as well.

Notice how your reply isn't disputing any point I have maken? You are trying to poorly to justify your massive overregulated cuckhole and go "lol hurr who cares." It's hilarious.

You have no right to talk shit about muh kibder eggs when your country treats its citizens like fucking toddlers incapable of making their own decisions and risks in life. You take the gold, silver and bronze in the nanny olympics, faggot.

>"h-heh at least w-we don't ban k-kinder eggs sharter" typed the increasingly nervous and embarassed australian man on his 1 kb/s internet as he remained locked up in a padded room forced to wear a helmet, with his body bubble wrapped under costant harm supervision by his government let he cut himself on a piece of paper

Fucking kek. You provide the best argument against socialized healthcare. Because the government will use it to no end to heavily restrict anything remotely dangerous or tax it to shit. I am perfectly fine with people having to pay their own health costs.


But if it's such an overregulated cuckhole why is the quality of life here so good, why does nobody complain about random toys being banned, and why does everyone fucking love living here? The only thing in your list that affects me is having to put on a bike helmet when I go out, which both makes me safer and takes about 10 seconds to put on. The only problem with your argument is that you don't have an argument

US public health expenditure was 8.3% while ours was 6.3% in 2014

also we don't have fully socialised healthcare, that's canada and the UK. we have 2 tier.

Why does America even have a government? Wouldn't you all feel better if you could masturbate with your guns in armed compounds in the middle of nowhere while complaining about not having any roads because there's nobody to build them?

Not necessarily much an argument on your end either. While I don't dispute that Australia is a great place to live, that doesn't justify some extremes of your laws, however irrelevant they might be to the common man. The United States, all memes aside, is also a pretty good place to live and has none of those restrictions, even if we have some of our own stupid laws such as the Kinder Eggs.

There are some really stupid laws here but laws can always be changed, we just need to hold the fort until that happens. In the meantime I guess there are worse places to be

This based man didn't and actually killed one of your cop shitters.

>muh hdi

God you're such a faggot.

You can have a good quality of life and still be an overregulated totalitarian shithole where the government interferes as much as possible with your decisions. For the record quality of life in Switzerland is far superior to yours and they are one of the least nanny states in Europe.

When it comes to bike helmets or not making you safer, it is irrelevant. I am an adult. Adults should have the freedom to make their own decisions in life and take their own risks. You fail to inderstand the fundamental concept that freedom has always come with risks.

Look at Western Europe. Cointries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, etc all of which are the heaviest bicycle users in the world don't mandate helmets and the vast majority do not wear it. Those governments allow their citizens to make their own decision in life and take their own risks.

It should sicken any individual who values their liberty at how disgustingly of a padded room your country has become. Then again it's a self fulfilling prophecy. You were originally a penal colony.


I never said that our expenditure was higger than yours. I am against socialized healthvare for exactly the reasons you espouse. Ultimately it leads to a large loss of negative liberties. Everything that can cause harm must be highly regulated or taxed to oblivion. It diminishes individual liberty and the freedom to take your own risks in life.

Are you so fucking braindead as to insinuate the fact thar I am against a nanny state translating into wanting anarchy? I am a classical liberal. I am for minimizing as much government interference as possible in indivdual choices and liberties.

Even then, you have socialist countries in Europe who manage to be far less of a nanny state than you. It's telling.

>Smokers save more money because they die earlier.
You can't be serious

I just want to understand how overregulating everything actually makes countries a better place, instead of the literal Armageddon that you're portraying because most people do not have firearms and random toys are banned and we can't use high powered laser pointers, and so on

I've lived here for 23 years and I can never remember thinking "Wow, I can't believe I can't buy a Yoyo waterball, what is the world coming to."

We have legitimate issues like the Chinese buying all of our shit, rampant income equality and our retarded government shilling for coal so I think stuff like this has to be on the backburner

Why does America have seatbelt laws then? Wouldn't you all feel so much more grown up if you could just drive around with the ability to kill yourself more effectively so that the damn Nanny state couldn't keep you so safe?

Just how we like it.

>we hate muslims
>this makes us racist because islam is an ethnicity
>white muslims confuse OP

You're welcome to leave, cunt.

I want YANKS to not bully our best friends Australia

There are multiple studies on this replicated in different countriedls you dumb spic.

The logic is simple.

It costs a FUCKLOAD to care of the elderly. Like the great majority of all healthcare costs are from the elderly population.

Keeping people alive longer at that age, alzheimers, parkinsons and all the physical and mental problems that are inevitable with aging costs a shitton in medical costs.

A smoker dying in his fifties of a heart attack costs less because he fucking does earlier. The same with lung cancer. Only 17% of lung cancer sufferers live past five years.

Because these people die earlier they end up saving more than what it would have cost had they not smoked and lived to 90.

>We genocided them down to 2%
Fucking amateurs. You should have killed them all and said that they'd been assimilated.

You might as well just have a mandatory population cull every year then, have everyone pick straws or something. One of the government's top priorities is to keep their citizens safe and if possible healthy, old people are a massive burden on the PHS but economic sacrifices are worth taking instead of social sacrifices.

Post IHDI you dumb cunt.
Switzerland has you beat.

Again, HDI is irrelevant here. Australia might be a great place to live. It's quality of life might be better than the US, but it's fucking meaningless if you are free to do fuckall. It's like a well-preened bird locked in a golden cage.

I never said your country is Mad Max. I said it's a massively overregulated padded room. And it is. Your quality of life is good. Your bed is comfy. But your individual liberties are beyond fucking shit. It's like being locked in a five star suite with padded walls, covers on the electrical sockets barriers on the windows and all cords removed so you can't hang yourself. Yes your quality of life is good while your freedom is absolute shit.

I think personal freedoms have to have a correlation with quality of life, you may or may not be the American who posts this
every chance he gets but the point still stands. Also, I thought IHDI was haram for Americans because they don't believe in inequality adjusted anything, guess I'm behind with the memes

Because seatbelt laws have the potential to harm others. I don't agree with it anyways unless it's a child or there are other passengers in the car because your body can bounce around in a crash and injure or maim occupants.

In my state seatbelts are a secondary enforcement anyways. The police cannot stop you for simply not wearing a seatbelt. You have to be committing another offense to be issued a ticket.

There's virtually no physical harm to other people if I ride my bicycle without a helmet.

You're a moron.

>why do I have no issues then

Because you grew up in Australia and you're conditioned to accept the massive nanny state. This isn't rocket science.

>>Smokers save more money because they die earlier.
>You can't be serious
I wholeheartedly agree with all these points. There is no bias whatsoever in my judgment.

>Data caps

delet this

That map must be old, it is speculative as fuck. While theories of contact between Polynesians and South Americans have always been common (and there is in fact some evidence) I've never heard about any connection in between Mexico and the south Pacific, were they trying to explain negroid features in Olmec sculpture?

I agree with voluntary birth control. I would encourage it and even offer tax breaks to people having less kids and not fucking five. Overpopulation is a massive issue.

You cannot base your smoking ban on an economic stance. You believe that the government has an obligation to interfere incessantly with the personal decisions of individuals which pose no physical harm to others, I believe people should have the freedom to make those choices. I don't want to be stuck in a padded room if it meant I would live to 90.

But I've been overseas several times and I've never gone out of my way to find yoyo waterballs, or firearms, or laser pointers. I think we just have to admit here that Australians are obsessed with none of those things, because only a small majority of our country are trying to change those laws. America has a vibrant gun culture, the NRA, and maybe most importantly self defence laws and an unsafe country, so a lot of Americans value their guns because it's to turn their country into a place where they're unnecessary.

Why don't Australians celebrate Thanks giving?

No not really. The way that those organizations define freedom is through "positive freedom" which is essentially capacity.

Shit like "freedom from discrimination" by banning hate speech.

Or "freedom from harm" by banning gins, and taxing alcohol, cigarettes, etc to shit.

Or my favorite "freedom from poverty" with a 60% tax rate.

It's a socialist concept that came from Marx and Engels. What is the above are capacities, not freedom in what Locke, Hobbes or Mill talked about.

*too late to, not sure what happened there

Overpopulation is a massive issue in Bangladesh and China, not necessarily here. And if you've never heard of second hand smoke or think it's a communist conspiracy then there's not much hope for you.

>w-we don't care

Finally we get to the crux of your argument!

I don't care that you don't care. The fact remains that you are the biggest nanny state in the Western world.

>I don't want to be stuck in a padded room if it meant I would live to 90.

it seems like most of the world's population disagrees with you desu

why not make an NGO so you can complain to people who can do something about the things that piss you off?

I fully agree with banning second hand smoke you idiot. I never even once advocated or said you should smoke indoors publicly.

But that's not what your givernment is doing. Even though indoor smoking is banned you still continue to massively increase taxes on tobacco and alcohol.

I'm not trying to change your mind though, these are all my opinions. The country doesn't care about firearms, laser pointers, or yoyo waterballs, ergo Australians aren't generally up in arms about their access to those things. Think of it as a kind of supply and demand situation.

I see scooby doo every time now

>You believe that the government has an obligation to interfere incessantly with the personal decisions of individuals which pose no physical harm to others

Makes you think, huh?


>overpopulation isn't an issue because we aren't densely populated

TOP FUCKING KEK. Overpopulation has nothing to do with density. But access to resources.

Scientists have already calculated what an optimal and sustainable population of humans for the earth would be. It's 2 billion.

That is to make sure the earth and environment remains sustainable, people are able to live decent lives, access to resources isn't an issue, etc.

You ever read about how Genghis Khan massively cut carbon emissions from the earth because he killed 40 million people? 7 billion people is simply not sustainable for earth. Either we cut down on our size or expand into space and form colonies.

And considering that significant colonization of outer space isn't likely to happen to our lifetimes. People need to cut down on popping children.

We have invasion day.

Why would I be talking about other countries besides Australia? I can't do anything about Bangladesh or China, but our current population is sustainable in this country, regardless of people/square kilometre. Australian families aren't even making children at replacement rate, if you want to do something about overpopulation then drop a nuke on Nigeria.

aussie government, like USA crew of 30,000,000 govt workers,and contractors have no gonads to ban ciggies,the want drugs,the want cigs, they want burbon, they want beer,long as they can fill mental health facilities ,with ODrs,,run out of money because jails are overfull, govt salaries always,,go up up up.
cigs? what they want is for a few at a time to kick the milk bottle,,ban them? forget it.Buttsheads make too much government salaries,,Guns? murica' has 300,million of them, maybe a hundred M of these bough because obama springs kkks of convicted drug felons from lock ups across the US. and working alongside him,are liberal judges
(appointed for life) who see fit to release those who need to be kept away from everyone else
for life. Add to this,millions of refugees from countries torn in half by jihadi will be admitted here,,if we get another democrat in the white house.smith & wesson stock skyrockets with every obama statement about 'intolerance it aint us,'terrorism loses' some commenters from the land o wondah,think the US a shithole of crazed rightwingers jes a waitin for a chance to drill innocent persons,or letting kiddies shoot each other,ready always to bomb some sucker of a backwards nation because they look at us crosseyed,if you guys hear this it ain;t so.,the areas most everyone worries about visiting,are cities run by our democrats,there are a million or so towns of 3-500 maybe 5k people,which towns are quiet,dimly lit along the outback highways,,quiet they remain for years,patrolled by county coppers, green towns where you hear nothing at night but chirping bugs of all sorts and frogs. coppers almost never have
excitement,save for car accidents & a dui here
& there, at some point australia will elect people with differing mindset on these topics,, aussies themselves are the ones to decide that
god blessem all.


I'm sorry, what?

Most developed countries in the world seek to balance it with individual liberty. A pack of marlboros cost around six dollars in Germany. Seven in France. Alcohol is far cheaper there too.

In your country it will be 45 fucking dollars.

It's mainly three countries pushing for a massice nanny state (and to a lesser extent canada)

You, the UK and NZ.

Because overpopulation is still a problem even if density is low. Again it's consumption of resources.

Taxes are not the only thing affecting prices m8. You have to factor in purchasing power, supply/demand, and trade agreements if it's foreign. The price of alcohol is over the top here and should be changed asap though.

No but you see, "m-muh medical costs" would "" """increase"""""

Fuk u

And can't get gay "married", bet you hate that most of all fag

Yea sure, full Chechen genocide when?